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Seeing the Colors Between Black and White

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Playing With the Dead... and Not So Dead". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: The tale of how Sam and Dean Winchester joined the Council, met the things that exist between Good and Evil, and fell in love with two people who were never meant to be. Companion piece to "When the Dead Are Your Only Friends," SW/DS, DW/CR

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Supernatural > Dawn-Centered > Pairing: Sam Winchester
Supernatural > Connor-Centered
(Past Donor)vinniebatmanFR15412,13322110,84722 Mar 0710 Jun 11No

Of Fancy Homes and Broken Shins

Title: Seeing the Colors Between Black and White, Chapter 4
Author: batmanvinnie aka vinniebatman
Fandom: BtVS, AtS, and Supernatural
Pairings: Sam/Dawn, Dean/Connor, references to Spike/Xander
Rating/Warnings: This one is teen.
Spoilers: Spoilers for Season 7 of BtVS, Season 5 of AtS, and Season 1 of SPN. This story is AU from SPN Season 1.
Disclaimer: I so totally own these shows. Bow Down! *Doctor's Note: Patient exhibits delusions of grandeur and any claims of ownership
toward "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," "Angel," and "Supernatural" are pure fantasy. No harm is meant. Seriously, it's better than her throwing rocks at people.*
Real Disclaimer: I make no money from this, and claim no ownership over the to any of the copyrighted material of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," "Angel" or "Supernatural." These works belong to their creators.
Author's Note: This estate the school is located on is based on an actual estate in Denmark, called Valdemaar's Slot, see this area map here: It's a stunning estate showing generations of design and care. It's quite beautiful, and it is incredible. If you are ever in the Southern islands in Denmark, you should visit.

After landing at the Welshpool airport at nearly two in the morning, an honest to God butler in freaking butler monkey suit, had shown up and fetched Dean, Sam, Dawn and Giles in a Bentley.

A month ago, being picked up in by a butler in a freaking Bentley, in Wales, to willingly going to a school for super-strong girls who were given their power by a witch, might have weirded Dean out a bit. Okay, it would have freaked him the fuck out and set every alarm bell in his head ringing.

But now, it seemed pretty normal.

After a fifteen minute drive that lead them north through the small town, then west into the countryside, the Bentley arrived at Glydwr Manor. They passed through the main gate, which was centered in a two-story gatehouse on the eastern side of the property. They entered a large courtyard, the center of which was dominated by a reflecting pool.

The primary structure of the estate, the manor house, stood to the north of the courtyard. It was a massive, rectangular brick building with a high, sharp roof. Dean counted the windows and guessed it to be at least five stories tall. Opposite the house, on the south side of the reflecting pool, was a small pavilion with several windows.

To the west side of the manor house was another gatehouse, though this one led only to various fields, and next to that was a long, narrow, two storied building, a door opened revealing various vehicles parked inside. Opposite the garage was another long, narrow, two-storied building, though this one branched off toward the east, where there was a small courtyard for three smaller buildings and a barn.

Dean whistled low as he took in the full estate. "Jesus. Think there'll be enough room for us?"

Giles smiled as the butler, Geoffrey, pulled the car into the garage.

"Well, it may be a tight squeeze, but we'll manage somehow. The block of buildings to the east were once stables, but the largest was converted into housing for the teenage slayers, while one was made into school rooms and another into staff housing. The barn was modified into a gymnasium."

Once Geoffrey shut off the car, they all climbed out and grabbed their bags from the truck.

"So, which building are we staying in?" Sam asked.

"You'll be staying in guest rooms in the main house, where the younger slayers reside," Geoffrey replied.

Dean paused and looked at him. "Shouldn't you be calling us 'Sir' or 'Governor' or something?"

Geoffrey arched an eyebrow, his lip slightly curled in a fashion that clearly said "If you were of any value, I would."

"We gotta work on your people skills, Alfred."

Geoffrey turned and walked away, saying nothing. Dean snickered; he was going to have so much fun fucking with this guy.

"I hope the girls aren't loud in the morning," Sam muttered as they followed Geoffrey across the courtyard toward the main house

Dawn snorted. "That's why God gave us earplugs."

"Yes, well, I'm fortunate enough to live in the guard house," Giles said, smirking.

"It's good to be the King," Dean joked. "Can we stay in the other guard house?"

"Ah, I'm afraid not. That's where Buffy lives," Giles explained. "And since she's never actually lived on her own before, she's rather protective of her space."

They reached the house, and once inside, Dean whistled again. Black and white marble tile covered the floor, while a massive marble staircase dominated the back wall.

"It used to be more impressive," Dawn said. "But the Slayers kept knocking over the suits of armor and breaking vases, so all of the fancy antiques got put in storage."

At Giles's direction, Sam, Dean, and Dawn left their bags in the foyer while Giles lead them into a large study off of the foyer. A small group was already gathered, looking sleepy, but relaxed. The redhead from the video conference, Willow, was there, as was a short blond and a tall, stocky brunet man.

"Hi guys, it's nice to meet you. Well, in person," Willow said, coming forward to shake their hands.

"Yeah. Couldn't you have just magicked us over here?" Dean asked, wiggling his fingers. Not that his was using his questions as a test to gauge any possible tendencies to misuse magic. No, not at all.

Willow winced and shrugged. "We learned the hard way that customs freaks out when people try to leave the country if they've never officially entered."

Dawn shook her head and stepped forward.

"Guys, this is my sister, Buffy, and this is Angel," Dawn said, quickly introducing them.

As Dean and Angel shook hands, Dean recognized the handshake. It was the strong and firm, but not crushing, handshake of a guy telling another guy that he wouldn't be pushed around. Dean matched Angel's grip, sending the same message back before releasing Angel's hand.

"It's nice to meet you, Buffy," Sam enthused. "So, how much stronger are you than a normal person? Not that you aren't normal, but you know."

Dean studied Buffy, then rolled his eyes when Sam started backtracking. Buffy only smiled back, apparently amused. He prepared to interrupt when the doors to the library opened to admit a brunet guy with an eyepatch- and the blond vampire and freaky blue chick from the U.S. that had beaten him and Sam up.

"You!" Dean yelled, pulling a gun from his jacket and leveling it at blond.

Sam followed suit and also pulled out his gun. Buffy and Angel both froze, then started talking at the same time, attempting to calm the situation, while Willow simply stood, confused and wide-eyed. But before anyone could intercede or calm the situation, the blue chick had rushed forward. Without thinking, Sam fired a round into her chest. But she didn't stop, and instead reached out and grabbed Sam's jaw with bruising force and lifted him off the ground, while her other hand tore away his gun.

Dean's nostrils flared as he focused his gun on the blond's head. "What's this bloodsucker doing here?" he growled.

Dawn moved forward, standing next to Dean.

"Its okay, Dean, Spike won't hurt us; he used to be my babysitter," she explained.

Dean frowned. He'd heard that the Slayers had a couple friendly vamps with them. He wasn't happy about it, but he didn't want to anyone to get caught in the crossfire. Frowning, he eased back the hammer, preparing to lower the gun.

"NO!!!!" A high-pitched scream sliced through the air as a dark blur zipped through the room. Reaching out, eyepatch guy plucked the blur, a small black girl, off the ground. The tiny girl flailed and kicked as she snarled at Dean.

"Nenda kutomba basher*! Leave my Xander's Spike alone!" The brunet, obviously Xander, gasped as he quickly slapped a hand over her mouth. The girl wriggled, her screams and curses muffled. Blue chick continued to hold Sam off the ground, while Sam kicked at her stomach. So far, she hadn't even flinched.

Dean's aim never wavered. "What the hell did she call me?"

"Everybody calm down!" Giles yelled. He turned to Dean, his voice exasperated. "Dean, as I was hoping to explain before they returned, Spike is a different sort of vampire. Sadly, he is on our 'do not kill' list. So please lower your weapon."

Dean shook his head. "No way in Hell, not until the Tick over there puts Sammy down."

Blue chick narrowed her eyes before shifting her grip from Sam's jaw to his throat.

"It's Sam," he choked out as the pressure on his throat caused black spots to dance in front of his eyes.

Nodding his head toward Buffy, Xander handed the wriggling girl to her. Xander then moved in front of Spike, shielding him from Dean.

"Okay, Dean is it? Lower your gun; you don't have to put it away, but just lower it and then Illyria will put Sam down."

"I do not take orders from lesser beings," Illyria intoned, shaking Sam slightly, his long limbs flopping around.

"Illyria, please; we need to calm down and in this situation, you have the control. Please, help us," Angel said, attempting to reason with and placate the crazy chick. Spike rolled his eyes.

"Oh for fuck's sake, Blue, just put him down!" Spike yelled. Narrowing her eyes, Illyria dropped Sam. He landed hard on the floor, coughing as the blood returned to his head. Dean lowered his weapon and rushed over to his brother. Giles knelt beside the two of them and handed Sam a glass of water. Sanura went limp in Buffy's arms, calmed. The older slayer set her down, resting a hand on Sanura's shoulder.

"So, any of you going to make with the answers?" Dean asked.

Dawn bent over and helped Sam to his feet, smiling sweetly. Sam avoided her eyes; he'd just been tossed around by some... being that looked like a skinny girl. He wasn't feeling too proud at the moment.

Giles nodded. "As you are now aware, there are two forms-."

Sanura pulled away from Buffy and dashed across the room in blur. Stopping in front of Dean, she screamed, "Mkundu!**" before kicking him in the shin. Spike started laughing.

"Fuck!" Dean roared as he began hopping around on his undamaged leg. Sam tried not to laugh as his brother's eyes crossed. Sanura quickly turned to Sam and repeated her attack, this time screaming "Mbwa***!"

Clenching his teeth, Sam decided that it wasn't funny. That little girl must have been a slayer, because her kick felt like it had almost cracked his shin. As Sam tried to keep from crying, Xander moved away from Spike and pulled the screaming girl away.

"No, Sanura! Bad! Go to your room! You are in so much trouble," he scolded her. The girl pouted but followed Xander's order, stomping out of the room while mumbling under her breath.

Everyone turned to look at Xander.

"I really need to wash her mouth out with soap," he muttered.

"What did she call me?" Dean asked.

"Uh, the second time she called you an 'asshole,'" Xander said.

Sam snickered; the girl had good instincts.

"What about the first time?" Dean continued.

"Uh, I'm not going to say. Sufficed to say, it was really, really vile and insulting. And definitely offensive to all gay or bisexual men," Xander muttered.

Sam started laughing loudly at his brother; it was kinda funny, in an insulting way. Of course, had anyone else insulted his brother's sexual orientation, Sam would beaten the hell out of them. He tried to smother his laughing as Dean continued to glare at him.

"Bitch," Dean muttered.

"Jerk," Sam shot back.

Xander laughed. "Actually, that's what Sanura called him in Swahili: a 'bitch,'" he explained.

Sam tried not to huff in annoyance as Dean started laughing.

Turning away, Sam hobbled over to a couch, Dean following him. Sam kept an eye on Spike and Illyria, certain his brother was doing the same.

Giles pulled off his glasses and started to clean them. "Can I continue?" he asked in a chilling voice. Any pretense of civility had fallen away from Giles' demeanor, reminding the brothers of a teacher. That was planning on killing them. After torturing them. With knives and sentence diagrams.

The group fell silent as Giles spoke. "Now, as I was explaining, there are two forms of vampire, demonic and physical. Spike is demonic, while the sort you've hunted is a physical vampire. The majority of demons we've fought are the part-human descendants of the true demons that once ruled the world. The sort of vampire that most hunters track down was originally part human, part demon. Over time, they developed the ability to turn others, but their drive is predatory, not demonic. Spike is a demonic vampire. He was drained, then given the blood of his sire. Once his body died and the soul left, the sire's blood called a demon into his body, which animated the corpse."

"So why aren't we killing Blondie over there if he's got a fucking demon inside?" Dean asked. Sam nodded; it was a good question.

"Because he also has a soul," Dawn replied. Sam slowly turned to her, his mood lightening as he focused on the new information... and her bright blue eyes.

"That's fascinating," Sam said, smiling at her. "What's the emotional fallout of getting a soul, of knowing the sins of your demon?"

"Yeah yeah, that's so fascinating and all," Dean interrupted, "but I just want to know if there are any other bloodsuckers or witches or demons on your no-kill lists?"

Sam silently watched as the council members glanced at each other nervously. Willow slowly raised her hand.

"I'm a witch. A good witch, not a bad witch, but I hate saying that because it makes me think of 'Wizard of Oz,' and I mean, I may be good but I don't go around wearing pink dresses and I usually try to give people a straight answer and not... uh, babble," she trailed off.

Sam didn't say anything. Before the video conference in Cleveland, Faith had mentioned the great and powerful Red, the witch that made the slayers. It was kind of scary for one person to have that much power, but Willow was just so sweet and cuddly looking.

"I'm a vampire. I was traveling with Spike and Illyria, but we got separated in Vegas," Angel offered. "Also, I've had a soul over a century."

Sam was intrigued by this, by the honesty in Angel's face, overlaid with an air of sadness. He looked over at Dean, who was still pretty damn tense. However, before he could begin to badger Angel, the doors to the study opened, drawing everyone's attention.

"Well, I'm human," offered a thin young man. "Pretty much."

Angel moved forward, his face a mixture of shock and joy. "Connor, what are you doing here?"

Connor reached out and clasped Angel's bicep in greeting.

Dean studied the young man with a hunter's eye. After the first half-second, he decided that the new guy wasn't an immediate threat, then reconsidered his opinion when Connor cased the room, his eyes quickly studying each person and exit in the room. Whoever he was, he sure as hell knew more than the average teenager. That decided Dean then allowed himself to study him as man.

The young man had uneven, chin-length hair, pink lips and a soft, almost feminine face. Dean couldn't deny he was pretty, definitely worth a quick tumble. Though Dean usually preferred a guy that could hold him down. Though with this group, there was no telling how dangerous this guy really was. That notion sent a frisson of want up his spine.

"Got tired of school and I heard you guys were headed out here. So I thought I'd come see you, maybe kill some stuff," he explained. "Besides, after everything I learned that last year, I've been having trouble sitting in a classroom, and I really don't want to fight demons around my parents. They'll just worry."

"Holy shit," Buffy muttered. Dean turned to look at the wide-eyed slayer and smirked as her face flushed a dark crimson. "Uh, hi Connor," Buffy continued, "Angel told me all about you."

Angel glanced from Buffy to Connor, looking alarmed. There was something going on with Angel and the new guy, Dean was sure of it. He ignored the part of himself that felt a bit of relief at the almost paternal gaze Angel was giving Connor.

Connor rolled his eyes and smirked before addressing the group as a whole. "My name is Connor Reilly. I was raised in a hell dimension so I'm technically six years old, but yeah, my life story is pretty fucked up. I like to kill demons and play video games."

Dean raised an eyebrow. Okay, so Connor definitely knew more than an average teen. Dean looked around the room; everyone aside from Giles, Angel, and Buffy stared in shocked silence. Dean fell back on his automatic reaction of defusing the situation.

"Damn, I thought our friends were screwed up. But this is just fucking insane," Dean muttered.

Giles cleared his throat and Dean didn't miss the significant "we will talk about this" look the Englishman shot at Buffy and Angel.

"Well, perhaps we should let the Winchesters get some rest; they've had a rather long journey," Giles suggested.

Fuck, whatever was going on, Dean wasn't going to find out. "Actually, I'm kinda hungry; airplane food sucks," Dean said. "What about you, Sammy?"

Sam shot his brother a glare, the power of which was diminished by the growl from Sam's stomach.

"Come on," Dawn laughed, "Let's get you guys fed."

Dawn moved to the far wall and opened a door, disguised as a wooden panel, that led to a narrow passageway. Sam and Dean followed through her into a narrow hall.

"What is this?" Dean asked. "Secret passage?"

"Servant's halls, so the servants could get around with bugging the rich folk. Goes straight to the kitchen," Dawn explained as she led them down a small flight of stairs and into the kitchen. It was big and looked old, like something from that Jane Austen movie Sammy'd made him watch years ago. The windows set near the ceiling were level with the ground outside. But against the plastered walls stood heavy-duty, industrial sized appliances. In the center stood a large, butcher block island with stools beside it. Dean immediately dropped onto one.

"Damn, I think that little girl almost broke my fucking leg," he muttered.

"Hey, count your blessings. Sometimes the really young slayers have trouble controlling their strength," Dawn explained. "You're lucky she's got experience with slayer strength shin-kickery. You might want to thank Andrew for that," she said with a snicker.

"Giles mentioned some of the parents live here. Do Sanura's?" Sam asked.

"Nope; orphan," Dawn explained sadly. Shaking off the mood, she smiled and pulled open one of the large fridges. "Let's see what we have in the leftovers fridge. Oh, by the way, there are three fridges. Those two," she said, pointing out the two nearest to the stove, "are the prep fridges. The stuff in there is strictly for meal preparation; you take something from them, be ready to face down the cooks."

Sam stood behind her, ready to help. Dawn quickly pulled out several food storage containers, holding them out behind her with the expectation of assistance. Sam dutifully took them from her and placed them on the island.

"Is there enough for one more?"

The three turned to servant's passage entrance where Connor stood, hands shoved into his pockets. Whatever bags he'd brought to Wales has been handed off to someone else.

Dawn gave an unladylike snort. "This house feeds over a hundred slayers daily; there's always enough food."

Connor offered a feeble smile before sitting next to Dean.

Turning back to the fridge, Dawn pulled out another container, and checked the contents. She dropped the container onto the counter, then went and grabbed plates and silverware. After setting them on the counter, she went through another door that led to a pantry. She returned carrying several bottles of beer and grabbed a magnet bottle opener off of the fridge.

"Nice," Dean offered, smiling as she set the beer on the counter.

"See, Dean, now you have to be nice to Spike. He's the one that always makes sure there's good lager in the house," Dawn said, opening four of the bottles. Each of the men grabbed a bottle.

"I propose a toast: to the only four American, non-Slayer folk of legal drinking age, under the age of 40 who have never tried to kill my sister or attend a Star Trek Convention," Dawn said, smiling as she raised her bottle. The other three laughed as they clinked their bottles together, then took a drink.

"Who tried to kill your sister?" Sam asked.


"Okay, so this Andrew tried to kill your sister and Sanura likes to kick him. Who in the hell is he?" Dean asked.

"Andrew, he's sort of a watcher in training. He's mostly in charge of teaching the slayers the basics of demonology identification. He's a major geek and once wanted to take over Sunnydale."

"And that's where the trying to kill your sister comes in," Sam concluded.

"Where was he tonight?" Dean asked.

"Friday night is Dungeons and Dragons night in Welshpool," she said.

Dean snickered. "Does he have a battle axe made out of cardboard and styrofoam?"

"Actually, Xander made if for him to take! Andrew kept trying to take some of the real weapons into town."

Dean snickered at the mental image of some skinny geek trying to lug a long-ass sword into the village.

Dawn set her beer down, then started opening the containers of food.

"Okay, we have green beans and corn, salad, mashed potatoes, the ever popular bangers, roast beef, chicken, vegetarian casserole and curried vegetables."

The four quickly served themselves, then heated their food in the microwaves that sat in the kitchen. Once everyone was ready, they sat around the counter, eating.

"So, how did you end up in a hell dimension?" Dean asked before taking a large bite of sausage.

"Uh, I was kidnapped by some crazy vampire hunter who wanted to raise a mini-vampire hunter."

"Wow," Sam muttered around a mouth full of green beans. He swallowed before speaking again. "So why did crazy hunter man kidnap you?"

Connor paused and began pushing his food around his plate. "Uh, it's kind of complicated."

"Is that what Buffy, Angel and Giles are talking about?" Dawn asked.

Connor nodded, his eyes fixed on his plate. At that moment, he looked nothing like a demon hunter. Instead, he looked like a guy who was trying damn hard to ignore a lot of bad history just so he keep going. After years of doing the same, Dean recognized the look.

"How old were you when you got back?" Dawn asked.

"About seventeen. Time runs differently in Quor-Toth, and we didn't have calendars," Conner explained, shrugging. "Or t.v. Or plumbing. Or electricity."

"Fuck, dude; that sucks. That must mean there was no porn, either," Dean muttered.

Connor stared in a surprise for a second before laughing. Once he finally stopped laughing, he schooled his face into a mask of sadness. "No, no porn," he mourned.

"Either way, you must be pretty tough to survive a hell dimension," Dawn muttered.

"Dude, you aren't like, I dunno, a demon ninja or something? You know, with plans to eat my spleen or something, right?" Dean asked, smirking.

Connor arched an eyebrow and leered at Dean before smirking back. "Well, not your spleen."

Dawn snorted, then began coughing, barely able to set her beer down. Sam started patting her back, while Dawn kept coughing, eyes red and streaming with tears. Moments later, she finally calmed. "Connor," she wheezed, "please don't say stuff like that when I'm drinking beer. It hurts going out through the nose."

Connor laughed. "Okay, I'll behave. And to answer your question, no, I'm not a ninja demon. I'm human."

The group fell silent as they went back to their food, Connor eating two large platefuls of food.

"Holy crap," Dawn murmured, starting at Connor. "You eat like a Slayer. Your metabolism must be insane."

"Yeah, my little sister gets kinda pissed about that."

"Dude, I've known you for less that 30 minutes and even I'm pissed about that," Dean added.

Soon, their plates were clean and Dawn had pulled ice cream out of the locked freezer.

"So, where were you going to school?" Sam asked.


Sam paused.

"That's where Sam went," Dawn supplied.

"You didn't finish?" Connor asked.

"Uh, no. I ended up hunting again," Sam explained, staring at his bowl of ice cream. The impetus for his return to hunting wasn't something he particularly wanted to discuss.

"Dude, you should have seen those two on the plane," Dean said, glancing at Sam. "They were totally geeking out. Apparently, Dawn is also a giant brain," The collected group seemed to relax. They were too new to each other; none of them wanted to delve too deeply into each other's issues. The diversion was more than welcome.

"What, like the giant flying brains on 'Futurama'?" Connor asked.

Dean snickered while Dawn rolled her eyes.

"No. I just like ancient languages."

"And reading them upside down for fun," Dean added.

"Including languages that you aren't actually studying while at Oxford," Sam added.

Connor gaped. "Jesus. Are you sure you aren't a giant flying brain?"

Dawn's answer was to launch a scoop of ice cream at him. Connor ducked, the dairy projectile landing on the floor with a splat. "Screw you, ninja boy."

"No, sorry, not my type," he said.

Dawn rolled her eyes. "Oh, you wish I was offering!"

Connor grinned. "Your sister is the oldest living slayer; word on the street--."

"What streets would those be? The mean foot paths of Stanford?" Sam interrupted.

"Good one, Sammy."

"God damnit, Dean, it's Sam!" he yelled.

Dean snickered.

"As I was saying, people say that your sister beat down a god and stopped the first evil. So no, I don't wish you were offering sex."

Sam blanched. "Your sister beat up a god?"


"Dude, maybe you shouldn't hit on her anymore," Dean suggested.

Dawn's face flushed red as she glared at him. "Shut up, Dean.

* * * * * * * *
Swahili Translations:
* Go fuck yourself ass-fucker (Yes, I know it's pretty vile, but I wanted to use insults/expletives that I felt Sanura would have picked up from teenage boys in the orphanage. Sorry if I've offended)
** Asshole
*** Bitch (For those who don't watch Supernatural, I chose this because it is Dean's favored insult to use against Sam)

The End?

You have reached the end of "Seeing the Colors Between Black and White" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 10 Jun 11.

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