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Animal I've Become

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Summary: A Story started during the 'What Pack' ep, lets see where it goes with a little 'outside' influence. (Xander Centric/Multiple crossovers.)

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered > Pairing: Other HetTjinFR1566,70815425,39218 Mar 0726 Apr 14No

Animal I've Become 6 (Un'beta'd)

As the not trap box jerked to a stop Alpha woke with a start his body tense and his eyes searching for threats when a soft hand gently ran down his arm and he let out a sigh as the pretty one calmed him once more in the moving not trap box they had gotten on.

In the last three days they had traveled from the cold place to a very not cold place filled with lots of not pack.

As he stepped off the not trap box Alpha kept an eye on the pretty one as the press of others began to jostle him around slightly, the pretty one had explained that he could not attack the not pack, the great packs that ruled this area would come and take him away.

While he thought that idea was absurd to begin with he knew that no matter how strong he was with enough members even a pack of weaklings could take the pretty one from him.

That thought angered him more than he ever thought it would. Shrugging in his new clothes Alpha moved over to the pretty one and stood as a silent guardian against all threats, this place was much like the first stone world he had found himself in after the fall, giant stone cliffs filled his view and lights beckoned him towards their traps like the poison plants of the plains, meant to warn away he was amazed at the number of not pack that went towards the warnings signs, shaking his head at the idiots that were not pack he shrugged the thoughts off and followed the pretty one as she made her way towards the next Not Trap Box.

From what he could decipher they were nearing her destination, leaving behind the glowing lights of Las Vegas the duo stepped onto the next bus headed further west, Tara knew that they would only be taking one or two more buses before they made it to Sunnydale.


Rupert Giles watched the three Slayers battle with a critical eye as Kendra and Faith battled Buffy in a two on one fight, beside him Lynda stared in shock as the Blonde disassembled the other two Supernatural fighters with a grace she found terrifying. Rupert had explained how Buffy had changed after the loss of Xander to the supernatural nearly two years before, the blond had thrown herself into training with a dedication that was missing from even the best of the councils trained potentials.

Watching as Kendra bent under a crescent kick only for Buffy to spin a full three hundred and sixty degrees to drop a kick on the dark skinned girl before the senior Slayer flipped away from her own chosen tossing a handful of small sharp blades at the youngest Slayer to get some space before launching herself back into the fight before Kendra could recover.

“How strong is she” Lynda asked in shock as Buffy disassembled the two piece by piece during the spar.

Looking at his fellow watcher Giles stared at her for a moment before turning back to the fight, “Buffy defeated both Lothos and the Master in her first year as an active Slayer, since the loss of Xander she has pressed her training to levels I have never seen before.” Giles explained before shrugging “In all honesty she could potentially defeat a third circle Demonic entity in a straight fight and with some luck could hold her own against one of the less powerful of second circle demons” Giles said and ignored Lynda’s shocked look at that declaration.

It had been hundreds of years since the last Slayer had been believed capable of facing anything above a sixth circle being alone, for Rupert to believe her capable of facing even the weakest of Second Circle beings was telling in and of itself.

Turning back to the spar as Buffy walked her fellow slayers through the steps she had taken to defeat them Lynda shuddered at the thought of what this small group would do once they found the ones responsible for their friend disappearance.



Looking up from his Lunch Richard Wilkins stared at his Deputy for a moment before wiping his face and hands before leaning back in his executive style chair and motioning the much younger man forward. “What seems to be the Problem Allen?” he asked as he wiped the top of his canned drink and gently popped it open before dropping a straw in.

“City planning and development has picked up some concerns recently” The deputy Mayor explained as he used the accepted code for the various fortune tellers and seers that the Mayor employed to keep up with Wolfram and Hart, at the Mayors look Allen Finch pressed on, “While the information is Scarce they seem to be of the belief that some great animal or creature is on the way to Sunnydale right now that will interfere with your plans.” He explained as his boss set his drink to the side and frowned.

Leaning forward Wilkins stared at his subordinate for a moment as his mind raced to put the information together, in all his years he had never heard of something as ambiguous as ‘animal’ aside from the rather amusing little muppet several years ago.

Shaking the image of himself being attacked by a puppet Wilkins looked back at Finch for a moment before leaning back again “Could it have possibly been ‘Beast’ Allen?” he asked carefully as his Deputy went through his paperwork once more.

Looking up Allen had to shrug “I am sorry sir, while that is as accurate a description as they could give our resources are not the best in that field.” He explained as his boss seemed to get a bit spooked at that concept.
Stepping up Wilkins moved over to a hidden cabinet and began to move several items together, while he did not know any ‘Creature’ or ‘Animal’ he was well aware of several beings that were known as ‘Beast’

Of them only one had the ability to disrupt his carefully prepared plans.

Finishing up the last preparation he needed Mayor Wilkins cast the spell and sighed as a brief flash of a red dressed blond filled his vision for a moment before the priceless mirror he had used as a focus cracked across the face.

Slamming the doors closed Wilkins walked back to his desk and swiped his lunch into the nearby trash bin, “Allen, it looks like we are going to be in need of some outside influence, contact Wolfram and Hart and the Order, I want Glorificus dead, price is not an option.” He declared as he made plans to drain his personal gold reserve to cover the bounty he was about to place on the fallen goddess.

It would not do for him to be interrupted this late in the game.

Watching as his assistant moved to follow his orders Wilkins made a mental note to himself to see if he could get the watchers involved in this as well, after all one should never waste a resource when it was available.


(A/N) I wanted Vegas to be a stop over for the two with Demon Mobsters and and Possessed Voodoo chicken attacks... (And yes that was actually a part of the story) but i decided i could do better in L.A.

Hope you all enjoyed.


The End?

You have reached the end of "Animal I've Become" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 26 Apr 14.

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