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Pretending to Intersect

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Summary: A pretender encounters a empath finds a werewolf...and the centre gets a healthy dose of a previously unencountered world. (pretender/btvs FFA collection; summary subject to change)

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Television > PretenderdarklingFR1532,021022,01918 Mar 0721 Mar 07No

The Pretender and the Vampire

Title: Pretending to Intersect (Pretender/BtVS FFA collection)
Author: Darkling
Rating: (subject to change per chapter) FR15
Warnings: (this chapter) blood, some violence; not too bad
Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy: the Vampire Slayer, The Pretender, or any related characters, settings, plot lines, etc. Only the story and idea are mine.
Author's notes: I've been on the site for a while now but never posted anything. I figure this is as good a chance as any to start and a good enough idea to experiment with so...hope you like it! (not to mention one of the FFA pairings I was thinking about writing for got taken; I think that's what finally convinced me to actually get this off my computer and onto the Internet). Oh yeah; also, a lot of the chapters will probably have to do with Angelo. He's my favorite Pretender character and, in my opinion, woefully under appreciated.

Chapter One: Jarod & Drusilla

“So many faces….but the stars don’t sing to you…”

Jarod jerked his wrists helplessly in the strange woman’s surprisingly powerful grip, not willing to hurt her but getting decidedly uneasy at the situation.

“Can I…help you miss?”

“Daddy’s gone. Far away…shouting now, they are.”

“The…stars?” Only years of working with the Centre’s eccentric empath allowed Jarod to comprehend her train of thought.

It still didn’t make sense.

“Shouting…nasty! Taking Daddy!” She threw her head straight back to snarl at the bright points just barely peeking through thick cloud cover.

Pain blossomed in one wrist as bones began to grind together, forcing him to bite back a groan, but she still hadn’t meant to hurt him so he couldn’t – wouldn’t – fight her. The situation was still salvageable.

“Miss, I’m sure your father is fine. Why don’t you-”

“Many faces…” She turned her gaze back to him.

At the sight of her face, he froze. Ridges and bumps stood prominent, accenting feral yellow eyes and long…extremely long considering he was only a foot away…incisors.

Whatever the creature before him was, it most definitely was NOT human.

True to form, he suppressed his survival instinct in favor of curiosity.

“You aren’t human. What are you then? Some sort of evolutionary throwback? A vampire? I’ve heard of vampires. It makes sense that there would be a basis in reality since so many cultures have their own version of the base myth…Are you alive? Do you really drink blood?”

“Questions…so many questions…Ms. Edith didn’t ask questions.” For some reason, the creature’s pout sent a chill down Jarod’s spine.

“Yes well-” He broke off as she leaned in and sniffed his neck delicately.

“So much noise…shouting. So many faces…”

Daggers of bright hot pain lanced his neck when she bit him, freezing a scream still trying to work its way out of his throat. There was no word for the agony radiating from his neck as he literally felt her begin to drain his lifeblood. It stayed even as feeling fled his hands and feet, then his legs and arms. When his vision began to swim, it finally stopped hurting but by then he was beyond caring.

“Hush…so much screaming…” he realized fuzzily that he was lying down in the creature’s lap, her teeth no longer in his neck, watching his own blood stain the ground.

Too weak to care anymore, the pretender closed his eyes and allowed fuzziness to overtake his mind. At least he wouldn’t die at Lyle’s hands.

He was too far gone to notice when the vampire fled, chased by two young women in dark clothes brandishing stakes and crossbows. Or when one of the girls crouched over him and touched his neck gently while the other pulled out a cell phone.

The world behind his eyelids faded to black as the wail of an ambulance siren started in the distance.

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