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The Candy Verse: Candy on the Beach

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Eye Candy Verse". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Xander goes to the beach and enjoyes the scenery.

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered > Pairing: Other SlashCaliadragonFR1311,6664196,19829 Mar 0729 Mar 07Yes

Title: The Candy on the Beach

Author: CaliaDragon

Fandoms: CSI: Miami/BtVS/NCIS/CSI: Vegas/Highlander

Warnings: Unbeta’d schmoop, slash, language, very slight angst

Feedback: or on list.

Archive: To any who want it and those who already have permission.

Spoilers: Season 4 of Buffy, Last season on Miami, Last Season of NCIS, and CSI.

AN: This was a challenge/bunny released by Jaderose. It has grown from there, Kate is still alive, but Ziva is a part of the team.

Disclaimer: In no way is anyone in this story mine. If they were, they would be having nekkid sweaty fun and would be on Showtime.

FFA Pairing: Xander/Gibbs

Relationship Pairings: Nick/Greg, Ducky/Gerald, Richie/Adam(Methos)

Rating: FRM

Series: Part 2 in the The Eye Candy Verse

Part 1/1

Xander was enjoying the day. He was on the beach, soaking up the sun and enjoying the sight of so many people nearly naked on the beach. It was nice. A couple near by could barely keep their hands off one another and an older man that was watching them with something akin to amusement. Every once in awhile he would glance over at Xander and smile, Xander grinned in response, but turned his attention back to the water and the people playing on the beach.

He was stripped down to a pair of shorts and his skin gleamed with a combination of lotion and sweat. He had no idea how appealing he looked, nor did he really care. Xander was appreciative of the beauty of those around him, including the older man and his friends.

He found his attention drawn back to the group when more joined them. Among them were his favorite bits of eye-candy and Calleigh Dusquene. Calleigh spotted him and grinned widely. She said something to the group and as one; they all turned to face him. Xander grinned and winked at them, but turned his attention back to the ocean.

Gil Grissom was not normally a man who enjoyed the ocean, but like his team he needed a vacation and the convention in Miami was definitely a good time to relax and recover from the last few months. Greg and Nick were taking advantage of the day and the setting to be able to openly touch and relax together. The younger men had had a hard time the last year with each of them suffering from one terrifying encounter after another.

Gil had noticed the beautiful youth the moment he came close to their section of the beach. The boy had stretched out and begun to people watch, something that Gil was certain the boy was good at. The young man saw Greg and Nick and smile in amusement, not sneering amusement, but knowing. As though he could tell they needed the time together.

He and Gil had shared amused smiles, but for the most part the boy settled into to watch the beach and the water. Gil was pleased to see his friends join them on the beach and was surprised when Calleigh grinned widely at the boy and his winking at her in response.

“What’s up? Ryan asked Nick blocked his view of the boy.

“Xander Harris is over there.” Calleigh said with a laugh, Gil was amused to see Speed, Horatio, and Eric blush and look over to where the youth was sitting.

“Very nice, young, but pretty.” Stella said as she settled down beside Catherine. The red-haired woman looked around her friend and nodded.

“Very nice, how is it you know him?” she asked turning to look at Calleigh.

“Dr. “I’m a Cynical Bastard” Pierson is his boss. Xander acts as his Liaison so Adam doesn’t have to deal with us mere humans.” Calleigh said and then she grinned wickedly. “Of course since his office is across from the station Xander likes to sit out front and watch the eye-candy. He refers to Horatio, Eric, and Speed as Red Hots, Caramel, and Dark Chocolate.” Calleigh rolled the words out with relish.

The group laughed as all three men blushed and looked over at the young man who was sitting up watching the water. The youth was very attractive and seemed to glow in the afternoon sun.

As they were watching, a man they knew came up to the boy and crouched down beside him. They were surprised when the boy tackled him to the ground and began to tickle him. The group laughed in surprise as the two men wrestled, Xander ended up pinned under the other man who was mused from their encounter. They could see the amused grin on the man’s face and the wicked grin on Xander’s.

Xander had been surprised when he saw his friend Tony come up to him on the beach. The urge to tickle Tony had come out of nowhere and Xander being Xander he went with it. Tony of course pinned him easily, but Xander had enjoyed catching his friend off guard.

“Dinozzo, you want to tell me why you have that boy pinned?” A cool voice asked from nearby.

Tony and Xander both turned to look at the older man standing by the first group. Xander noticed that Red Hots was standing beside the Silver Fox and that they both had an amused look on their faces. Behind them two men and two women were standing, one was holding an umbrella and grinning from ear to ear.

Tony coughed and grinned up at the man. “This is my friend Xander; I was on my way to sit with Horatio when I spotted him.”

“I had to tickle him.” Xander said with a wide, impish grin. His brown eyes were twinkling happily and he winked at the two men.

Startled laughter came from the woman with the umbrella and Xander turned to look at her smiling widely and winking flirtatiously.

“How do you two know one another?” Gibbs asked, slightly jealous over the happy grin that the boy had brought to Tony’s face.

“I know him through my friend Richie.” Tony answered calmly, though he was still pinning Xander down. He knew his young friend the minute he let go Xander would probably tickle him again.

“Are you going to let the boy up?” Kate asked amused.

“Nope, he’ll try to tickle me again.” Tony answered immediately.

“I promise I won’t try to tickle you.” Xander said stoutly. Tony gave him a look, but let Xander go. The minute he did Xander tickled him again.

“Hey you promised!” Tony shouted as he pinned the boy again, much to the amusement of those watching.

“No, I only promised not to try; I didn’t say anything about actually doing it!” Xander said with a wicked chuckle.

That brought laughter from the watching group and a mock frown from Tony, but soon he was laughing with the rest of them. “Promise not to tickle me and I will let you go.” Tony said with a grin.

“Aww and here I was enjoying the one on one time Luscious,” Xander said with a coy look. Tony snickered and shook his head. Gibbs had to hold back a growl.

Horatio found himself amused by the behavior between the two as well as the jealousy that he was sensing from Jethro. Maybe if things played out Jethro would finally make a move on Tony, instead of watching him from afar.

When Tony released him, Xander sat up and grinned at the group of people watching him. “So out to have a free day Red Hots? Who’s the Silver Fox glaring at us Luscious?” Xander asked looking at Horatio, who blushed, much to Xander’s delight. Then to Gibbs who raised an eyebrow and finally to Tony who had to stifle a snicker.

“Red Hots?” Kate asked amused, even more so when the boy gave her a wickedly amused look.

“Well he is one of my favorite bits of eye candy.” Xander said with a wink to Horatio, who was silently cursing the fact that his blush was getting deeper.

Kate laughed in delight and looked over at Abby who was bouncing on her heels. It wasn’t everyday that you got to see the Lieutenant shy or embarrassed.

“This is Gibbs, my boss.” Tony said with a smile, “That’s Kate Todd and Abby Scutio, hiding behind them is our probie Tim McGee and Ziva David. Coming this way is Ducky Mallard, Jimmy Palmer, and Ducky’s mate Gerald.”

Xander’s happy go lucky demeanor faded away and his eyes went cold as they looked at Gibbs and then back over to David. Tony cursed under his breath; he should have known Xander would not react well to Ziva or to Gibbs for what Xander perceived as his failure to protect Tony from the woman’s maceration's. “Easy, Xander.”

“Do you have a problem with me?” Ziva asked aggressively.

“Other than the fact that you are a cold bitch who shot Tony and then had the gall to tell people he only had a scratch? Or that you invited the entire team to your house while making sure Tony wasn’t invited? No I have no problem with you at all.” Xander asked with cold sarcasm. He then turned to look at Gibbs and sneered. “Wow, the great and mighty Gibbs, color me unimpressed. For that matter I’m not really impressed with the rest of you either since you went along with that last little dig at Tony.”

“We didn’t know she hadn’t invited him until after the party,” Abby said sadly, her eyes large and wounded.

“Really?” Xander asked skeptically looking at Tony, who nodded. “Then I apologize to everyone but Gibbs and David.”

“Why not Gibbs?” Kate asked, though she thought she knew why, it as the same reason that she was pissed at the man.

“Because he hasn’t stopped the bitch’s mind games,” Xander snarled. Ziva snarled and walked off; she refused to be spoken to by an inferior being.

Once she was gone, Xander grinned over at Tony, “So do you think she bought the act?” Tony snickered and nodded. Xander then looked up at Gibbs, “Sorry about the rudeness, but Tony told me about your plan to make her and the new Director think you were allowing her to get away with her mind games. It really is nice to meet you.”

Gibbs wasn’t the only one to blink at that bit of news. Kate laughed aloud, “Oh yeah I like you.” She said with a grin. Xander gave her a flirty look and blew a kiss.

The End for Now

The End

You have reached the end of "The Candy Verse: Candy on the Beach". This story is complete.

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