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Pretending to Intersect

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Summary: A pretender encounters a empath finds a werewolf...and the centre gets a healthy dose of a previously unencountered world. (pretender/btvs FFA collection; summary subject to change)

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Television > PretenderdarklingFR1532,021022,01918 Mar 0721 Mar 07No

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR7

the Pretender and the Demon

Title: Pretending to Intersect (Pretender/BtVS FFA collection)
Author: Darkling
Rating: (subject to change per chapter) FR7
Warnings: (this chapter) nada; this one's G-rated folks
Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy: the Vampire Slayer, The Pretender, or any related characters, settings, plot lines, etc. Only the story and idea are mine.
Author's notes: Short one this time. Thanks for the reviews Shieldage and dharkcharlotte!
PS If you guys want me to do any specific pairings, let me know. I might be able to work them in.

Chapter Three: Jarod & Clem

“We’re playing with…kittens? Why? What’s the point?”

His partner grinned, multiplying the deep bags around his mouth and eyes in amusement, and shrugged slightly. “They’re tasty.”

It was a very strange night indeed that Jarod made his way into the small, outwardly ordinary, Ohio bar. He was in the process of working through a pretend as a radiologist, investigating the untimely demise of two scientists and the seeming spontaneous combustion of their labs. It was not going well; neither person had family pressing charges, the only suspect had an airtight alibi, and there wasn’t a single witness that hadn’t fallen under the control of a hallucinogen at the scene of the crime. At least he was guessing it was a drug that caused them to see human beings disappearing into thin air and monsters spewing fireballs. Maybe those strange lawyers had something to do with it…

Anyways, he’d decided to take a break from his lair and lab to just think, preferably in a dim, friendly place where getting pleasantly buzzed was an option. In other words, a bar. He’d stepped through the door of the first one he came across.

After getting his drink, Jarod sat down at a poker table and joined the game.

He should have gotten a good look at his opponents first.

The two vampires and the…thing sitting across from him with the basketful of kittens did their best to take advantage of the obvious beginner but after bribing the baggy skinned creature into advancing him a kitten, Jarod was no slouch. Once upon a time he’d done a pretend at a casino and learned just about every trick of the trade, including the cheats. He personally felt it was beneath his honor to do so but that didn’t stop him from pointing it out when his opponents broke the rules.

Now the game was down to himself and the other non-vampire who was beginning to look slightly edgy. At least, Jarod assumed that was the case. It wasn’t smiling anymore and seemed to have acquired an eye twitch.

With a cocky grin, he showed his deck; a full house; and his opponent groaned, folding without another word.

“Good game gentlemen. I need to get going now though. Maybe we can play again sometime.” He smiled genially, collecting the basket of kittens and mentally making a note to drop them off at the humane society on his way back. Well, most of them. He was sure Ms. Parker would love a kitten to take care of.

His baggy ex-opponent smiled at him slightly if with annoyance. “Sure. I’m Clem.”


There were few experiences outside the Centre that truly gave Jarod pause but this…well, let’s just say playing kitten poker in a demon bar with Clem and his crew was definitely an experience like no other.


The End?

You have reached the end of "Pretending to Intersect" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 21 Mar 07.

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