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World at War

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Summary: The Battle with the First was only the opening Salvo by forces of Darkness. The new council will need allies against both these new and old enemies.

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Literature > Dresden Files, TheTromFR711,183071,51220 Mar 0720 Mar 07No
World at War
(I suck at titles)

By Trom

Disclaimer I do not own any of the characters from any of the various forms of fiction that are or will be display in the course of writing this form a fanfiction.

Alexander Harris stood outside one of the many motels that dotted the US landscape staring at the stars in the night sky. A big school bus parked out front, the old clunker really came through when they needed her out racing the sinking of his home town of Sunnydale. Normally at this time of night he would either be sleeping or along with his friends, hunting the things that go bump in the night. Not that he didn’t think anything big was going down now what with the seasonal near apocalypse being over with. No this one seemed to him at least to be the big one, so big that they had to call all potentials in to be slayers.

Said friends had crashed heavily upon getting to the motel, and while he should be bone dead tired like the rest of his companions who were asleep in the motel taking up all available rooms and even then they had to share space and even beds. His face darkened a little at a comment the Faith made about him having to share a bed with Andrew, not the comment itself but what she implied about the guy. What was it with women that enjoy the idea of two guys going at it? He shuddered slightly; he guessed it was the same way with how guys think about two girls going at it. Not that he cared about Andrew’s preferences but the Xandman loves to love the ladies. Leaving that very disturbing chain of thought and to back at why he was outside at night all alone when there were over a dozen slayers sleeping near by. He just wasn’t tired. Ever since the permanent closing of the Hellmouth, he had felt as if a great weight has been lifting from his shoulders like after living a life time of having asthma and finally being able to breathe again. He had never really left the influence of the Hellmouth even when he had made it to Oxford it was still in the influence just near its edge the Hellmouths’ influence was really diminished compared to living practically on top of it.

A slight breezed brought a sent to him that he barely remembered, one that used to be mixed with other less pleasant odors. It had a freshness to it that he never smelt before and his curiosity got the better of him as he followed the sent to behind the bus where he wouldn’t be seen by anyone who happened to be looking outside. Standing there awaiting him was a man few would have recognized given his sobriety and calm presence, his dad.

Anthony Harris was not well thought of in the town of Sunnydale, being though as a poor lower middle class town drunk. But to see him now standing with his back erect and a presence that would have high men of business waiting to shake his hand just for a kind word or two, you would think this a long lost twin or distant cousin. Heck in Xander’s life this could have been an evil entity assuming his father’s form to get to him. The only problem with that being that while Xander had a some what small blind spot for members of the fairer sex, that psycho preacher was correct in calling him, The One that Sees, and knew his father for what he was, Forgiven.

“Mom?” He inquired of his old man as tears that he had been holding back for the sake of the rest of the gang leaked from his remaining eye.

“Finally FREE my Son.” Tears of joy and sorrow marring Tony Harris’s face as the two met together in a comforting hug, before backing away a comfortable distance.

“So does this mean you can finally go home?” Xander asked in hope and a little sadness. While people knew Tony the town drunk, they never really thought about what could make a man and also to an effect his wife stoop to suck levels of alcoholism. The answer to that of course was Pain. For as long as Xander could remember his parents have been in pain from living on the Hellmouth not that he didn’t know why until after the whole wedding fiasco, he just knew they had been hurting as he grew up. That was why he never talked about his family life to his friends either to complain or for sympathy because he knew that eventually even in the hell hole what was his town someone would have tried to get him removed and he couldn’t allow that because his parents needed him much more than they needed to be without him.

“Yes Alexander,” Tony spoke Xander’s true name with care. “My penance for my sins has been forgiven as I had hoped. Your mother has already gone ahead as her mortal shell died along with my own with the collapse of the town.”

“The why are you here dad? It’s not like I wouldn’t have figured it out eventually.” Xander inquire of the older Harris.

“Because I have for a message for you my son as well as a warning.” Tony’s voice became firm. “This was only the opening salvo in what could be the final battle on this plane of existence. Dark forces are gathering more active than they have ever been in the last few millennia.” His voice then softened again to a more he hoped a comforting tone. “But you knew this as well my son for you a special do not let anyone tell you different. Remember it is not always strength of arms that win wars but the strength of heart, and your heart is strong.” With that said Anthony Harris’s form brightened but before it could become too bright he held his hand for Xander to take, in it was a pentacle on a silver chain. “From your mother my son, know that her love for you has kept her alive more than any other.” With that said Tony’s body broke apart into little motes of light that swirled around his some before taking flight toward the on coming dawning sun.

Alexander Harris watched as the light from the motes of his father blended with the rays of the coming sun before turning around and heading toward the café close by. His friends would need food and caffeine to recharge from the both emotionally and physically exhausting battle, so for maybe the last time it was donut boy to the rescue.

This will be a Dresden Files xover as I finally finished reading all of the books and liked them very much. His world and Buffy's have so many ways in which they can interact. I just hope I can get the thoughts from my head down to the computer correctly
C+C appreciated

The End?

You have reached the end of "World at War" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 20 Mar 07.

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