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Road Tripping

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This story is No. 4 in the series "We met at the Roadhouse". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Another visitor to the Roadhouse visits Ellen.

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Supernatural > General(Past Donor)SongjaFR71705032,21022 Mar 0722 Mar 07Yes
Disclaimer: The Supernatural and Angel universe and characters are not mine. No money is made, no infringement is meant.

Road Tripping

He’s young for a hunter, Ellen thought as the shaggy haired youth walked through the door of the bar. Sam and Dean were young, too, Sam more than Dean, but those Winchester boys had miles on them. You could see it in their eyes, in their faces and the way they carried themselves, tense and aware. This young man seemed too carefree. Out of place, like a spot of innocence in the rough and tumble hunter bar.

“Can I help you?” she asked as he made his way to the bar and almost hopped onto a stool.

“I hear you may have work for me.”

Ellen raised an eyebrow, “Work?”

“I know Dawn. Spike’s my nephew.”

Now two eyebrows went up. “Now, I don’t rightly take to calling strangers liars, but I’m not seeing how that can be. Drink?”

“I’m Connor Angel-Reilly,” the young man said extending a hand which Ellen took. She felt the calluses on his palms, “Spike’s grandsire is my dad. I’m the Destroyer. The rain of fire in Los Angeles a few years ago? That was me. A coke would be great.”

Ellen got the soft drink and put it on the counter. “Still not seeing it.”

“It’s a whole long story. I don’t even get all of it. Hell dimensions and magic spells. I went to Stanford with Sam, even. Had a couple of Latin classes with him. Of course, he was taking it for the easy A and I was taking it because I was told that it would help me in pre-med, but then he was pre-law and I’m sure that would have helped with that,” Connor paused and took a sip of his drink. “Jo says ‘hi,’ by the way.”

“You seen my girl?” Ellen asked with narrowed eyes.

“She hates Latin almost as much as I did,” Connor replied with a smile. “She’s pretty good with that knife of hers. She also keeps winning money off of Andrew. Something about if she can keep suckering a guy, he deserves it. At least she uses the winnings to buy pizza and give him a night off of cooking occasionally, oh and she actually took him shopping for comic books and paid. If that wasn’t some sort of guilt talking, I don’t know what that was. Otherwise, I think they would make her stop, but heck,” Connor shrugged, “Everyone loves to torture Andrew a little.”

Ellen blinked. Although Jo had called every week, it had mostly been shop talk. She sent prophecies and some new computer program to Ash that had him coding for almost three days straight with a giddy grin on his face. She hadn’t really heard how Jo was living day to day. “Sounds like she’s doing good.”

“She misses you,” Connor said. Like he missed the Reillys, like he missed Cordelia, like a hole in the heart. “Anyway, Jo and Dawn said I might want to stop by when I’m in the area to see if you had anything going on.”

“Nah, nothing right now, Sam and Dean and Dawn were just in two weeks ago and took the last case I had. When Jo and I were both doing research, there was more work to go around,” Ellen said with a shrug.

Connor took another sip of his coke and then jumped up with a smile. “Well, if you have no work, I’m off, then.”

“Where to? Any messages if Dawn stops by? I’m good for that, too.”

Connor just shrugged with a grin, “Really, I’m on vacation. Like a road trip before I go back to college in the fall. I’m taking the Xander route, except with a car that works. I just thought, you know, maybe if there was a spot of violence to keep my hand in. But really,” he said as if imparting some forbidden knowledge, “I’m the normal one.”

Ellen snorted in disbelief and an amused grin crossed her face. “Connor, ain’t none of us normal.”

Connor smiled and leaving a couple of dollars on the table for his coke, he waved and walked out the door.

Ellen shook her head as she looked over her bar, “No, ain’t none of us normal.”

The End

You have reached the end of "Road Tripping". This story is complete.

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