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In the Beginning

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Summary: In the beginning it was Sam and Dawn, best friends. Now Dawn is on a search for answers about the friend she never really knew and her place in his life as a Winchester. Sam/Dawn.

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Supernatural > Dawn-Centered > Pairing: Sam WinchesterChosenfireFR1512,1631111,99727 Mar 0727 Mar 07Yes

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Title: In the Beginning
Author: Chosenfire
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: I DO NOT OWN. All recognizable characters and events belong to their respective owners and I am making no profit off them.
Pairing(s)Dawn/Sam, Sam/Jess, Dawn/OC
Spoilers: BtVS post season 7, SPN season 1
Summary:In the beginning it was Sam and Dawn, best friends.*Pending* In the End

A/N: This is for the ficathon at spn_btvs for sierraphoenix, it is my first time writing a non Buffy centered fic, let me know what you think.

Chapter 1 Back to the Start

So yeah Dawn could never manage the whole process

It was even harder when she tried it with Sam Winchester

She first meet Sam her freshmen year at Stanford.

“You have already been paired with your partners. The paper before you holds their name and your assignment. If you do not like the person you are paired then I suggest you work quickly.” the professor grinned his peppered mustache twisting upwards mischievously and Dawn couldn't help but appreciate his sense of humor.

A smile lingering on her lips she opened the manila folder and read the name printed at the top in black against stark white.

Samuel Winchester.

She glanced up rising from her seat noticing people already milling about some searching and some already finding their partners. Her eyes scanned her advanced Civilization class unable to recognize out the college men who would be a Samuel Winchester.

Frustrated she close the envelope tossing her bag over her shoulder and raising her voice over the buzz of her classmates conversation “Winchester.” she shouted and her eyes kept scanning the room for any reaction.

She got one and a tall man a couple of years older than her ambled her way a nervous smile on his face “You must be Dawn Summers,” he stuck out his hand an identical envelope in the hand that supported his worn out leather pack “I’m Sam.”

She shock it grinning “Nice to meet you Sam.”

And that was the start of as they say a beautiful friendship. Sam Winchester turned out to be a pretty intelligent guy and Dawn ended up spending a lot of time with him. It wasn’t everyday you met a guy who could speak Latin and ancient Sumerian.

The assignment had gone great and they had gotten an A- on it.

They were just friends though.

Before Dawn had gotten back to sunny California she had ended a particular nasty relationship with a guy she had meet in Rome and wasn’t too eager to jump into anything.

Besides it had taken her weeks to get Sam to loosen up and have fun and she wasn’t going to ruin that by making a move on him.

Then there was the fact that he was dating her roommate.

“So I finally get to meet the mysterious Sam Winchester.” Dawn’s roommate Jessica Moore laughed and Dawn rolled her eyes wincing slightly when she saw the cut on her collarbone. The demon had gotten a little too close on patrol last night and Dawn had been nicked and since she didn’t have Slayer healing it wasn’t going anywhere in a while.

She grabbed a red shirt pulling it over her black tank top and stretching the side to cover the scratch. She grabbed her cell phone turning on in case one of the Slayers needed to contact her. Just because she was a college girl now didn’t mean she had stopped working for the Council. She was officially a Watcher and was responsible for the dozen or so Slayers in the area.

Dawn turned to her roommate a grin spreading across her lips “You would have meet him sooner if you were ever here.” Dawn knew Jess worked hard and often put in extra hours. As a med student she was always either at the library or picking up extra classes. Things were slowing down now and Dawn was glad she would see more of her.

Jess was fun and easygoing and not connected at all to the world of vampires and demons that Dawn had grown up in.

There was a knock on the door and Dawn’s grin widened and she ran to the door throwing it open and launching herself into her best friends, yes best friends arms.

“Hi to you too Dawn.” Sam grinned as she drew away.

Dawn grabbed his hand pulling him into the room “C’mon Sammy I want you to meet my roommate.” She pushed Sam in front of Jess “Sam this is Jessica Moore, Jess this is Sam Winchester.” In that moment, the moment when their eyes meet Dawn knew she wasn’t so bad at the matchmaking stuff.

She knew the would be perfect for each other.

After that things had been great, after a year together Sam and Jess had moved in together and Dawn had moved in with a couple of Slayers at a safe house near campus that Buffy had set up for her.

Apparently the world was ending again and Buffy wanted to know that her sister was protected.

Dawn didn’t have a problem with it though. Classes were going great, she was dating a fellow Watcher, and Sam had come to Dawn for help in finding Jess an engagement ring.

“Oh my god are you serious?” Dawn’s eyes lighted up as she gazed at Sam happiness bubbling around her.

Sam ducked his head in embarrassment a slight flush creeping up his neck “Its not a big deal,” he mumbled his eyes brightening despite his tone “I just need your help is all.”

“Damn straight you do Winchester.” Dawn smirked “You’re pretty hopeless when it comes to shopping.”

“Hey.” he protested “I’m not the one that thought a bottle of Viagra was a Christmas gift.”

“Jess liked it.” Dawn pointed out smugly and swatted his arm “and no changing the subject mister, we have an engagement ring to find.”

They still hadn’t bought the ring, unable to locate one Sam liked and could afford. So they had decided to start looking again after the holidays.

Halloween was coming up and Jess had wrangled them into going to a costume party.

“A nurse, how imaginative.” Dawn remarked doily a smile teasing the corner of her mouth.

“Dawn you made it.” Jess jumped up throwing an arm around Dawn’s shoulders nodding in approval at Dawn’s costume. Bright red leather pants and a tight black shirt. Her eyes lighted up as she took in the crossbow slung over Dawn’s back “Hey is that real.”

Dawn’s smile tightened as she plastered on an innocent look “It’s one of my Dad’s old weapons. He used to hunt.” The truth was it had been a present from Buffy for her birthday and she had just got back from a rescue mission to pull a Slayer out of a nest of vampires. She was tired and ached but she had promised Jess she would come tonight.

“Are you sure walking around with that thing is safe?” Sam asked her concerned coming to stand beside Jess.

Dawn gave him a reassuring smile teasing him softly “Safer than pepper spray.”

“Okay are we going to spend all night talking about Dawn’s choice of protection or are we going to celebrate.” Jess asked breaking into a wide smile as she leaned into her boyfriend.

“What are we celebrating?” Dawn asked suspiciously her eyes going to Sam. He flushed shaking his head slightly telling Dawn that it had nothing to do with diamonds.

Dawn’s eyes widened as she remembered “Oh my god your interview is Monday.”

Before they could get to talking about it Dawn’s cell phone rang and she answered it “Summers here.” she sighed “Sure I’ll be there.” Sometimes being a Watcher really sucked. Like when she was trying to actually have a life.

“I got to go.” she told her two closest friends smiling apologetically “A friend needs a safe ride home.” the lie slipped easily off her tongue and she hated it. She hated that they accepted it so quickly but couldn’t begrudge them their normal life as they once again became wrapped up in each other

So Dawn had left in early in the morning the next day had gotten a call from Jessica telling her Sam had token off in the middle of the night with his estranged brother to look for their father. She knew how close Sam and Dawn where but Dawn didn’t know anything about Sam’s family. They both had avoided that topic.

Dawn had reassured Jess that everything would be fine and that Sam would be back in a couple of days and maybe she would get to know his brother.

They had said their goodbyes and Dawn had been called away on suspicious demonic activity across town.

She wish she would have realized it was a diversion. Something meant to draw the large amount of super powered white hats away from a target. A target that was Jessica.

Dawn had gotten back late that night to find a message on her answering machine.

Dawn tossed the crossbow into the closet as she entered her room her eyes itchy with exhaustion. Her whole body ached from the relentless pace the Slayers had set as they had scoured the area only to find nothing. Not one single trace of the dark energy that had been felt in the area.

She pulled off her shirt throwing it carelessly on the floor and grabbed a first aid kit out of the top drawer hands nimbly reaching for the surgical tape to keep her ribs together. Just because they hadn’t found the big bad didn’t mean they hadn’t found a lot of little bads

Seeing the blinking red button on her answering machine she pressed the blinking red button and was immediately assaulted with her sister‘s voice.

“Willow says it was some kind of diversion, meant to draw our attention while something bigger went down. She’s looking into it but until this thing gets sorted out keep your head down and don’t get killed.”

Typical Buffy giving her orders that she wouldn’t obey.

The next message played, it was Jessica. “HeyDawn just calling to see if you’re in which your obviously not. I swear I'm going to make Sam find another place cause this one is creepy and the electrical is all screwed up. Call me when you get the chance”

There was a beep and Sam’s voice came across the line making her go cold. “There was a fire and “ she could hear him breath raggedly before continuing “and she’s gone,Jessica’s gone and I couldn’t save her.” There was a long pause in which Dawn's mouth had opened wordlessly tears filling her eyes. “Just call me as soon as you get this Dawnie, I need to...I really need to talk to you.” from a distance Dawn heard end of messages but she didn’t think as her hand reached for the wireless punching in the number .

She could hear ringing before a rough voice came across the line “What?” she didn’t recognize him and she didn’t care.

“I need to talk to Sam.” she said softly her body sinking into the bed as her legs gave out.

“Sam’s not available right now.” the voice was harsh and yet when he said her friends name it held a definite affection in it.

“You’re Dean right, Sam’s big brother,” Dawn began her voice flat and cold “I’m Dawn, a friend of Sam’s. Put him on right now.” she could hear someone moving around in the background.

“I don’t give a crap who you are dawn,” dean spat out “Sammy can’t come to the phone right now so...” she could hear a struggle going o on the other end and then a familiar voice whispered “Dawn.”

“Sam.” she breathed softly her eyes closing in relief.

“God Dawn I really needed to hear your voice.” She could here the edge of grief in his voice and silent tears streaked down her face. “I saw her and I couldn’t save her...” he began pain lining his voice.

“Shhhh I know sweetie,” she comforted softly “I know, where are you Sammy. I need to see you?”
Dawn asked softly, she just needed to make sure he was alright.

“I can’t come back,” he told her his voice filled with a raw pain “At least not yet. I’m with Dean, we have to find our Dad. I need to clear my head.” That’s when it all clicked for Dawn. It was a diversion. That fire, whatever had started it, it had been meant for Sam, and he knew it.

“Okay, I love you.” Dawn told him softly “keep in touch.”

“I will” he promised “and she knew that was a lie.

He hung up and Dawn started dialing her sisters number knowing she had to find answers.

You see she had met Sam and had fallen in love but the instant she had seen the looks pass between her roommate and her best friend Dawn knew that something rare had happened and she had stepped back. She was always stepping back for someone else's destiny.

But that doesn’t mean there wasn’t a happily ever after. It was delayed for awhile.

The End

You have reached the end of "In the Beginning". This story is complete.

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