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Searching Watcher Style

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Summary: Second Sequel to Get Caught ( for the Pairing Willow & Giles )! Finally it´s time to use his Watcher-Instincts to find the person he loves.

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Title: Searching Watcher Style 1/1
Author's Name: wic
Author's E-mail:
Pairing: Willow & Giles
Rating: G
Disclaimer: They`re not mine *cry*, coz if they were, they would speak german. *bg* Willow and all the others from BTVS belongs to Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, Kuzui Enterprises, the WB, UPN and whoever else!
Distribution: My site Wacky Witch Willow ( ) and all the people who have my stuff; others please tell me.
Summary: Sequel to Get Caught ( )
Spoiler : Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Season 6 and early season 7 eps. / I have not seen BtVs Season 6 or 7, same with Angel after Season 2, what means I have no idea if I will Spoil you !!
Author`s Note 1: This is my own little world, as you will see when you read this fic. It takes place years after Tara's death, Spike has no Soul, Willow was the one that saved Angel from Hell, LA is a crazy mix from season 1 and 2, no Conner, no Darla, the Hotel is still standing....blah, blah, you will have to read it!!!
Author`s Note 2: This is not the only Sequel to Get Caught, there will be one for each Pairing I want to write one for !!!
Thanks and Dedication : Thanks for helping, my woman, you are the lights in the darkness of my mind *wink*and I love you even more for giving Lorne to me in all his green glory *drool*
Feedback: I will not beg. I`m a strong person. I don`t need to beg...okay I do. Pleaseee!

Giles walked down one of the busier streets in the small village. He should have known that his lead would bring him to Carrowmore; a village not too far from Galway, but far enough to not be found easily. He had to smile as he thought about why he would find her here. Willow had always thought he would never know that she was reading his collection of Watcher's Diaries.

It was no wonder that she decided to hide near the birth town of Angelus, or rather, Liam. It was something he should have guessed. But with everything that had happened since the day he woke up to find her room empty - her belongings gone, the only thing remaining, letters for each of her friends - he hadn't had the time to think it over.

Greeting the butcher who was making sure that his window displays were advantageous for his business, Giles continued past him, his mind again back to the reason he was in this tiny village - researching Willow Rosenberg's disappearance.

He had discovered about two weeks ago that he was under a protection spell. Even now it made him blush in embarrassment that he, a Watcher, had not realized it. He had been told about it by the leader of the coven that had helped him keep Willow from ending the world two years before.

Taking his first vacation since this incident, he had visited the small group of people who made it possible for Xander to save, not only his best friend, but also the whole world. Giles had even been invited to attend their Beltane ritual. He had listened in shock when he was told that he was under a protection spell. This was clearly something that screamed, 'Willow!'.

But this hadn't been the most shocking news to the British man. The shock, which he still felt deep in his bones, had been finding out that this magical connection would make it possible for him to find her. And this was what he had been doing for the last two weeks.

And now he just knew that she was nearby. It felt as if he could turn around at any moment and look into her lovely face. Shaking his head, he stopped himself from doing exactly this. But if he had done it, he would have seen a dark-haired woman with dark blue eyes, who looked ready to faint.

James, the butcher, saw her dumbfounded expression, and walked the few steps over to her, "Melinda? Melinda, is something wrong with you? Are you sick?" he asked.

Willow needed a moment to get a hold of herself, knowing that maybe she would never remember that she was now Melinda, at least to her new friends in this small part of the world. "James, everything is fine. Don´t worry about me. You know the feeling that you've seen someone you know, only to find out it´s not them?"

James, the trusting, and maybe even simple, individual that he was, did not for a second doubte her words. Not even when he saw her look again at the man who was staying in Sarah's little bed and breakfast.

"An Englishman. He came into town last night, asking questions about a girl. Even has a picture of her. Nice little thing. Doesn't look like one who would run away." The coarse man rubbed his chin. "My wife and I loved your Apple-Barley Pudding, you have to give Anne the recipe. How about I give you a little corned beef? You need to eat more. Men don´t like a woman with no flesh on her ribs."

And with this, Willow was propelled into the butcher's shop, her mind still frozen. It *had* been Giles, and he was searching for her. This was something she already knew, so why was she so surprised to see him here?

Was it possible that she was still not over the crush she had on her mentor? Was it possible that all this time, she had felt more than that? Was it be possible that the emotions she had always thought of as a childish enthusiasm, was really love?


Glad to be home, and finally able to calm down for the first time since she saw Giles, Willow went to the bed and fell onto it, lifting the spell that changed her phenotype. She could only thank whoever was watching over her for giving her the idea of using magic to change her hair, eye, and skin tone when she went into the village, so that she didn't look like Willow Rosenberg.

Maybe he would return to his life in England soon, when he learned that there was no Willow Rosenberg in this area. And maybe she would be able to see him one last time.


Giles was upset. He had asked most of the people in the village about Willow, had even shown them pictures of her, but no one knew a girl named Willow, with red hair and green eyes. However, he still had the feeling that she was near, together with the nagging feeling that he was overlooking something really important.

He needed to find her. Now that he had been strong enough to admit to himself what he felt for her, he needed her to know what his heart was telling him. Giles had always felt something special for the girl she had once been, but in the years that he had been able to see her grow up, becoming a strong, intelligent, and powerful witch, she had nestled herself into his heart.

He knew that he shouldn't feel this way about her - she was so many years younger than he, and there was still so much she had to learn, see, and experience. But he could only think about the things he would love to show her, to teach her, to share with her.

Yes, it was egotistical and selfish, and yes, he wanted her. He wanted to have her in his life; he wanted her to be his, even if this meant searching for her until he found her, he would do it. He had lost a woman he loved once already, he wouldn't let it happen again.


Finally he found a lead. He had been told that the only new person in this area was a woman who lived outside the small village. They had even told him how to get to her small cottage. It was not what he had been hoping for, but it was better than nothing. At least, this was what he told himself, over and over again, as he walked along the cliff.

After he had been walking for over an hour, he could see the small cottage nestled against a lovely green hill. It looked as if it had always been there. Perfect harmony, telling stories of a time long lost, making him remember that this was surely the reason Willow had chosen this area as her new home.

He walked up to the door to knock. As he knocked, the door opened by itself, having not been closed properly. "Excuse me? Is anyone home?"

When there was no answer, he took a few steps into the house, his trained eyes already searching the main room for clues that would tell him something about the owner. If he had not already known that it was the home of a woman, the fresh, vibrant colors, the many vases filled with wild flowers, and the smell of wild roses would have told him that. What caught his attention was that there was not one picture in the whole room. Not at the desk that was standing in front of a window with the view over the ocean, nor on any of the walls.

It all looked warm and inviting, and he immediately felt at home, which he found a little strange. This had never happened before, at least not in the home of a stranger. The only time he remembered it happening, he had found himself in Willow's room, checking up on her after a hard week of research and slaying.

"Can I help you?" Willow said, as she walked into her home. She had seen him walking this way half an hour ago, which had given her time to change her looks, and concentrate on the task of deceiving Giles.

"Oh....this is..." He looked into the face of the young woman who had entered the house. This had to be Melinda McMichaels. The description of her person matched her perfectly. "This is really embarrassing. You walk into your home and find a strange man. Maybe it would be best if I introduced myself."

Willow watched with great pleasure as he blushed. "Don´t worry too much about that. I already know that you are Rupert Giles. News travels fast in this area, and a man who is searching for someone is news. How about I make us some tea, and then we can talk?"

This was wrong. The longer he was near her, the greater the chance of him being able to see through the magical mask she wore.

"That would be really nice. The walk over here has made me thirsty," Giles said, more for his own benefit than that of the woman who was already filling up the kettle.


Giles lay on his back in his dark room, looking at the ceiling. He was confused. After he had talked to the last person who should, or could, know anything about Willow, and finding out nothing, he still remained here. As soon as he found out that Willow was not in this village, he should have left, searching the next and then the next village, but still something was holding him here.

And he knew what it was: Melinda McMichaels.

There was something about this woman that made his Watcher instincts ring all the alarm bells possible. He had felt magic, and not only in her home. When she had shaken his hand, he felt the all-too-well-known tingle that you could only get from really strong witches and warlocks. Not only did her body hold great power, there was also a spell at work.

This all made no sense, and anything that made no sense made him unable to sleep, eat, or stop thinking about it until he found a way to explain it. And so he stared up at the ceiling, searching for an explanation.


Willow took a nice long walk, and standing now on the little hill, she looked down at her home. Remembering her little tea time with Giles, the tears, like those the night before, started to burn in her eyes. Her heart was breaking, and she herself had let it happen.

She had told Giles that there was no Willow Rosenberg in the village, and he had believed her, which meant that after finding nothing, he would leave to continue his search in the next village. Maybe at this moment he was packing his belongings, paying the bill to get into his car; leaving her life like she had left his, without a word of goodbye.

Her soul was screaming in pain at the thought that she had been able to stop him with only a few words, with a little bit of trust in Giles, and in her own heart, but she had failed. She told herself over and over again that this was the best way; this would save them all from going through the pain again.

They didn´t really want her. Sure, Giles had told her that he needed to find his Willow, but certainly he was only searching out of feelings of guilt.

Sitting in the green grass, she watched a butterfly flit about. With a sad smile on her face, she tried to remember the smell of his body, that little blush on his face. It was good to see him. Even if he didn't know who she was, at least she had something to remember.


He was angry, which made his strides longer as he hurried up the path, his eyes already on the small cottage that seemed to glow in the afternoon sun. He still couldn't understand what it was that made him do this, but the feeling that there was something he was missing made him unable to move on, to search elsewhere for his love.

And it made him angry, so angry that, instead of knocking politely, he almost the door broke down. Again and again he knocked, calling out for Melinda, but there was no answer, and being the thorough man he was, he tried the doorknob. The door opened, and he walked into the main room, not thinking about the consequences. He would find out what was wrong with her.

Again he called her name, even searched the kitchen and bathroom, but she was not present. He was alone, which gave him the opportunity to search through her belongings.


Willow smiled in her dream. She had fallen asleep on top of the hill, tired from the last night's tears and the long walk in the fresh sea breeze. She peacefully dreamt about old times in Sunnydale; the days in which she had been part of a small group that was able to fight and win against everything.

This was where and how Giles found her. Holding her diary in his hand, he just stood there gazing at her - looking down at the witch who looked like her real self as she lay there; her long red hair spread all around her lovely face, her body in a delicate summer dress.

Sitting down beside her, making sure not to wake her, he watched her for a little while longer. The anger that had boiled up in him when he found her diary was gone. Now he felt empty and tired. For over an hour he had read the little book. He had learned the reasons she left, why she had chosen this country, and particularly this little village.

There hadn't been much written over the years, maybe because there hadn't been much to tell - she lived a lonesome life. The woman who he knew needed people, friends, to survive, had punished herself by leading a hermit's existence.

Taking a closer look to make sure she was still sleeping, he began to read the last two pages of her diary - the ones written the day before.


Willow woke up slowly, not opening her eyes so she could enjoy for a little longer the easy and carefree moment you have before reality hits you. Finally, reality demanded her attention. And the reality was still sitting beside her, finished reading the diary, but still fighting down his emotions.

Willow's first reaction was to flee, but before she was able to get up, Giles had pushed her back down, straddling her. "Not this time, young lady. You will not run away from me again. I will not allow it." The anger he felt was back, and as she tried to push him off, he grabbed both of her hands to hold them over her head.

"Let me go." Willow was aware of the fact that she was pleading with him, not even able to look into his face, too ashamed of herself and the things she had done.

"Why should I? You would only run away again. For once you should stay and face me; listen to what I have to say." He knew that he needed to calm down, that she might misunderstand his anger.

And that is what she did. He was so angry at her, and she only wanted to get away from all these emotions, his emotions. He made her feel too much, and it hurt. Unnoticed by Willow, tears began to run down her face, and Giles needed a few moments to understand what was going on, as she let out a heartbreaking sob.

"Dear Lord, what have I done? Don´t cry, Willow. Please, don´t cry." He moved to the side and pulled her into his arms, rubbing her back. "Shh, my love, everything will be fine. I`m not angry at you." He continued to hold her in his arms, now and then kissing her hair.

Finally the tears stopped. "You aren't angry?"

Her little girl's voice made him push her far enough away to be able to look into her eyes without letting her out of his arms. "Willow, my sweet Willow, how could I be angry at you, now that I finally found you? I´m angry at myself, not you."

He could see the doubt in her eyes, but also a small flicker of hope. Was it truly possible that this man had forgiven her for the things she had done? Could anyone forgive her?

"I can understand why you did what you did, and I´m honestly not in the position to judge you about it. You know about some of the things I did in my time as Ripper. I´m only happy to have finally found you." Unable to stop himself, he moved a little closer, until their lips meet in a soft first kiss.

He couldn't get enough of her smell, and the softness of her lips. She in turn enjoyed being near him, the feel of his stubble on her skin. Giles broke off the kiss. There was still so much they needed to talk about, so much she needed to hear. He wanted her to know that this would be forever, if she wanted him.

For seconds they were lost to the world, as they gazed into each other's eyes.

"I think we need to talk." Giles let her go and, after he had sorted himself enough, stood up.

"Yeah." Willow was not really listening to him as he helped her up.

"How about we two go back, drink some tea, and talk about everything?" When he got no answer, Giles turned and saw her still standing there, her diary in her hand. "We need to talk about everything." He took the book in his left hand, and her hand in his right.

For a short moment he was afraid that she would say no, that once again he would lose her by his inattentiveness. He needed to look into her eyes. Finally she looked up at him, and all he saw there was trust and love.

"Let´s get some tea." For the first time that afternoon, she smiled at him.

Hand-in-hand, they walked down the small hill on which only weeks before Willow had celebrated Beltane, banishing the dark time and death, to welcome the time of light and life.


The End

You have reached the end of "Searching Watcher Style". This story is complete.

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