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Brave New World

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Summary: What happens after the world ends? It begins again.

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The End

I own nothing. Laurell K Hamilton owns Anita and co. Joss Whedon owns Buffy and pals. I’m just playing with them.

Summary: What happens after the world ends? Set right after the end of Angel for Buffy, and post-Micah for Anita Blake.

It wasn’t often that something horrified Faith. She had been through a hell of a lot, and could stand unblinking in the face of all sorts of shit. She even created some of that shit. This however was not one of those moments.

Faith screamed.


It wasn’t meant to be like this. They had destroyed the Hellmouth. They were (mostly) alive. Robin and she had severed ties but amicably, Buffy and she had healed, and even Willow was warming up to her. All in all, Faith was feeling good. In retrospect, Faith supposed that was the hint that things were going to turn to shit.

Ten hours ago she had awoke with a head-splitting vision of Angel being torn apart. She was out of bed and on the redeye to L.A. before she had even fully awakened. She arrived at Angel’s hotel to find a fight going on in the alley behind it. She had had weapons with her..but..this was too much. There were hundreds of demons, thousands even. Angel and Spike (She had heard he was alive, in fact, everyone had heard. Andrew still hadn't stopped talking about it.) were in the midst of it all. Muted grief raged through her as she realized Gunn was dead behind them. Fred, or what had been Fred (she’d heard rumors back at Council HQ) was tearing through the hordes of demons with wild abandon. And Wesley. Wesley was no where to be seen. Faith thought it best to expect the worst.

Faith joined the fight next to Angel, jumping down directly upon a demon that was preparing to decapitate him.

“Faith.” Angel’s tone had so many emotions in it, to stop and decipher them would have been suicide.

“Angel—We’ll talk about this later, big guy. Right now I have to pull your ass out of the fire.” And that was it. They continued fighting the massive amounts of demons. It was the most climactic fight she’d ever been in, including her descent into the Hellmouth. Shortly after she arrived, a small lanky kid who she knew was Connor, but didn’t know how she knew, descended from the top of the surrounding buildings much as she had.

It was as the small group of fighters drew back that all hell broke loose. Giant beings broke forth from gaping tears in the sky, A great wolf-like being, an even larger demon that looked like a goat, and a great deer demon that had what looked like a sneer on its face. Illyria took off at speeds unknown, leaping literally up to the top of a building, and propelling herself into the goat demon

A great white light exploded in the sky, and Cordelia of all people descended upon the three great demons, a flaming sword in hand (At least Cordelia still had a flair for the dramatic). A host of lesser glowing beings descended upon the smaller demons on the ground. Faith wondered if the stains on her pants were actually from demon blood, or from her pissing herself out of shock.

As the battle raged, a small shift in reality accompanied the arrival of Buffy, Willow, and a cadre of slayers. Giles, Dawn, and Xander seemed to be commanding the small army.

“Well now, the gang’s all here!” Faith shouted with a glee she didn’t feel as she threw herself into another demon.

That was when the fireworks started.

Cordelia slew the wolf demon and Illyria killed the ram. The Hart blew them both away. Spike took a stake meant for Angel. Xander was disemboweled, and Willow obliterated almost the whole demon army before turning on the Slayer Army, black hair blowing in the wind. Dawn was shot with a multitude of arrows belonging to one of the few remaining archer demons. Angel was finally decapitated as he fought alongside Faith, his ash coating her battle wearied form. Connor was torn in half as the Hart gored him with his horrible antlers. Buffy was literally obliterated as the hoof of the Hart descended upon her. The shock wave blew the scythe back and it embedded itself into Faith’s chest.

Huh. Ironic.

As Faith crawled weakly to Dawn’s prone body, she realized that Illyria and Cordelia had survived. They too had propped themselves against Dawn, who was miraculously still alive. If Faith had bothered or cared to look, she would have realized that Willow, having gorged herself on slayer and demon power was now in a duel with the Hart.

“I had not foreseen this ending.” Illyria was still a font of impassiveness, despite the slaughter.

“I-“ Cordelia was interrupted as she coughed up a viscous white fluid. “I don’t think any of us did.”

It was as the group admitted defeat to themselves that Dawn opened her eyes. Her glowing green eyes.

“It doesn’t have to be.” Dawn’s voice was not her own, but a mass of others’ as well. Her meaning seemed to be transplanted into the survivors’ heads. There was so much power here. They were all conduits for this power. What kind of effect would the amassed power of an Old One, a Power, a chosen Slayer, and the Key have? In this moment, Faith decided she didn’t care. As their bloods intermingled, and the unknown ritual was performed, Faith lost herself.

She lived every slayer’s life in a second. The First Slayer’s life, A slayer during the great fire of London, a slayer during the Boxer Rebellion, she was Nikki Wood, she was Kendra, she was Buffy, she even relived her own life. Cordelia, Illyria, and Dawn were having their own epiphanies.

Willow and the Hart paused in their battle and glanced back. Like black lightning, they streamed forth to stop the ritual from completion. It was as they reached the survivors and their massive powers were added to the mix that an explosion of power rippled over the world. And finally, Faith thought as she slid into darkness, the world ended.. But something happened that the dying Faith didn’t expect.

The world began again.
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