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That Little Voice Said...

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Elemental Journey". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: **Nominated for 2008 Crossing Over Awards**He never knew why he stopped to offer a ride. Set before Oz goes to England inSirenes and after BDS movie.

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Movies > Boondock Saints, The(Past Donor)CharlotteFR13511,1622199,24722 Mar 0716 May 07Yes

Whoops! Did We Forget to Mention…

Title: That Little Voice Said…
Author: dharkcharlotte
Fandoms: Crossover with Supernatural, BtVS and Boondock Saints.
Rating: T for language
Warnings: Just language.
Pairings: No pairings
Character(s): Oz, Connor & Murphy McManus, John, Dean & Sam Winchester
Summary: He didn’t know why he stopped to offer a ride.

Timeline: Pre-Sirenes (my other WIP) for Oz – Before England but after Dru.

Post movie for the Saints. Pre-Stanford for the Winchesters.

Disclaimer: I own nothing related to Supernatural, Boondock Saints or Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The men are just so much fun to play with, I can’t resist.

Chapter 5

Whoops! Did We Forget to Mention…

Previously: Murphy’s face was a mask of serenity. “Ah, don’ get yer knickers in a twist mate. The wee beastie only eats meat and Oz’ll be sure to give ‘em to ya in the morn’.”

Oz woke up once again to the sound of low voices and stretched luxuriously. His loud yawn drew the attention of whoever had been speaking and the conversation stopped before Oz could determine how many were out there. From the scent of things, he could tell there were at least two more than Connor and Murphy. There wasn’t much breeze and Oz felt nervous about walking into an unknown situation.

“So Sleepin’ Beauty finally awake?” Murphy’s dark head popped around the side of the van, a wide grin lighting his face.

The sleepy Were’ sat up and winced as something hard dug into his butt. “Ow!” He reached down and pulled out a set of keys. “Dude! Who threw keys in my bed? Wait, these aren’t mine, whose are they?”

“Git yer arse out here mate. We got ourselves some company.” Connor’s raised voice was full of humor and Oz relaxed slightly, nervous about the strangers but trusting that the twins wouldn’t allow a threat into their camp.

He reached through the bars and took his keys from the hook and quickly exited the cage, pulling on his pants as he stepped down. There was a charge of anticipation to the air which prompted the Were’ to dress completely rather than go to the fire in just his pants as he usually did. Due to the presence of the strangers Oz was alert and he walked to the fire instead of stumble, much to the surprised amusement of the McManus brothers.

A quiet thank you to Murphy for the mug of coffee and Oz sat across the fire from three men, family if his senses were correct. There was a dark haired man seated near the fire, watching Oz warily as he sipped hot coffee and looking slightly hung-over. Behind him were two younger men, wrapped in his spare blankets and still sleeping. The tension in Oz’s demeanor slowly built as the other man remained silent. The vibes emanating across the way screamed ‘Hunter’ and Oz slowly turned his head to glare at Connor.

“You wanna tell me what’s goin’ on?” The dark haired man was vaguely familiar, like Oz had seen him recently and the scents emanating from their side of the fire sent an echo through him.

Connor gestured at the men with his empty hand. “Weel, this here is Mr. John Winchester and those lumps behind ‘im are ‘is boys, Dean and Sam.”

Oz looked to the dark haired man and they exchanged nods. Lifting his mug, he took a drink of coffee and there was a sudden shift in the wind. Cain’s scent wafted over Oz, causing him to spit the hot beverage into the fire. “Oh shit!” He jumped up and looked around wildly, searching for the Hunter. The commotion woke up the younger Winchesters and they both sat up in alarm, reaching for weapons.

“Dad! What’s going on?” Dean’s voice cut through the sound of the Were’s panicked breathing.

Ignoring all but Oz, Connor dropped his own coffee, reached up and grabbed his leg, never flinching as the Were’ turned golden tinged eyes on him and hissed, “What!”

Connor surged up and leaned into Oz’s face and spoke in a firm, but calm, voice. “Nothin’ ta fear now Oz. That Cain fella’s been trussed up like a hog most o’ the night.” He laid his hand on Oz’s shoulder and squeezed, hard. “Pull it in mate. Yer scarin’ the wee Hunters huddled by th’ fire.”

Connor sent up a quick prayer of thanks that the Winchesters were wisely remaining still and silent.

Oz grabbed Connor’s wrist and pulled his hand down. Connor grunted at the tight grip, but waved off Murphy before his brother could interfere.

“You allowed Hunters into our camp, after I told you what they do to my kind?”

“Ah, there’s the thing see? That Cain fella was all set to shoot you in yer cage and John here knocked ‘im silly.”

Oz turned his golden gaze onto the older man and John was suddenly wishing for his gun. The breeze blew through again, the green head tilted and everyone froze. Time seemed to speed up as Oz turned toward the Winchesters and several things happened at once.

Connor grabbed Oz’s arms from behind, grunting with the effort of retaining his hold on the man and Murphy jumped in front of the Were’, placing his hands on a rippling chest. He began to murmur, not loud enough for the Winchesters to hear what was said, but the three felt the goose bumps rise at the sound of the dark haired man’s voice.


When Oz started toward their father, Sam and Dean both drew the silver knives hidden in their boots and flanked him on either side. They watched in amazement as Connor grabbed Oz from behind and Murphy placed himself between the agitated Were’ and the three Hunters.

Connor’s voice joined Murphy’s, “Follow peace with all men, and holiness, without which no man shall see the Lord…”

It took several minutes before Oz had calmed enough to stop resisting the MacManus brothers. They continued, their voices soothing his Wolf. “See that ye refuse not him that speaketh… … For our God is a consuming fire.”

It seemed like an eternity before his flight instinct finally receded and Oz sank to his knees, head bowed in shame and whispered. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Don’t want to hurt anyone. Need to go. Please let me go.”

“Och, now what fun would tha’ be mate?”

“We haven’t seen Florida yet, ‘ave we?”

Incredulous, Dean turned to his father. “What the hell was that?”

“Oh my God, they did it again.” Sam’s voice was filled with wonder as he watched the MacManus brothers reign in a panicked transforming werewolf through prayer.

Oz stood on shaky feet and looked at Murphy with wet eyes. “I have to go.”

Murphy smiled and patted him on the shoulder. “Ye go ‘ave yer quiet time then. I ‘spect you’ll be needin’ it after that.”

Oz turned and hesitated as the breeze blew again.

“Other side of the creek if ye don’ want ta look at tha’ great lump of nothin’.” Connor’s laughing voice piped up as he took his seat by the fire.

Murphy swatted him on the head. “Don’t be a shite. And give up tha’ whiskey, I need some after that near disaster.”

“Wouldn’t ‘ave been necessary if ye would ‘ave put the bugger farther away from here.”

“He was fuckin’ heavy. And smelly, don’t rightly know how he thought he could sneak up on a beastie smellin’ like that.”

John looked at Connor sharply. “Wouldn’t putting him farther away have left the man defenseless?”

Connor snorted. “Whi’ a werewolf nearby? Ye honestly think all the things that bump in the night would hang around? Maybe a wee ghostie but it’s been quiet ‘round ‘ere last two nights. Not even the frogs darin’ ta make a noise.”

Dean pointed toward the path Oz had taken. “Are we going to just let him walk away? He was going to attack us!”

Sam’s voice was firm, “No he wasn’t.”

“Oh really? And just what do you think he was doing Sammy?”

Sam glared at his brother. “He was trying to get away Dean. We’re Hunters in his camp and he was scared.”

“Yeah, so all the more reason for him to try and take us out.”

John intervened; an argument between his boys would only serve to aggravate his headache. “Sammy’s right Dean.” The brothers both stared at their father in stunned surprise at John’s support of Sam. “Cain’s scent came from behind him, so he would naturally head in the opposite direction. From what I’ve seen, he trusts the MacManus brothers to not put him in harm’s way and they aren’t afraid of him.”

“Good man! Listen to yer Da. Not every beastie deserves to be put down. Then again, they usually don’t give you a chance to find out.” Connor pulled the cooler down from the roof of the van and opened it, pulling out breakfast supplies.

“Ain’t that the truth.” Hungry despite his headache, Dean ambled over to check out the meal situation.

“Oz locks himself up during the moon. Been doin’ that since he was infected. We explained this to ye last night.” Murphy looked at his brother with a wry smile. “Maybe we should’ve saved the whiskey for after the explanations.”

“Ya think?”

Oz had completed his meditation and was finishing his morning kata. It was modified from the ones he had learned from Buffy, the Tibetan monks and Dru. His enhanced hearing picked up movement in the forest behind him. The light breeze carried John Winchester’s scent and Oz ignored the man in favor of completing his morning routine. When he dropped out of the final form, Oz turned to the older man and bowed at the waist. John tilted his head and after a short beat, he returned the honor, his eyes never leaving the younger man’s. He continued to study the younger man and Oz stood patiently until John was finished.

Oz’s stomach growled loudly and he smiled sheepishly. John offered him the plate in his hands with a grin. “Murphy said you were overdue.”

Oz took the plate. “Dude.” He groaned as the smell of meat he had tried to ignore washed over him. “Thanks.” Gesturing to the large rock, he sat on the ground and dug into the plate of food. John sat and watched Oz with a curious air.

“That was an interesting Kata you were going through. I recognized several different forms.”

“I had three different teachers, use what suits me.”

“I didn’t see any fighting forms in your movements.”

“Don’t need them. Pretty peaceful kinda guy. You hang with Cain much?”

John shook his head. “No. I was given his name as a possible contact for another hunt.”

“That’s good. It’s hard to find trustworthy people to hunt with and he’s not one to have at your back.”

“Met a lot of Hunters?”

“No, Cain’s actually the first human Hunter I’ve met personally.”


“Oh, don’t get me wrong, she’s human, just a bit… more.”

“I don’t understand.”

“I grew up in Sunnydale, California.”

“He mentioned Sunnydale. As far as I know, no sane Hunter goes near there.”

Oz gave him a pointed look. “Human Hunters would get in the way. The Hellmouth is protected by the Slayer.”

“You know the Slayer?”

“Ex-girlfriend’s best friend.”

“She knows you’re a werewolf and doesn’t have a problem with it?”

“It was this big… thing. I figured out I was infected about the time Cain showed up. I was trying to figure out how to lock myself up and Willow walked in.”

“Your ex-girlfriend? How on Earth did she get away?”

Oz shrugged and pointed to himself. “New werewolf? Couldn’t tell you. Woke up in the morning, naked and locked in a cage in the school library. Massive hangover.”

“There was a cage in your High School library?”

“Bizarre huh? Giles locked up the weapons and dangerous books there. Oh, and the tranq gun. Willow’s a pretty good shot.”

John laughed and scratched his head. “Just so I understand… you’re a werewolf and friends with the Slayer.” Oz smiled and nodded. John continued. “As a new wolf, you had no control, actually weren’t even aware of your movements during your transformation.”


“Connor told us that now you actually have some control and awareness during the moon phase?”


“How can that be?”

“Why do you want to know? Do you usually take the time to talk to your prey before you kill them?”

“Honestly? Our focus is on mostly hauntings, creatures and the occasional demon. We don’t come across many werewolves. The few I’ve hunted had drawn attention to themselves and we didn’t know who they were until afterwards.”

“Fair enough I guess.”

“Is your control due to the length of time you have been infected?”

“I think it’s several factors. Long term exposure to the Hellmouth. Oh and I found a monastery where the monks taught me how to meditate and control my body.” Oz finished his meal and sat back on his elbows with a contented sigh. “And there was this month long thing that happened a couple of weeks ago.”

“What do you mean, thing?”

“There was this… well; I guess the best way to describe her is... she was an enemy. Big Bad back in Sunnydale. She caught me unawares in Colorado and for some strange reason she helped me gain more control over my wolf. I still haven’t figured it out.”

“How did she manage to do that?”

“Dude, this is way more personal than I usually do. All I’m going to say is… we were in the Colorado Mountains with no other humans within many miles.”

John held up his hands. “Okay, sorry. Like I said before, we’ve never had a chance to talk to a supernatural… ah…” he gestured to Oz with a pained expression.

“It’s okay dude. I get it.” He stood up. “We should get back before your sons think I’ve eaten you.”

“Look, if personal questions are going to be a problem, I suggest you avoid Sam.”

“Does he babble?”

“Ummm, not that I can recall. He does have an insatiable appetite for knowledge though.”

“Ah… like Willow, only without the babbling.”

“Oh lord, don’t say that in front of Dean.”


“Dean’s favorite nickname for his brother is Samantha.”

“Gotcha. Typical sibling stuff then.”

“Voice of experience?”

“No, have a younger cousin though. Found out the hard way he doesn’t like to be tickled.”

“Sounds like a story.”

“He bites.”


“Yeah. But I don’t hold it against him; it’s made things pretty interesting.”

“Wait, you mean that’s how you were infected?”

“Yep. Tickling Jordy the day of the full moon… not the best thing. Too bad my Aunt didn’t warn me.”

“How old is he?”

“He’s eight. Doesn’t like being locked up three nights a month, but he deals.”

“I don’t understand, how did he survive a werewolf attack at such a young age?”

“His lycanthropy is hereditary. On my Uncle’s side. Skips a few generations at a time though. They’d kept it a secret from everyone ‘cause they didn’t think it could be transmitted by bite.”

Oz had given him too much to think about and John was at a loss for words and they arrived back at camp in silence. They found the two sets of brothers huddled over the make-shift table. Murphy and Connor were murmuring as Dean and Sam watched quietly.

Everyone waited patiently until the twins finished and Sam called John over to the table.

“What’s going on here boys?” John’s gravelly voice broke through the hush and Sam’s smile was bright as he answered.

“Connor and Murphy blessed our weapons!”

“And the ammo.” Dean said with an impressed grin.

“Sweet.” All eyes shifted to Oz and he opened his mouth to apologize when Dean held up his hand.

“Dude, no chick flick moments. We’re cool.”

Oz stuffed his hands in his pockets. “Thanks.”

Sam stepped forward. “Hey Oz?”


“Could I talk to you, ask you some questions?”

Dean rolled his eyes. “Save us from the Geek boy Oz, he’ll pester you until you give in.”

Oz turned serene eyes on Dean. “Have a fair claim to Geekdom myself. Was offered a full ride to Stanford after I graduated.” He ignored Sam as he wheezed for a second.

This got John’s attention. “You on some kind of break?”

Oz shook his head. “Nah, didn’t go. My parents were pissed. Don’t know why, they’re never home. Didn’t think they even noticed.”

Sam stared at Oz with wide eyes. “Why didn’t you go?”

“School’s not my thing. Furryness every month and school don’t mix well. I figure someone else could use the scholarship and I need to be in England soon.”

Dean’s voice interrupted, “Whatever dude. You two go have your exchange of Geek love; I want to show Dad Connor and Murphy’s weapons.” He grabbed John’s arm. “You gotta see ‘em Dad…”

Oz faced Sam. “Your brother is kind of a jerk dude.”

Sam watched his brother drag their father toward the van and smiled wistfully. “Yeah, but he’s always got my back.”

“Good thing to have. So what do you want to know?”

“Dude. I can’t believe I got your scholarship.”

“Seems like you were the next in line for it. You’ll like it. The whole college scene seems like your thing.”

“Dad’s gonna be pissed.”

Oz choked on his coffee. “You haven’t told him yet? Dude, you’ve only got like two weeks ‘til orientation.”

Sam stared at his boots, red creeping up the back of his neck. “I know. I just can’t figure out the best way.”

“At the end of the day, they’re still your family. Probably going to be some yelling…”

Sam snorted at that and laughed. “Some? You’ll probably be able to hear them in England.”

“Maybe your dad’ll see the benefit of having a lawyer in the family?”

They shared a laugh.

“Right.” Sam rubbed his face. “I just hope Dean forgives me.”

“What is it you need forgiveness for?”

Sam’s head whipped around to face Murphy and Oz winced.

“Uh, nothing.”

“Ye don’t ha’ ta tell me, but don’t lie boy.”

Sam’s features hardened and he stood, towering over the dark haired twin. “I’m not a boy.”

“You a man then? Act like one. You’re gonna have a different path than your brother’s for a while Sam. There’s gonna be hard feelings and harsh words but they love ye and time will work it out.”

“How do you know? Have you and Connor ever …?”

“Nah, we’ve been together since the womb. Don’t see that changin’. Bad enough we’ve separated from our Da.”

“What happened to him?”

“He took a bullet. Been stayin’ wi’ our Ma. She’ll have ‘im right again soon.”

Murphy waved his hand in dismissal. “No more sappy stuff now. Got trash to take care of and need to hit the road soon.”

He turned and yelled at his brother. “Connor! Put away the pretty toys and help me wi’ that pile ‘o refuse down the way.”

Dean sighed and then started packing the weapons in their rightful places as John looked at Connor curiously.

“What trash is he talking about?”

“We can’t leave that pile of human refuse trussed up for the animals. Might give ‘em indigestion.”

John laughed, feeling slightly guilty. “That I can agree with, but I can’t let you kill him.”

“What then? I’ll not let him come after Oz again. You know he’s not a good man John. He does more harm than good.”

“My boys and I will make sure he is out of circulation for a long time. We’ll drop him and his van off in front of the nearest police department and call in an anonymous tip.”

Connor stared at him long enough that John began to feel uncomfortable.

The light haired man grinned suddenly and slapped John on the shoulder. “Good man! I honestly had no desire to travel with the stench of that bastard.”

John blew out a relived sigh and called out, “Boys! Time to go. Go grab Cain and throw him in the van. Dean you drive, I’ll follow in the Impala.”

“So, England huh?” Dean tried to hide his curiosity and failed, miserably.


“And you’re taking your van?”


“I can get behind that. No way I’d leave my baby behind.”

“It’s a sweet ride.”

“Yeah, she is. So… Why England dude?”

“Just have to.” Oz met Dean’s curious gaze. “You ever just have to do something? Like, it’s so important that nothing could get in your way?”

Dean’s focus shifted to his brother as Sam talked with Murphy.

“Yes. I do.”

I might have fudged the timeline a little regarding when Sam heads off the Stanford, but I just couldn’t resist the opportunity.

Whelp! That’s it. THE END…

Of this leg in Oz’s journey.

Love it? Hate it?

The End

You have reached the end of "That Little Voice Said...". This story is complete.

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