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Brave New World

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Summary: What happens after the world ends? It begins again.

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NOTE: This chapter is rated FR18

Natural progression, part two

A/N: Obviously this is the very far back past, the random primitive villages do not speak English, especially Americanized English, but, let’s just pretend this is a retelling in a more contemporary manner.

The Past, pre-Fracture

Potential. Every being in the world has some sort of potential for greatness. Even the weakest of us all have it. Take this girl. She was a nice girl; tiny, the runt of her entire village, found one day without mother or father, she was the orphan of an entire village where blood meant everything. Destined to be a breeder, and produce many children, this girl was nothing. However, like all beings, she had that potential. She was already much different—Blonde and small in a tribe where her fellows where dark of skin and hair, broad and tall. They were bred to be physically superior, and yet, here was a child who was blonde, who’s skin was almost ethereal and shimmering in the moonlight during hunts, useless as camouflage. Late one evening, the abhorrent creatures that the humans had labeled vrykolakes came in droves. They had waited for the men of the tribe to leave to hunt, leaving only the women, children, and elderly. (Which were generally in their late twenties and thirties, at this time.)

The night was unusually dark, she did not like it. She had no name to speak of, and yet, beings would come to her while she slept and whisper to her. “Slayer” they would say, or sometimes, “Sister”. She preferred however, the beings that would whisper “Special” at her. Still, she was called by no name except for her most visible attribute which seemed to be “Weak”. She was walking aimlessly through the forest bordering her village, which was reckless as the vrykolake monsters swept through them constantly. The night was too dark, tonight. The girl didn’t know why she thought this, but her instincts always seemed to be right about such things. There was a sound to the side of her, she spun and raised her scrawny limbs in defense of herself.

“Wait, do not be afraid!” Standing before her was an odd being. The creature seemed to be a glowing girl. She glowed like the top of the trees, and glimmered like the clear lakes only a brief walk from her village.

“Who are you?” Asked the girl, afraid that this was some evil trap.

“My name is Dawn, and you. You are very special.” The girl recoiled, was this creature—Dawn, was she like the people in her dreams?

“What do you know about me, glowing girl!” The girl stumbled back away from the glowing thing. No one real ever called her special. The thing, Dawn, had an amused look upon her face.

“You think you know what is to come. You haven’t even begun.” The girl tilted her head. The words seemed ominous, but the thing—Dawn, she reminded herself, made it sound as if it was some sort of joke.

“I do not understand the importance of such a statement.” The girl said with no hint of annoyance; she had long had her defects explained to her. Dawn looked sadly at her, as if looking at a thing that was once much different. Better, the girl’s mind whispered to her. Dawn looked like she was going to say something else, but her eyes widened and the reminiscent look left her.

“Run!” Dawn yelled at her, the girl frowned, run from what? Panic was etched across Dawn’s face but the girl could not understand why. Dawn looked at her again and screamed, only it sounded like many women and children. Why would it—

The girl jolted from sleep. She was in the small hovel that she slept and hid from the other villagers in. There was screaming going on outside, screaming and something else. Something animalistic. The girl rushed from her spot on the floor and pushed aside the cloth that separated her from the village. To her horror, she saw the vrykolakes slaughtering the villagers. These vrykolakes were monstrous beings that changed their shape at will. There seemed to be multiple kinds of vrykolakes. Some were normal looking, and some looked to be many years dead, still others seemed unimaginably beautiful. They were the most dangerous. These vrykolakes seemed to be of the half-breed variety. Spawns of the vrykolake queen and the animal spirits.

“Run..” the girl whispered to herself, realization flittering across her face. Like always, the girl did what she was told. She sped from the place she called home and out into the rather large village. Villagers were fleeing and being killed in every direction. The older men were fighting with the beasts while the women cowered in corners with their children. A more cynical part of the girl seemed to feel disgust at this. Weak things, they did not deserve to have children, and yet a softer side yearned to help them. Still though, she ran. She was almost out of the village when she tripped over the corpse of a man who’d scorned her, and had attempted to gain her as his property. Even in death, he thwarted her desires, and his arm sent her sprawling. She hit her head on the corner of a now-empty weapon rack.

The girl found herself in another dream, only instead of a glowing girl, she found a black haired woman who radiated vengeance.

“You are stronger than those who have put themselves above you. You are greater than the Vrykolake. Do not cower, Buffy.” The Dark One said. The Dark One held her hand out, and smiled a cruel smile that promised retribution to all of the girl’s enemies. She took her hand.

As soon as the girl took the black haired woman’s hand, she awoke and rage poured through her. How dare the villagers treat her how they did, how dare the vrykolake try to kill her! With a snarl she stood up from the ground she had fallen on. There was a growl beside her and there next to her stood one of the most beautiful creatures she had ever laid eyes on. He had flowing brown hair, and gorgeous blue eyes. His beauty was marred by the fact that he was hissing at her. He swung at her with a fist and to both of their surprise, she caught it and held it still.

“Who are you?” The beautiful monster hissed. The girl only smiled, an infinitely amusing and oddly familiar title flashing through her head.

“I’m Buffy. The Vrykolake Slayer.” With a twist, she snapped his arm. He launched his foot into her abdomen and she went flying. She slammed into a tree and the pain brought her back to reality. The rage wasn’t enough, and fear began to filter through her system. A backhanded slap had her careening into the ground, and in her daze, she saw a girl behind the vrykolake, a small redhead who smiled encouragingly at her. Buffy pushed herself off the ground and wiped the blood from the side of her mouth.

“I’m special!” Buffy lunged at the monster and with a kick sent it flying back. Another vrykolake had come up behind her and grabbed her, holding her still. Another image appeared before Buffy; A wise looking woman with long white hair. The words seemed to flow into her head rather than her ears. Everything is a weapon, even Nature Itself. With a roar Buffy broke free of the second beast and spun. With a grace she hadn’t felt before, she threw all of her strength into an uppercut that sent the monster flying backwards and into a tree—A branch impaled within its chest. Strangely, Buffy felt that it should have turned to dust, but she shook that silly thought from her head. Vrykolakes do not turn to dust, she thought at herself.

Buffy’s previous attacker had returned and with a cry struck out at her. His fist crumpled her, and like a rabid animal he was upon her. As his teeth bit into her neck she screamed in pain. Buffy’s fist swung up into the vrykolake’s stomach and to her surprise, came out through the other side. It seemed he was surprised too, because he launched himself off of her and fled up into the tree tops howling in pain.

Buffy stood up, injured and panting. Looking around her, she realized the village was empty except for the numerous corpses of the villagers. The beasts had all fled, and no one was left but her. Part of her wanted to weep, but, she shouldered on. She walked for what seemed like hours, deep into the forest, deeper than ever before. This forest held many rumors about it. The outer edges were the hunting grounds for the vrykolake, but not even they ventured deeper in. There was something in this place, something no one could ever figure out. However, it called to her.
She came to a glade that glowed and yet no light source could be seen. Within the glade stood one woman, this woman was strange in that two other images overlapped her. You could never tell which was illusion and which was her true form. Buffy recognized them as the women from before.

“You wanted to see me?” Buffy asked, she was sure it had been them who had called her.

“My departure from this world will soon be at hand.” They said—It was more ‘they’ than ‘you’, for they spoke with three different voices. Buffy waited for them to continue.

“We have a plan that requires you, Buffy. Your sister and the Vrykolake Queen are coming together in an effort to create something of great power. I refuse to allow them do such things on a whim. We demand a hand in it. This is where you come in.” The conversation was hard to follow as all three women had different voices and different facial expressions. As one glared, the other smiled placidly, and the redhead kept mumbling. It was off putting.

“You are Fey, Buffy.” Buffy had heard that term before, but only in legend. Fey were supposed to be great lords of nature.

“You are going to be their great work, Buffy. We will weave great illusion around you, and not even your sister will be able to recognize you. You will become their template, and we will have a hand in the direction of our destiny.” Buffy’s eyes narrowed. She may be inexperienced, but she was not as foolish as many thought.

“What is in it for me? What will I have to gain other than heart ache and pain?” The women paused, and then smiled indulgently.

“If done correctly, you can attain great power at the moment of your eventual death. Power and enlightenment.” Buffy just nodded slowly.

“I’ll do it.” She was tired of being the down-trodden.

A/N: Buffy in this is a little bit greedy, she hasn’t been through all the humbling sorrow and pain yet, think cheerleader-Buffy of the movies, but less vapid. Also, Vrykolake = Vampire, though that should be obvious. Though they are called vampires in Buffy’s time, I figure, Buffy’s village/region could have had their own name for them, as many places do in the real world. Next up: Buffy’s ascension and Cordelia/Sineya.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Brave New World" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 6 Apr 07.

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