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An odd family reunion

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Summary: Willow's runaway older brother comes to Sunnydale to protect his baby sister from an enemy of his; *Updated & Completed: Chapter 13 now up*

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > DramapezgirlFR131317,40101114,99421 Mar 0719 Dec 07Yes

Chapter One

Disclaimer: I don’t own anything except Levi

The year 1985

Levi Isaac Rosenberg ran up the stairs to his room and slammed the door loudly before locking it.
He turned around red-faced with anger and frustration and tried to calm down; he had endured yet another one of his parent’s angry and disappointed lectures.

He hated them! They only cared about their stupid jobs- didn’t give a monkey’s about their kids.

He jumped onto his bed, crossed his arms over his chest and brooded as he remembered why they had yelled at him.

They expected him to get an ‘A’ in his science test as usual and just as frequently they had been disappointed because he had only got a ‘C+’ even after studying hard.

Not that he had a choice; they forbade him to go around his friends houses so that he could study.
But he didn’t want to- he wasn’t like his sister, he wasn’t practically a genius like she was.

He was just an average student who cared more about having fun than getting a good grade; his parents hated that about him.

His little sister was only four years old yet she was more intelligent than he was, she had her IQ test almost a year ago stating that her score was 140+.

Translation; She was practically off the charts smart and everything came so easy for her.

That didn’t change their parent’s attitudes towards them. They ignored Willow as much as they ignored him except that they yelled at him more.

Willow was cool; she was the only person that had ever thought about him and his feelings. Even though she was a little kid she still knew that their mom and dad were bad parents and glared at them a lot.

Unlike him she had managed to get a good friend in the first day of Kindergarten, a dark-haired boy by the name of Xander and the two four-year-olds stayed together all the time.

Xander was a nice boy and looked after his sister while they were at school and made sure that Cordelia and her cronies didn’t pick on her too much.

Levi himself had a few choice of words to the group of girls after they had made his baby sister cry and had yelled at them loudly.

They hadn’t said a word to Willow for months but he knew that they’d eventually start being horrible to her again.

Levi was shaken out of his thoughts when he heard a small tapping noise at his door, knowing who it was already he got up, unlocked the door and let his sister in.

“Are you okay?” she asked and her bright green eyes were full of concern.
He sighed and replied, “I’m fine, it’s just mom and dad being mean again!”

She frowned thoughtfully and then a bright smile lit up her face, “I’ve got an idea!”

He looked bemused, “Yeah?”

Willow nodded energetically and said, “Me and Xander are getting ice-cream, you can have some too!”

Levi snorted sarcastically and ran a pale hand through his red hair which was exactly the same shade of red as his sister’s. “Yeah, I’ll just asked mom and dad!”

Willow rolled her eyes as his sarcasm, “We won’t tell them.”

Levi looked confused and then he got it, “We’re going out alone?!”

She nodded and said, “It’s only at the playground.”

It took less than five minutes to get to the playground from their house and their parents wouldn’t notice at all! They could do it!

Levi grinned and forgot about their parent’s lack of parenting skills for a while.

Three months later

Levi growled in fury and stomped around his room like he had been doing for the past hour.

He was grounded!

For the school holidays because he had gotten a ‘D’! He was twelve years old for god’s sakes!

It wasn’t fair, it really wasn’t!

It’s not like he didn’t study- he did but that was still not good enough for them that he had at least tried!

He scrubbed at his red and swollen green eyes as they filled with tears again at remembering his parent’s last words before his was sent to his room.

Apparently he didn’t ‘turn out right’ as his ‘dad’ had said.
His mom had had a fit and started yelling at him- in front of Willow- about how they had produced a complete failure.

Both his so-called parents had had things to say- but it was what they didn’t say that had cut him up.

‘You’re no good, worthless, just a mistake!’ Levi could hear it in their voices how little they thought of him.

They didn’t even stop ripping into him when his sister had started screaming at them to stop saying those things.

They only stopped when he started crying and had banished him to his room for the next two weeks that just happened to be a school break.

Yep, he had a whole two weeks cooped up in his room with no friends- this was going to be a long two weeks!

The fact that his sister wasn’t in the room right now to comfort him obviously meant that their ‘mom’ and ‘dad’ had forbade her from speaking to him at all for the rest of the holidays.

For the next thirty minutes all he could hear in his mind was his ‘parent’s’ hurtful words and finally he jumped off his bed and put some of his clothes in his duffel bag and crept down stairs as quietly as he could.

His sister was most likely in her room and in bed while his ‘parents’ were usually in their office working.

He grabbed his coat and slipped out of the house unnoticed.

In the morning Willow would carefully open her brother’s door and go into his room against her parent’s wishes but would only find an empty room.
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