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In All Sirius-Ness

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Summary: Sequel to 'Sirius Complications' in the Sirius Romance Series.

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Harry Potter > Willow-Centered > Pairing: Sirius Black(Site Founder)JinniFR1511,467042,72923 Jun 0323 Jun 03Yes
Title: In All Sirius-Ness
Author: Jinni (
Pairing: W/Sirius
Series: Sirius Romance
Genre: BtVS/HP Crossover.
Disclaimer: All things BtVS belong to Joss Whedon, et al. All things HP belong to JK Rowling et al.
Distribution: Anyone who has previous parts of Sirius Romance.
Author’s Notes: Takes place after “Sirius Complications”.
Notes2: In honor of HP Book 5. If you haven’t read it yet – you should.
Notes3: Previous parts of Sirius Romance can be found at:


“We have to go out there eventually.”

Willow rolled her eyes, casting a mock-glare in the direction of the ruggedly attractive man that only moments before she had been kissing. Or ‘snogging’ as he called it.

Very charmingly British way of putting it, in her opinion.

“I know that. . . I just . . .”

“Don’t want to explain me?” He raised his eyebrows.

“Don’t know –how- to explain you,” she corrected. “Seriously –“

“As if I could be anything else.” He chuckled.

“Sirius!” The witch swatted his arm playfully, her expression lightening for a moment before once again falling into sobriety. “It’s just . . . Buffy’s very protective of Dawn. . . for good reason. . . and I’m not sure how to tell her this without her going all uber-cranky on me.”

Another chuckle escaped from lips that were, in Willow’s humble opinion, very soft and definitely an enjoyment to kiss.

“I don’t want her forcing you out of here,” Willow sighed.

“If she does. . .she does,” Sirius shrugged. “I can’t say as how I’d blame her. She has every right to be protective of her sister.”

“I know! But I’m protective of Dawnie, too! And I’ve decided you’re safe. . . so Buffy needs to decide the same thing.” She stopped, frowning down at the comforter on her bed. “’Sides, not like I want you getting kicked out now that we’ve gotten to the good stuff.”

“The good stuff?”

She blushed scarlet, picking up a pillow from the bed and hiding her face in it.

“Was it. . .” The bed shifted as he moved closer to her, the breath from his words tickling her ear when next he spoke. “That ‘good’?”

She shivered and opened her eyes to look at lips that were only inches from her face. “You’re an evil man, Sirius.”

“I’ve been accused of worse.”

The red head snorted, pushing off of the bed. “Yeah – and it’s those things that I’m gonna have to deal with now. And I don’t know how. I –really- don’t want her kicking you out. Of course, we could always go to mom and dad’s house. It’s not like they’re there anyway. I just really don’t want to. It’s all stuffy and icky. I mean, it’s been closed up for months and months and months. . .”

“. . .So why don’t we just go out there and see what happens?”

She eyed him with a look that clearly said he didn’t know what he was getting into, and then shrugged. It was going to have to happen sooner or later.

“Fine – let’s go.”

With the door open it seemed like there was no going back. No way to just keep hiding Sirius’ presence like she had been doing for all that time. Of course, the moment Dawn walked in the room that was out of the question. Buffy would want to know who he was, of course. And there was no way she could come up with any type of lie that would make sense. She was always either here or at school. Never anywhere that she would have met a potential boyfriend.

And then there was the fact that she had been feeling a little guilty for not telling Buffy already.

So, this was a good thing.

Sort of.

The house was quiet, though Willow knew better than to take that as a sign that they were alone. Buffy was home, at the very least. Most likely Dawn was there, too. She walked down the stairs that she knew so well, hand on the smooth banister; remembering times when she had done this in the past. So many different times over so many different places in her life. Once this had not been her home. And now. . . it was.

She stopped at the bottom of the stairs, not speaking a word to Sirius. In all honesty, she hadn’t quite figured out yet what she was going to say to Buffy about the stranger in her room. Glancing to her right, she saw the living room, and the back of Buffy’s head. The other woman was sitting on the couch, back turned to the stairs – waiting.

“Hey, Buff.”

“Wills!” The blonde turned, all smiles. Her eyes were guarded when they turned towards Sirius, though. Here was the man, Willow knew, that had gotten into the Slayer’s house without the Slayer being even aware of it.

And now Buffy would want to know all about him. She didn’t even know he was living in the house and she would want to know about him – just because he was in Willow’s life.

“So. . .” The witch drawled, plopping down next to Buffy.

“So,” Buffy grinned, waving a hand at Sirius. “Going to introduce us?”

“Oh! Of course. Buffy, this is Sirius. Sirius – Buffy.”

Willow snickered as the two shook hands, Buffy exerting a bit of Slayer strength if the wince that crossed Sirius’ face was to be any indication. But the pleasantries were all too soon over, and the questioning, as subtle as it was, began.

“Where’d you guys meet?”

“Walking home one day,” Willow answered truthfully. “I felt sorry for him, all by himself.”

Sirius snickered, turning it into a cough and hiding it behind his hand. The odd response drew a stare from Buffy, but she turned back to Willow quickly enough.

“And. . . you like him?”

“A lot,” Willow nodded. “He’s been great.”

“Ah.” The blonde murmured.

“Look, Buffy,” A long sigh escaped Willow’s lips, and she ran a hand back through her hair, the red locks tumbling helter-skelter around her face. She put on a brave smile. “There’s something I need to tell you.”

The Slayer’s smile faded from her face, hands falling clasped in her lap. “Not really sure I like the sound of that, Wills.”

“Yeah, well, it gets better.” The red head offered. “Or worse – I guess it really depends on how you look at it.”

“O-kay,” Buffy frowned. “Does this have anything to do with Mister Dark and Quietly Handsome over there?”

“Oh, I’d say it has everything to do with him,” Willow smiled weakly. “Can I just start by saying that I would never –ever- do anything to put you or Dawn in danger?”

“Uh huh.”

“Well – Sirius here.”

“Sirius?” Buffy’s forehead creased with confusion. “Like the dog.”

“The Blonde catches on quick sometimes.” Sirius muttered, drawing himself an elbow in the side from Willow.

“Yeah, Buff, like the dog. In fact – Sirius –is- the dog.”

“Sirius. . . dog. . .” Buffy murmured, playing over the bit of information in her head. She nodded once, slowly. “Okay. I’m with you so far. We’ve had a strange man sleeping in the house as a dog for a while. But – you trust him, right?”

Willow nodded. “Absolutely. One hundred percent. Totally, even.”

“Alright, then.” There was a smile on the blonde’s face again. “Then, all’s good, right?”

“Not quite,” Sirius spoke up now, drawing Buffy’s attention to himself. “There’s some other things you should know about me before you decide that everything is ‘good’.”

“Like –?”

“I’m a wizard.”

“And Willow’s a witch,” Buffy smiled. “That’s great that the two of you can bond like that. I’ve always wished there was a male Slayer that I could. . bond. . with.”

Willow snorted, covering her laugh with the back of her hand and an innocent look on her face.

“I said ‘bond’, Wills. Not –“

“I know, I know,” the red head smirked. “Just couldn’t help but jump to conclusions. As in you jumping –“

“Ahem,” Buffy cleared her throat and gave Willow a look before turning back to Sirius. “You were saying --?”

“More than a decade ago I was framed for the murder of a group of innocent people. It ‘s a very long, drawn-out story. . . Needless to say, I escaped from prison and am on the run.”

“That’s why you were acting like a dog!” Buffy exclaimed. “You’re all icognito-like.”

“Exactly,” Sirius smirked, leaning back into his seat. He reached out to squeeze Willow’s hand.

“Are you mad, Buff?”

Buffy met Willow’s eyes, the two sharing a moment that was both unspoken and purely intuitive, at least in the red head’s eyes. And then, the Slayer shook her head. “No. You did what you had to do. So did he.”

“So – he can stay? Here? In non-dog form?”

That brought a raise of Buffy’s eyebrows and a quirk of her lips. “Well – that depends.”

Sirius and Willow glanced at each other, and then back at Buffy.

“On what?” Sirius questioned quietly.

The Slayer smirked.

“On why you pushed me into a puddle this morning.”

~*~The End~*~

The End

You have reached the end of "In All Sirius-Ness". This story is complete.

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