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The Way We Were

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Summary: A short Supernatural vignette, a glimpse of Dean's past.

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Supernatural > Non-BtVS/AtS StoriesfeekhFR713620349824 Mar 0724 Mar 07Yes
Disclaimer: Supernatural isn't mine. It belongs to its writers and creators. I am just borrowing.

A/N: This image appeared in my head one day and just wouldn't go away. Slightly sad. Hope I got her name right. Let me know what you think.

The Way We Were

He spun as fast as he could, around and around and around, arms flung wide until the whole world was doing the spinny thing and his feet got tangled and he fell down at her feet, breathless with giggles.

Two sets of hazel eyes laughed at each other. One belonging to the little boy, who was attempting to stand back up, even as his still wonky sense of balance made such efforts futile and he tumbled back to the ground, laughter still shaking his body and making his tummy ache from the sheer force of it.

The other set shone in his mother's face as she sat on the bench watching her oldest son enjoying life to the brim. Her hands rested on her swollen midriff where her second son even now awaited his advent in the world. Waited impatiently judging by the feel of the kicks he was aiming at her spine.

The little boy finally managed to get to his feet and wobbled over to his mother, floppy blond hair sticking in all directions, a grass stain coloring one cheek slightly green.

"Didja see, Mum, didja? I spunned forever and ever!"

He flopped down next to her, weary for the moment. The woman knew it wouldn't last long before his boundless enthusiasm and zest for life would have him running off once more, determined to squeeze the last drop of pleasure from every minute he was awake.

She wondered if the new baby would be like his big brother. One hand slowly stroked soothing circles on her belly. It wouldn't be long now.

A small, grubby hand joined hers and mother and son looked at each other in perfect accord.

"I'm gonna be the bestest big brother in the whole world."

The woman smiled down at him, gently pushing back the hair from his slightly sticky forehead.

"I know you will, honey. I know you will."

The two of them relaxed on the bench, letting the sun shine down and warm their skins.

Soon they would have to go and get dinner ready, but right now they cold enjoy the moment.

All was right in Mary's world.

The End

You have reached the end of "The Way We Were". This story is complete.

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