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Animal I've Become

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Summary: A Story started during the 'What Pack' ep, lets see where it goes with a little 'outside' influence. (Xander Centric/Multiple crossovers.)

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Animal I’ve become

Written to Three Days Grace: Animal I’ve Become (Yeah, like you couldn’t tell by the name.)

This will be a Multiple X-Over Fic, you will probably be able to tell the majority of them (If you can’t I’ll put it at the bottom of each chapter to clear things up.)


Animal I've Become


Chapter I (Leashed.)

Alpha slipped out of the Hyena House as he heard the pleased sounds of the Animals inside ripping apart the Shaman that had tried to bind them to himself.

He may have even succeeded with the lesser pack members, but he was NOT the Alpha.

Snarling at the meat animals that dared believe they had the power to take what he was, what he was born to be.

A bite on the side of his neck tore a second snarl from his throat as Alpha jerked the red dart out of his flesh and turned his glare at the frantic human that was trying to put another dart into his gun.

With a feral Howl Alpha charged the man as more darts bit into his flesh.


“God sir he ripped Blair’s throat out, Tad will be lucky if he EVER walks again and Wells is having his arm amputated right now due to the damage he caused, and that was AFTER he was hit with enough drugs to drop a bloody Garlgameth.” A voice said in frustration when Alpha slowly came to and blinked as the dark room slowly swam into focus.

“I know what he did Lawrence, I’ve seen the video of his capture.” An oily voice said as a thick piece of metal was wrapped around Alpha’s neck. “And despite the damage to your team you still succeeded where no other team could, you, of everyone else who tried managed to bring me a true primal possessed.”

“But Mr. Travers…” The voice was cut off as Alpha came to completely and lunged at the two humans in the room.

He made it two steps before the electrical charge from his collar forced him to the floor in pain.

“Don’t worry so much Lawrence, after today you and your teams will only be required for mop up and personal protection.” Quentin Travers said as he pushed the unconscious body on the floor over so he could stare at the animal that twitched painfully on the ground. “Good dog.”


Alpha follows his hated master down into the darkness as he tries again to rip out the British man’s throat and again receives a nasty jolt for the trouble.

He didn’t know how long he had been a slave to the man’s will, but the cold had come and gone twice in his imprisonment and he was still under the control of this weakling.

Ignoring the urge to snarl, he simply followed as he was allowed until he got to the bottom of the stairs and glared down at the only thing he hated as much as the human that controlled him.

In the pit below, five vampires snarled and jumped as they tried to do exactly what Alpha wanted so much to do.

Bleed the humans dry.

Quentin Travers snorted at the test the council had set up for his pet, two years ago Quentin had shown up with his new dog and had started doing exactly what every member of the council had failed to do for the last two hundred years.

Bring the demon and non-human population into line with the council’s laws.

For two years Quentin had grown in power and prestige while his dog had ripped through anyone and everyone that had stood against the council’s will in England.

The problem had been that a year and a half ago, the American Slayer ‘Buffy’ had died at the hands of The Master. That, of course, was prophecy and as such no concern to the council. A new slayer was called almost instantly and as such only a small team already on site was warned to watch for the rising of The Master.

The problem was that Buffy hadn’t stayed dead.

Growling at the audacity of the Colonials, Quentin wondered again how they had brought the cheerleader back to life before shaking it off.

It didn’t matter how she lived, only that she did.

Buffy had then gone on to destroy The Master and over the last eighteen month’s had collected quite an impressive list of kills to her career total.

Recently the council had gotten concerned by the number of ‘migrations’ to the Americas and had tried to force their influence on the residents of the U.S.A’s demonic population.

Needless to say that hadn’t gone over very well at all and now there were whispers about the British isle’s residents that they didn’t have the strength to control what they had now.

The situation had become unbearable and the council had ordered Quentin and his ‘Dog’ to America to squash anyone and everything that stood in the council’s way.

Of course, before they were allowed to go the council wanted to make sure their prize killer was still capable of doing the job.

Hence the test.

Growling at the idiocy of doubting him, Quentin reached over and jerked the collar off his pet and pointed at the five undead below.



“It doesn’t matter what he wants to do, we stole the design from an American research facility that was researching ways to ‘Tame’ demons for combat and hostile environment situations.” Quentin said smugly when he stood before the council as he ignored his pet’s dripping wounds he’d received earlier.

“And if your ‘dog’ escapes Quentin, what happens then?” One of the council members asked as Travers waved the concern aside.

“As I have already explained to this esteemed council on numerous occasions, he is completely under the thrall of the collar, he can not remove it himself and will always return to it once he has achieved his mission. While it is on, he is permanently bound to my… the Council’s will.” Travers said as he prayed none of his colleges caught his slip.

Considering it a moment, the Council members looked at each other before nodding. “Very well Quentin, your orders are as such, leave us and do not return until the America’s have been ‘tamed’ to the Council’s will.” The Chairman said before the twenty one members of the Council rose as one and filed from the chambers.

Laughing with pleasure, Quentin Travers turned and walked toward his car.

His thoughts of the glory he would gain from bringing the barbaric country to its knees was only interrupted as he ordered his chauffer to put some plastic down on the back seat.

He really didn’t want the leather to be ruined by his animal’s bleeding.


(A/N) Well there you have the first chapter, Plot Bunnies courtesy of Jet Li’s ‘Unleashed’ (AKA Danny the Dog) and Three Days Grace: Animal I’ve Become.

I have the next couple of chapters plotted out but I need to know if it’s worth it to continue this.

So if you like it. LET ME KNOW.

If you Hate it, LET ME KNOW!

Thanks in advance for any and all reviews.

P.S. I don’t Own Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

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