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Animal I've Become

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Summary: A Story started during the 'What Pack' ep, lets see where it goes with a little 'outside' influence. (Xander Centric/Multiple crossovers.)

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered > Pairing: Other HetTjinFR1566,70815425,52218 Mar 0726 Apr 14No

Animal I've become 5 (Unbeta'd)

Alpha sat huddled in the back of the box and tried to keep himself from running, the pretty one had fed him, washed his wounds and held him while he slept, she was pack. For a brief moment his mind was filled with the scattered images of others, another blonde and a redhead that had once been pack only for it to be taken away from him.

He missed his pack, and he would make sure nothing ever hurt his new one, which was troublesome because the pretty one had insisted on getting into the moving box along with a lot of other not packs. She had led him down to the back of the box before taking a seat and quickly showing him several escape routes from the it, that was the one reason he had been able to keep calm in the not trap box that was moving and filled with not pack, well that and the pretty one.

She was pack.


As Tara gently stroked the young man’s hair as he sat on the back of the bus she prayed silently to the great mother that nothing happen to set him off, she wasn’t stupid enough to think the boy not dangerous, the massive aura that wrapped him up like a cloak was enough to indicate that, any further thought was concluded when she thought back to the night before when her family had opened fire.

The boy had nearly met the bullets halfway down the alley before she had managed to stop both, a feat that she had previously thought to exist only in story books and movies.

Turning the page in her worn copy of Tobins Spirit Guide Tara read through the entry it provided before shaking her head and turning to the next, a simple anima possession would have driven him insane by now and led him to a short brutal life of cannibalism and violence.


Sitting in the cab of the truck as they bounced down the highway Moses McClay tried desperately to still the voice in the back of his head that continued to insist that he had made a mistake, Moses knew his clan were not what many would considered ‘Good’ people, a reclusive and secretive family that kept to their own in all matters if possible.

After a time he finally sighed and pulled out his a pen and notebook and set about choosing who and what would be following his daughter west, he knew her ultimate destination was Sunnydale and he would be damned if his little girl would be out there alone.

By the time the truck pulled into the motel for the evening Moses McClay had a list of available names that would be best suited in setting up a new branch of the family in California, within half an hour he had buy ins from half the family heads and general acceptance and support from the rest, as one the massive McClay clan began to turn their focus towards the small town of Sunnydale California, all to support one prodigal child.

But what else could they do, She was kin after all.


In a higher plane a multi-dimensional concept gingerly nudged a militant atheist’ ticket off the counter and let it gently drift to the floor where a rather obnoxious English Bulldog named Puffles consumed it, along with a set of keys two socks a beer can and a leather belt.

This led to a rather amusing series of naturally occurring events to take place to the non-believer all of which culminated in her missing the bus to LA, leaving the backseat completely to the young wiccan and her possessed friend.

This neatly bypassed the atheist’ attack of the young blondes faith thus keeping the Alpha from responding to said attack with violence and completely negating a three state manhunt for the ‘Green eyed Grinner’

It also kept a boy band of the same name from being formed in a few centuries time but that was completely beside the point.

As for Puffles, he would live a long life of repetitive trips to the vets for stomach retrievals and would later be reincarnated as a short round canister vacuum, so in all he was moving up in the world.


As the bus pulled into the Sunnydale Depot the two passengers stepped off the bus and looked around carefully as they surveyed the town in the late morning light, looking over to her companion Faith just glared for several seconds before her watcher gave up on ignoring the look and sighed.

“Yes I know it’s yet Another small town, but please try to resist the urge to start a riot this time” Lynda said warningly as she returned a look to the dark haired Slayer that had been following her all over the country in preparation for the arrival of some council team, a team that was currently taking up casket space in new York, with her mission rescinded the council had ordered the two back to Boston with a short stop in Sunnydale to warn the Watcher Non-Grata of Quentin Travers demise and the possible rogue state of Gwendolyn Post, in all they logically should be done and out of the town within a few hours, or since Faith was here they would likely end up fleeing some mob within the hour.

Snorting at the accusatory tone Faith folded her arms and sulked slightly “How was I to know they were just in drag,” she defended her actions in the last town before her watcher cut her off.

“The entire species is Asexual, so there is no way for them to be ‘In Drag’ as you so quaintly put it and even if they where it would in no way negate the fact that you ripped it’s dress off in the middle of the stage just because they won the beauty pageant and you lost.” Lynda said with an arched look before noticing the glances the few townspeople nearby were giving them and quickly leading Faith away, “That aside this is a simple mission, find Mr. Giles, explain what is going on with the council, retrieve his reports on the Sunnydale situation and then leave, no Pageants, no parades, no con jobs and no unnecessary fights.”

In the end it would be an amusing but overall worthless order.


(A/N) before I get hate mail on the issue I do not have an issue with English Bulldogs, they snore, fart and gobble up everything like a living version of Hungry Hungry Hippos, but are overall great dogs, I hope you all enjoyed Puffles.

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