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Atlantis Exploits

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Summary: Basically the buffy/angel verse people who didn't get to go to Atlantis, each are stand alones. Lots of Slash. I may have rated up a little bit.

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Stargate > Multiple PairingsEzzAFR18104,05401311,50423 Mar 0714 May 07Yes

Chapter 1 – Catalyst

Disclaimer – I own nothing except the poems/sayings I make no money and I love not being sued.

Pairing – Faith/McKay/Sheppard

Chapter 1 – Catalyst

“You’ll know me if you see me so I tell you mortal man
You ever need a thrill ride? Come catch me if you can”

She came on the Daedalus, and the most remarkable thing they could see about her was how at home she was on base.

She was supposed to be there to train the civilians in general self defence and the soldiers in some seriously scary hand to hand.

Rodney and John secretly thought she was there to drive them both crazy.

She wasn’t pretty or beautiful or anything like that, the best word to describe her looks would be hot, or possibly smoking.

She flirted first with Rodney, which he seemed puzzled by, but which made John furious.

Then with John, which made Rodney furious and John slightly nervous.

This continued until a few days before she was to leave and a couple of minutes after the weekly emergency.

Then she kissed them.

Both of them.

Which made both of them furious.

At her.

But they didn’t do anything about it, so right before she left she knocked them out, stripped them and left a note on McKay’s chest.

In permanent marker.

It went on for a while, basically what it boiled down to was, you’re both hot for each other, catch the damn clue bus already.

They caught it.

Several times.

All through the night in fact.

And in a spaceship speeding back towards Earth Faith LeHane lay on her bunk, watching the video feed she had set up in the closet and laughing her ass off.

A/N Hope you like it, oh, she also drew smiley faces on John’s nipples.

Reviews never get old people!!

See ya on the flip side!!!
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