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Tru'ly Trippin'

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Summary: Cross with Tru Calling (Eliza's New Show) Tru sees a face that is vaguely familiar and fairly dead.

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Title: Tru'ly Trippin'

Author: Heather Sinclair

Email: Heather

Rating: R

Pairing: Tru/Willow *FemSlash*

Spoilers: Pilot episode, Tru Calling; Season 7 Buffy.

Summery: Tru sees a face that is vaguely familiar. TC/BTVS cross

Disclaimer: This story, and any content relating to "Tru Calling" are not authorized by Fox.

Authors Notes: See more stories at my site or at my Tru slash list. Go to for a direct link.

Author's Notes 2: Due to the show not airing as of yet and the crossover nature of the story, I'm going to go into a little bit more detail for the benefit of those that are clueless about Tru.



Contrary to popular belief, the doors to the New York City morgue did not swing away once midnight hit and my shift began. Well that's not entirely true; my shift began at eleven. I'm Tru Davies, the newest entry level forensics attendant for the New York City morgue. Basically it means I check in the dead bodies and make sure nobody else checks them out without the proper paperwork. Glamorous huh?

What was I saying ... oh yeah, the morgue room doors. At midnight they started swinging away. It was pure coincidence, really. Gordy was the first through, pushing a gurney with a typical black body bag atop.

"Got a lot tonight, Tru. Cops say it was a gang hit, but I've never seen anything like it."

I gave him one of my questioning looks. That was saying a lot. Gordy was a NYC EMT. You see some of the weirdest stuff being an EMT.

He stopped and unzipped the bag. He paused before he pulled it open. "Be prepared to be totally freaked."

Okay, now I was really curious. I pushed him to the side and he laughed. "Don't say I didn't warn ya."

I frowned at him. "I thought you said you were busy."

He stopped laughing enough to say one last thing before he went to retrieve more bodies. "Deja vu, Tru."

I split the bag open and almost shit right there. It was me. I pulled the zipper down the rest of the way and kept freaking the entire time. It was my body, it was my face. The only thing that was different was the makeup and clothes.

Gordy scared the shit out of me when he banged back through the door with the second body. "So is that the weirdest shit or what?"

I nodded. "Yeah."

He pulled up along side. "Now this one is a real cutie ... er, was a real cutie."

He unzipped the bag and opened it.

"I really like redheads."

I rolled my eyes. "Out, more bodies."

I really wasn't interested in the redhead. The main question of the night is 'did I have a long lost twin sister or cousin or something.' We looked that much alike. Then it happened, like once before. The voice. And this time it was coming from the other me.

"Trrruuuuu, Slayyyyyyerrrrr, Paaarrrrrrk, Shaaaaakesppppearrrrre."

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