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Get Caught

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Summary: It´s Beltane and Willow is doing a Ritual.

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Title: Get Caught
Author's Name: wic
Author's E-mail:
Pairing: Willow & ?
Rating: G
Disclaimer: They`re not mine *cry*, coz if they were, they would speak german. *bg* Willow and all the others from BTVS belongs to Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, Kuzui Enterprises, the WB, UPN and whoever else!
Distribution: My site Wacky Witch Willow ( ) and all the people who have my stuff; others please tell me.
Summary: It´s Beltane and Willow is doing a Ritual.
Spoiler : Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Season 6 and early season 7 eps.
Author`s Note 1: This is my own little world, as you will see when you read this fic. It takes place years after Tara's death, blah, blah, you will have to read it!!!
Author`s Note 2: The Ritual is the same I use so don´t tell me if you think it sucks ! I have it from a friend of mine and it´s working pretty fine each year.
Thanks and Dedication : Thanks for helping, my woman, you are the lights in the darkness of my mind *wink*and I love you even more for giving Lorne to me in all his green glory *drool*
Feedback: I will not beg. I`m a strong person. I don`t need to beg...okay I do. Pleaseee!

The morning was still young as Willow walked up the green hill that started right behind her new home in Ireland. She had never returned to Sunnydale after Giles took her to England; knowing that nothing could be done to make her life go back to the way it had once been, knowing that she could never be the same again after she had become one of the monsters; addicted to the magic, addicted to the Hellmouth and its darkness.

It would have destroyed her to go back; to see that her best friends saw her as the bad one, unable to trust her. It would have broken her, and along with her heart, maybe the whole world would have died.

So Willow Rosenberg had learned what she was able to from the coven that had helped Rupert Giles stop her. And after she was sure that there was nothing more to learn, nothing left but to let time work its own magic, she left.

To never go back, call, or write.

Walking barefoot through the green grass, she smiled as she took a deep breath; feeling welcomed and loved by the nature that surrounded her.

The Witch walked with self-assurance; without a doubt in her heart. This was something she had learned over the last two years - she had grown up.

No longer was she the shy girl, the nerd, or the too eager witch; the slayer's little lapdog, best friend of somebody; no longer was she dependant on others or magic. She'd learned from the mistakes she had made; giving up everything she knew and loved to find the real Willow Rosenberg in Ireland.

When the woman reached the top of the hill, she let the bag she had been holding in her hand touch the ground.

This was a special day - her second Beltane away from the Hellmouth. Her second Beltane without Tara. She had chosen this time of the day to celebrate the holiday, because dawn represents Springtime, noon Summertime, and she had always loved this hour, which was so full of life.

After one last look down at the single cottage that she had found, far enough from the village to live without fear of being recognized or found, she started the ritual that was the reason for her little journey up the hill.

She swept the area with the magickal broom that appeared in her hand, starting from the north - cleaning the circle area, sweeping away any lingering negative energies. She moved with the ease and knowledge that only practicing witches have. After she finished with the broom, she set up the quarter candles; first the north with a red one, east with blue, south with green, and west with yellow.

She had decided that she would not use an altar, or rather, that the earth itself should be her altar. So, instead of the small stone altar she sometimes used, there was only a dark green cloth on which flowers of all colors were laid, along with the amulet that had been a present from Tara. There was also a small statue of an angel she had found in her house behind her bed, a small cauldron with a dark green candle inside it, a bell, and a small pile of wood chips -birch, oak, rowan, willow, hawthorne, hazel, apple, vine and fir - that would be burned in the cauldron.

Her eyes wandered over the athame, chalice, and jasmine incense, that were also standing on her small Altar. Then she moved her eyes to a velvet bag and a cup of wine, that was standing beside a small cake. She was sure that nothing was missing, and she could begin. Walking over to a the silver bowl that himself materialized, she undressed and began her bath for purification; whispering to the Goddess to ask for her blessing. When she was done, she donned her ritual robe made out of white linen.

Willow smiled to herself as she made sure that all her magickal jewelry was there. At ease and full of joy, she sat down and meditated for a brief moment to ground and center her mind, soul, and magic, until she felt ready to begin. With only a thought, the candles were burning bright; untouched by the soft salty breeze from the sea.

The only sounds were that of the waves breaking on the coast, and the singing of the first birds of Spring. The music of nature. After she listened to them for a few more moments, she opened her mouth, speaking for the first time this day:

“Blessed be this day of Beltane,
Wedding day of the Goddess and the God.
Holy day of Sacred Marriage,
Holy night of Sacred Union.
The fertile Goddess of Summer walks through the land
With the Great Horned God of the Forest,
And the dark time of Winter is behind me.”

After the last words, she reached for the bell, ringing it seven times, and then continued to speak:

“The animals breed and the plants pollinate,
As the May Queen and Green Man
bestow Their blessings upon the Earth
and Earth's creatures.
I, Willow, who am Their child,
rejoice with Them and ask that
Their happy union become the example
for all humanity to live in love and harmony."

She lit the candle in the cauldron following the ancient rules.

"The dark days are cleared away
so that the May Day can now begin!"

As she dropped the wood chips one by one into the flame in the cauldron, the redhead stated the properties of each.

"I burn thee Birch to honor the Goddess;
and now add thee Oak to honor the God.
Thou Rowan I add for a magickal life;
and add thee Willow to celebrate death.
Thou Hawthorne I burn for fairies near me;
thou Hazel I burn for wisdom you bring.
I add thee good Apple to bring me love;
and thou Vine whose fruit is the symbol of joy.
Fir you are added as the symbol of rebirth;
your sweet scent reminds me of my immortality.
My blessings I give to all of thee,
and thy blessings I call from thee upon me.
So as I will, So Mote It Be!"

At this point, she performed the great rite. Taking her athame in her right hand, and the chalice in her left - the earthly vessels of deity - and holding them in front of her, she spoke:

"I greet the time of unions and give honor to
the Lord and the Lady for Their fruitfulness!
Today I witness the marriage of my Goddess and God.
May Their union be fertile and productive!"

Slowly she lowered the athame blade into the chalice and felt the union of the deities.

"As They are one, They become one.
As They become one, They are one.
And I am also one with Them."

She raised the still-united athame and chalice to her forehead to honor this union of the three. Then they were placed back onto the cloth that served as her altar. With a soft smile on her lips, she got up and started to dance around the altar, starting at the north and moving in slow, sensual movments, pausing only to greet each elemental quarter with outstreched arms.

Kneeling in front of the altar, she picked up the small statue of the angel, concentrating on her words.

“Lovely Lady and Great Horned Lord,
I present to You the Guardian of this house
which is my home.
I have invited this Special Spirit into my home as my
protector and helper in all things.
I honor this Spirit in this symbol of its being.
Great Ones, bless this Guardian of this Home.
And to Your blessings, I add my thanks.
Blessed be!"

The Witch now lightly anointed the guardian with oil.

Finished with the original ritual, she moved on to the spell she had prepared, knowing that there was no better time to do it than at this moment. She took the thirteen inch cord out of a small velvetbag and placed it at the mid-point between the candles, then held the athame vertically with both hands, the point touching the cord.

She breathed deeply in-and-out nine times. As she did so, she pictured a bright white light being drawn in through her whole body. As she breathed out the last breath, she pictured this pure life force flowing down her arms, through the athame, and into the cord, where it stayed.

Still holding onto the athame, she made the sign of the pentagram to the East:

“O Gracious Lady
In Thy Name
Do I work this rite.”

Laying down the athame with its point to the East, Willow picked up the cord. She kept her goal strong in her mind while chanting and slowly tying nine knots into the cord.

”By knot of 1 my spell’s begun
By knot of 6 my spell I fix
By knot of 4 the spell is strengthened more
By knot of 7 the power through me is given
By knot of 3 it comes to be
By knot of 8 the power’s great
By knot of 5 my spell’s alive
By knot of 9 this thing BE MINE
By knot of 2 my words are true.”

After she spoke the last word, she looked down at the cord, seeing the successful outcome of the spell using her imaginative visualisation. Finally, she placed the cord back into its original position and took up the athame, put out the candles, and took down the circle.

”The Circle is broken
And the Spell
Is cast.

And to Your blessings, I add my thanks.
Blessed be!"

Her eyes shining, she wrapped the cord back into velvet to be placed in a safe place for the period of time she had decided upon the night before. The last step of her ritual was the one she had always loved most. It was the part she had never done when Giles had been nearby, afraid that he would laugh at her.

Holding up the cup of wine between her hands, looking at the sky she whispered, “Gracious Goddess of abundance, bless this wine and infuse it with Your love. In your names, Mother Goddess and Father God, I bless this wine."

Next, she grabbed the plate of cakes with both hands, and again looked up at the sky.

“Powerful God of the harvest, bless this cake and infuse it with Your love. In Your names, Father God and Mother Goddess, I bless this cake.”

Closing her eyes, she set the cake back down.

Standing, she took the athame, moved to the North, and pierced the circle´s wall with the blade at waist level.

She moved clockwise around the circle, visializing its power being sucked back into the athame. Willow could sense the circle dissolve, shrink; the outside world slowly regaining its dominance in the area. When she arrived at the North again, the circle was no more.

Hours later, after she had moved all her belongings back into her home, she was standing at the cliff, looking over the sea as if she could see America. Her long red hair was twisting and moving with the wind, swirling around her body; the same body that was full of magic from the ritual, feeling so wonderfully loved and blessed.

To seduce her, as the magic had done before in the last years; to finally make her reach out and search with her magic. Something that was dangerous and stupid, as she told herself. But also something she needed to do.

Something that made her smile as she finally found what she had been searching for.

Her own magic, or rather a shadow of it; still working, still protecting him.

Unable to stop herself, she touched him, stroked him with her magic. Giving over to the pleasure to feel him, be near him.

To get caught.

“No! No! How is this possible?” she cried.

She screamed, wrapping her arms around herself protectively, as she had done with her magic. Tears started to build in her eyes.

“How? How is it possible that you could do this? How do you know that it was me?”

She sobbed, cried, and called out to her goddess; pleading to her to let it be a mistake.

To stop what had happened.

To stop him from coming after her.


The End

You have reached the end of "Get Caught". This story is complete.

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