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Apocalypse now…ish

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Summary: What if Buffy didn’t survive her face-off with the Master?

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Literature > Sci-FiGreywizardFR1812,0360123,71924 Mar 0724 Mar 07Yes
Disclaimer: None of the characters belong to me. There is no intent to profit from this. Only the story is mine.

Category: Response to TTH challenge 930 “Apocalypse now…ish”, which reads as follows:

“This crossover can involve any fandom you want, along with Buffy. What if one of the season finales had gone differently? What if Buffy had lost? What if someone else had been needed to step in afterwards and save the day? Choose a Big Bad - The Master, Angelus, The Mayor, Adam, etc - and also the hero from the fandom you've decided to cross. Write the eventual fight/climax between the pair. Big bonus points if you manage to work in at least one other original from BtVS.”

Time frame: Season One, episode 12, “Prophecy Girl.”

Character Bashing: None.

Warning: Character death ahead.

Author’s Note 1: This is just a short one-shot piece here. I have absolutely no intention of following up on this. I just couldn’t resist the idea of having the two fandoms intersect.

Author's Notes 2: Thanks to Lori Bush, Tim Joy, Bill Haden and Drake the Archr for beta-ing this story.


Title: Apocalypse now…ish

The Master’s Lair
June 2, 1997

Upon seeing the sudden flare of light as they made their way down the sloping passage to the Master’s lair, they both broke into a run, fearing the worst. The wrong turn they’d taken had cost them precious seconds as they raced to find the blond Slayer.

Angel, due to his superior vampiric speed, made it there first, and looked around the dimly lit chamber searching for Buffy. Seeing the motionless blonde form lying face-down in the pool of water, he rushed over and pulled her out, hoping desperately that through some miracle of Fate, they hadn’t arrived too late.

“How is she?” Xander asked, panting heavily as he finally arrived at the site of the prophesized meeting between the woman he loved and the Master.

“What’s the matter?” he asked as he caught sight of the desolate expression on the vampire’s face, then paled as he came close enough to see the gaping ruin that was all that was left of Buffy’s throat.

“She's dead,” Angel announced dully.

Xander looked down at the two dead bodies and swallowed hard.

This was bad.

Very, very bad.


Xander stared in mounting horror as he gazed around the library.

He and Angel had used the underground passageway from the sewers to make their way back to the high school and into the library, only to find it besieged by a horde of vampires, not to mention that it seemed like someone or some-THING with WAY too many limbs was trying to open up the back door to the Hellmouth, which was evidently located somewhere below the library.

And to just add to all the joy they’d already been given, judging from the thud of heavy footsteps coming from above them, it looked like the Master was prowling around on the roof.

“I could use some help here, people!” Cordelia was not-quite screaming from her position trying to hold the library doors to the corridor closed.

“Willow! Watch out!” Xander yelled, pulling his childhood friend away from the second long, green-scaled tentacle slithering across the floor and groping for the redhead’s other ankle. Giles and Angel had both grabbed hold of some of the axes normally kept inside the weapons cage and were hacking away at several other tentacles that had grabbed hold of Ms. Calendar.

Over by the door, one of the vampires had smashed their fist through the window on one of the doors and was flailing wildly. Cordelia hit the hand with a large metal stapler she grabbed from atop one of the bookcases, then bit it, producing a loud scream and its immediate withdraw.

“There! See how *you* like it!” she said, with a satisfied air.

A loud crash indicated that the vampires were now attacking the back entrance of the building, and Angel rushed there in a last-ditch attempt to hold them back.

“Well, it looks like the world’s really screwed now,” Xander observed as he continued to pull his childhood friend back while hacking away at the small tentacle wrapped around her ankle.

“You know what we could really use for backup right now, Will? A couple squads of Mobile Infantry – you know, the guys Robert Heinlein wrote about in his book, 'Starship Troopers.'

“Man, I wish we had Rico's Roughnecks backing us up here, right now,” he sighed as the tentacle holding Willow was severed and he rushed over and began hacking at the vampire’s arm that had succeeded in grabbing Cordy and was now choking the statuesque brunette.


Unseen in the rearmost reaches of the stacks, the justice demon Eurydon, Patron of Unreciprocated Lovers, stood watching them.

Specifically, he was watching Xander. Not all lovers were married, after all. In fact, a very large percentage of all loves were not always reciprocated, but that did not invalidate the love felt by the person doing the loving.

He and Weirbok, Patron of Scorned Men, currently had a standing argument of several months duration over who actually had the better claim to this particular mortal, since the petite blonde who was the root cause for both their claims, had never actually made a completely clear and unambiguous statement about her preferences between the mortal and the ensouled vampire prior to this particular afternoon.

The fact that Weirbok hadn’t immediately rushed in to stake his claim to the youth after she had apparently given him the brush-off made it clear to him that the Slayer had still been conflicted in her feelings. Well, either that, or Weirbok was too busy with another so-called ‘client’ to make note of what had occurred and come forward to establish his claim.

Either way, with the girl dead now, it was clear that the youth’s love could never be requited, leaving him with an uncontestable right to claim the right to work his magic. With all of the details accounted for, at least to *his* satisfaction, Eurydon smiled.

He loved this new generation he’s been given the responsibility for overseeing. With all of the ideas that the past fifty years of science fiction and fantasy writers had churned out, there was always a new and unique opportunity offering itself up for righting wrongs and establishing balance, if one knew what to listen for.

An instant after the fateful words left Xander’s lips, everyone present heard the words, “Wish Granted!” seem to echo through the library, accompanied by a brilliant flash of light.


As their sight slowly returned, Xander, Willow, Giles, Cordelia, Ms. Calendar and Angel found themselves staring at approximately two dozen individuals, all of whom were wearing what looked like some combination of futuristic, high-tech armor and a space suit, while carrying very big, *very* deadly-looking guns reminiscent of something one might consider using, were one inclined to go out and hunt either dinosaurs or Sherman tanks as a hobby.

“What the hell’s going on?” an amplified, but undoubtedly human voice demanded as the newcomers all looked around themselves in confusion.

At that moment, of course, the back door broke open, unleashing a slavering horde of yellow-eyed, furrow-browed vampires, who rushed in screaming either threats or incomprehensible howls of rage, directly towards the mixed group of Scoobies and newly-arrived, well-armed and professionally-unfazed soldiers

“Hostiles, Lieutenant!” another voice called out as the demons attacked.

"Suppressive fire," an authoritative voice could be heard ordering a moment before it suddenly seemed as though Armageddon had been unleashed within the library's confines.

As he saw the muzzles of the new arrivals' weapons swing towards the oncoming vampires, Xander grabbed hold of both Willow and Cordy and he dragged them along as he dove to the floor between two of the stacks.

"Down, guys!" he screamed a warning to the others, an instant before a wave of fire seemed to erupt outward and envelop the forward rushing minions.

The imminently doomed had a fraction of a second to scream out a futile protest before they abruptly ceased to exist in a hail of energy and projectile fire and their bodies turned to the dust they should already have been.

"What the hell happened here, people?" the Scoobies could hear the same authoritative voice asking. "Where'd the bodies go?"

"Uh, we might be able to help answer that," Xander spoke up, a bit uncertainly, from his position sprawled atop the two still surviving Scooby women.

"Get off me, you pervert!" Cordy's voice could be heard complaining/ordering from beneath the tall brunette.

"And if you touch anywhere you shouldn't, I'll make you regret ever touching me," she could be heard threatening him.

“I already do,” the youth could be heard muttering under his breath in response as he climbed back to his feet.

“What did you just say?” Cordy half-snarled back from her position still on the floor.

“Who do you people think you are, to kill my children?!” a voice could be heard roaring through the room, interrupting the brunette’s nascent carping as the skylight above unexpectedly shattered and rained down upon everyone below.

Several of the armored newcomers were suddenly tossed trough the air to impact against the far wall, to reveal a bald man with a deformed forehead, yellow eyes and prominent fangs protruding from a discolored mouth.

As the majority of the Scoobies watched with horrified fascination, the Master reached out a clawed hand towards another of the newly-arrived armored strangers, only for his intended victim to drop his rifle, grab hold of the outstretched limb and pull him closer.

Seizing the vampire in a bear hug, the stranger slammed his head forward, smashing his armored helmet against the Master’s face and pulping the vampire’s nose across his misshapen cheeks. As the Master then screamed in astonished pain and surprise, his opponent flexed his arms and the sound of multiple cracking bones could be heard above the subsequent accompanying cry of pain.

The armored figure then released the Master and the vampire dropped to the floor of the library to lie there helplessly, a ruined mass of flesh, bone and stolen blood, unable to move as he screamed the vilest imprecations Xander, Willow and Cordy had ever heard in their relatively short lives.

“Anyone have any idea what the hell that thing is?” one of the amplified voices asked, as the majority of the newcomers formed a circle facing outward around the residents of the library, their weapons at the ready, while the three newcomers not so occupied turned to face the half-dozen unarmored people staring at them in wondrous disbelief.

Of all the Sunnydale residents present, only Xander seemed to have any idea of what might possibly have occurred, and he carefully approached the massive armored figure marked with the lieutenant’s insignia on its helmet.

“Uh, are you by any chance Lieutenant Juan Rico of the Terran Federation’s Mobile Infantry?” he tentatively asked, a smiling, awe-struck expression filling his face as he looked up at the other, while the other surviving members of the Scooby Gang watched with uncomprehending looks. Only Willow seemed to have any suspicions as to the identities of the people who had so unexpectedly appeared out of nowhere and prevented an apocalypse, and she seemed more than content to let her childhood friend do all of the talking for the moment.

“Yeah, I am, kid,” was the response he received.

“Where are we, how did we get here, who are you people and how did you know that?” were the next words out of the soldier’s mouth.

“Well, I’m not really sure about the ‘how you got here’ part,” Xander immediately answered, the smile on his face threatening to overwhelm him, “but as far as the other things go, I think maybe you guys better sit down, because there’s a lot I have to tell you and you’re probably not going to believe it, initially.” He sighed quietly. “Where’s Jake Burroughs when you need him to explain this sort of thing?

“You see,” he then went on, “into each generation a Slayer is born, one girl in all the world, a Chosen One, one born with the strength and skill to hunt the vampires...“



For those people not familiar with the classics, the crossover is ‘Starship Troopers’ by Robert A. Heinlein, and I am referencing the original novel, not that piece of trash laughingly referred to as a movie that was released several years back.

Jake Burroughs is the lead character from Heinlein’s novel ‘Number of the Beast’.


The End

You have reached the end of "Apocalypse now…ish". This story is complete.

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