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Xander and His Pack

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Summary: Hyena!Xander is putting together a pack that will protect and run the Hellmouth. He is also working on find a mate or two. Will the other Scoobies handle this Xander?

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > Romance > Multiple PairingsMistressTitaniaFR21613,3663107,87626 Mar 0726 Mar 07No

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Chapter One

Pairing: Xander/Spike/Andrew, Kyle/Tanner, Tori/Maria, Mercedes/Drusilla, Oz/Devon, Larry/Ryan,

Warnings: Slash-m/m and f/f, a little hetro, mentions of abuse, n/c, Buffy and Willow bashing (I love Willow but a nice Willow just wouldn’t work), mild bdsm, hurt/comfort, OOC, and original characters (I promise no Mary sues)

Spoilers: Not sure when the Hyena episode was but to be safe I’ll say spoilers up to end of second season.

Notice: I did not create these characters. I’m just borrowing them to have some fun.

Status: WiP

Summary: Hyena!Xander is putting together a pack that will protect and run the Hellmouth. He is also working on find a mate or two. Will the other Scoobies handle this Xander? And how much does mysterious prophecy have to do with things?

Authors Note: I am going to play with the ages of the cast a bit. The Scoobies are in their senior year and Xander has already had his 18th birthday. Andrew is a senior also even though he is only 16 years old. This is due to skipping ahead grades thanks to his smarts. Also I’m going to have the spell instead of removing the hyena spirit turn Xander into a Werehyena. I’m also thinking their might be some Mpreg eventually.

Not Beta’d

As soon as the last bell rang, Xander hurried to get out of there before Buffy or Willow could stop him. He had to get the meeting place without them following. Although, he figured he had a few days where he could avoid them before they became suspicious. He knew that they would just figure he was hiding from embarrassment after the hyena stuff. In actuality, he was hiding a big secret from them. It was that the spell did not get rid of the hyena spirit completely. What the spell actually did was give Xander around 55 of control, the rest was still given to the female hyena spirit. That took a little bit to get used to having an almost half-female mind but he was okay with it now. The hyena said her name was Brina, which is Celtic for protector. Xander had come to an agreement with her. As long as she stopped making him eat people, he would agree to finding a home for the pack, building a strong pack, and finding a mate or two. Once these things are in place the pack will then take over the Hellmouth. While Xander knew his friends might have a problem with that, in the end it will be much safer for those who live on the Hellmouth without powers.

He was moving quickly through the crowd of students. He had made it to the parking lot when Brina whispered for him to stop. Xander stopped and tilted his head taking in a deep breath. Augh, remind him never to do that again so close to the school. But over all the horrible scents Xander found the scent, Brina was so insistent he find. It was strong scent of fear quickly moving into terror but there was an undertone of something very intriguing. He quickly crossed the lot and made it behind the school. Brina was being quiet as to which direction to look so he started trying to follow the scent. Eventually he spotted a smaller male figure being held down two much larger males. A third large male was busy working on pulling down the victim’s pants. Xander started a subsonic growl as anger coursed through his body. He’s eye flashed a glowing green as he could now hear what was happening.

“Please don’t do this. Please let me go. I won’t tell anyone. Please don’t hurt,” the victim begged. His voice started breaking near the end as tears began running down his face.

“Awww, poor little faggot is crying. Shut-up wussy boy. I know your sick pervert who enjoys having his ass fucked. Stop lying to us.” One of the males spoke and at the same time punched the victim in the eye. The victim let out a strangle scream.

“Shut him up before someone comes looking” The third guy has the victims pants off and his now working on his own pants.

The second goon starts undoing his own pants. “I’ve got something that will keep him quiet right here.”

The victim is struggling with all his might and sobbing hysterical. The third guy removes the belt from his pants and folds it half. He then brings the belt down across the victim’s thighs and stomach, the belt buckle breaking skin.

Xander slowly sneaks up and now understands why Brina was so insistent that he that he stop the three big idiots. He can tell even through all scent of terror and fear that the male being held down is one of his mates. Xander lets out a loud roar that causes all four boys to turn in his direction.

“What the fuck do you want, Harris? We saw this little shrimp first. This little faggot thinks he can go to school with rest of normal people and not have anyone bother him. Travis, Ken, and myself are going to teach this little pillow bitter a lesson.” the male with belt, who Xander recognizes as Aaron from homeroom. Travis and Ken smirk at Xander while still holding the other male tightly down. Xander gets a good look at the victim's face and recognizes him as the local whiz kid, Andrew. He agrees with Brina that a person as smart as Andrew would be a valued pack member. Plus, Andrew is very attractive in his petite form.

“Please help me. Please don’t let them rape me. Please, I don’t want my first time like this. Please help…,” sobs Andrew looking at Xander. It takes all of Xander’s will power and Brina whispering advice to keep him from simply going over and snapping the boys’ necks that dared touch his mate.

“You boys need to let him go and get the hell out of here. I’m giving you a chance to leave without ending up in ICU. I’ll give you to the count of 5 to decided,” Xander speaks in a clear, eerily calm voice.

“You been smoking something, Harris? You and what army?” taunts Aaron. Travis and Ken laugh arrogantly along with him.

“This army.” says Kyle. Behind him are Tanner, Tori, Mercedes, Oz, Devon and Larry. They slowly start form a half circle around Aaron, Travis, Ken and Andrew. “Sorry we didn’t get here sooner, boss. But silly us thought you might stay out of trouble long enough to reach home. Won’t make the mistake again.”

“It’s okay. I was on my way home when these worms decided to lay a hand on my mate.” Xander growls softly his eyes are staying the eerie green.

“Whoa, Harris didn’t realize your were a faggot too. I don’t care how many of you there are. You’ll fags and lezzies. We are real men and will have no problem kick your asses,” brags Aaron.

“I did warn you,” Xander shakes his head and motions for the pack to attack. Faster than human eyes can see they attack. In a matter of seconds Kyle and Oz have Aaron pinned to the wall. Tori and Mercedes have Ken pinned next to him. Devon and Larry pin Travis against the wall also. Xander slides in picking Andrew up into his arms. After a minute of fear, Andrew wraps his arms around his neck while Xander’s arm is cradling his leg under the knees. “Don’t kill them but make it clear that they are never to touch another being against their will again. Tanner come with me, you are better at first aide.” The shortest member of their group at 4’6’’, Tanner, nods and follows Xander and Andrew. He opens the door to the van to allow Xander and mate to get into the back where there is a mattress on the floor. Xander gently lays his mate’s head down on the pillow and covers him lightly with a blanket since his pants were not salvageable.

Tanner chants softly and watches as a few spots glow on Andrew. “Boss, he only has mild bruises and abrasions. It would be better to allow them to heal on their own.”

“Alright, thank you Tanner. You may go to your seat and wait for your own mate.” As the words leave Xander’s mouth the all the doors to the van open as the rest of the pack climbs back into the van.

“Everything is taken care of, Boss. They won’t be bothering anyone without thinking real hard about it,” informs Kyle as he wraps an arm around Tanner’s waist. Tanner purrs softly snuggling into his mate.

“Great job, Oz, let’s get out of here. Drive us here. That is our new den,” says Xander passing the address up front. “Anyone who wishes may move in to the den permanently. By the time we arrive, the movers should have all the new pieces in. Anyone who is mated is given a room to share with their mate. Those of you who aren’t mated yet will stay in the attic, which has been turned into a large dorm room with bunk beds. Let me know when we are there. I do not want to be disturbed until then,” Xander turns to face Andrew who is shaking badly. Tears are still flowing down Andrew’s face and he has almost bitten his lip through in an attempt to keep quiet. Xander moves on to the mattress and curls around Andrew. He reaches out and gently strokes Andrew’s hair.

“I won’t tell anyone what I saw you guys do. Please don’t hurt me. They were wrong about me being a slut. Please, I don’t want to give up my virginity in the back of a van. I can do your homework for the rest of the year. Please just pull over and let me out,” Andrew shakes more as each word leaves his mouth.

“Shh, little one nobody in this van will hurt you,” Xander reaches out gently stroking the hair away from Andrew’s forehead, “I’m afraid I can’t let you go though. Your smart and you know that Sunnydale isn’t your average town. The people in this van, yourself included are going to make this town safe again. In the meantime, I need you near me; I need to be able to protect you. I am Alexander Harris and I am a Werehyena. I can tell that scares you, Andrew. You don’t have to worry though. I would never hurt you because you are one of my mates. All we have to do is find the third person to be our mate. Once the three of us have mated, we will have family, be safe, be strong, and be unstoppable. So, little one just rest for now.” Xander leans foreword placing a kiss on Andrew’s forehead while snuggling against him. Xander starts purring loud enough that everyone in the van can hear. The rest of the pack members smile at each other happy that their leader has found one of his mates.

Andrew opens his mouth to speak but closes it when he hears the purring. He realizes the purr is what he has been hearing in his dreams. For the past week has been having this dream where he is valued, loved, protected, and safe. The only things he can ever remember when he awakens are the feelings and the sound of something purring. Andrew realizes that Xander has been telling the truth. For whatever reason Xander really wants and cares for him. Andrew closes his eyes and snuggles into Xander. He decides to enjoy these feelings for however long they will last. After all there is no way it can last forever, nothing good ever does.

Spike taps his fingers against the steering wheel in time to the song blaring from the stereo. A grin appears on his face as he sees a sign that tells him he just left Los Angelus. He glances over his shoulder to Drusilla laying down in the backseat and worry takes over his face again. She just hasn’t been the same since the mob in Prague killed all their minions and almost got them. However, he knows for some reason that things will be better for them when they reach the Hellmouth. He sings along to the radio softly hoping not to disturb Drusilla.

Drusilla sighs softly turning on to her side to watch her Spike. She knows he is very worried about her. She tried telling him that she will be okay, that they both will be okay. His dark kitten and smart pup are waiting to love him on the mouth of hell. Her own queen is waiting for her there, too. She knows Daddy and that smelly slayer will try to stop them. But her Spikey’s mates will give him a mouth of hell to call his own. And her mate will give Miss Edith lots of pretty dresses and playmates. She smiled because by nightfall they would be with their mates celebrating. Drusilla holds MissEdith tight and falls into a light sleep wanting lots of energy for the night ahead.

End Chapter One
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