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Just a ghost story

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Summary: Dawn has a disturbing dream and she and Willow find themselves in another time. Now re-edited, with new parts coming soon!

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Movies > Pirates of the Caribbean > Dawn-CenteredblackfireFR1333,0130132,84623 Jun 0313 Aug 03No

forged in a flame

4 years later

Willow stood in the mansions attic, her eyes fixed on an unlit candle half way across the room. “I can do this.” She whispered, “I know I can…” She willed the candle to light, calling fire inside her head, and concentrated.

The magic had started in that first week of unconsciousness. When she’d had nightmares; things would move, break or simply disappear. When she turned 11, Willow found that if she wanted it enough she could make things happen. From moving objects, to making rainy weather into a full fledged storm. She even had visions. The things she saw were familiar, but at the same time very odd. An older and strangely dressed version of herself practicing magic under the tutelage of an older man. A blond girl fighting and killing demons, Willow and an other boy doing the same. The demons in her vision disturbed her so much that she bullied Will Turner into teaching her how to fight. After three months of constant nagging Will gave into what Willow secretly called her ‘resolve face’, and began to teach her to fight, first with fists, then with knives and swords. After only about three months of lessons Willow was evenly matched with Will. It was if her body knew what it was doing, and just needed to be reminded once more. It was the same with magic. Which was how she knew she could light the candle.

Willow narrowed her eyes and breathed out slowly. She could feel the power rushing up through her body. Next to her she was aware of Dawn dancing back and forth, waiting for the candle to light. The door behind them squeaked open, causing Dawn to jump, her hand brushing against Willows right fist. The power exploded out of Willow, and the candle burst into flames.

“Too big!” Dawn gasped, “Too big, too big!” Dawn spun to face a very shocked Will Turner. The door swung shut, clicking softly as Willow used her power to kill the flame that was dancing on the remains of the candle.

“You’re a witch!” Will said, his face white, pressed up against the wall. “A witch…” He turned and reached for the door, but a very sharp knife in his sleeve froze him. “I knew I shouldn’t have taught you that.” He muttered.

“Don’t you dare tell anyone!” Willow snapped, stamping her foot.

“Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live!” Will cried back.

“I’ll kill you first.” Dawn promised, her face oddly still. Will froze, Dawn was the sweetest girl he knew, never liking violence. For her to make that promise was very strange and very disturbing. He swallowed.

“Maybe… I can not tell?” He offered softly. “Willow…” He pried out the throwing knife. “You’re my friend. It just… scared me.” Will swallowed again. Willow didn’t even look the same, her hair seemed to be several shades darker, and her eyes were black. Moving very slowly, Will placed the knife on the floor. As he did so Willow took a deep breath and her hair began to lighten. Her eyes slowly changed back to their normal green.

“What did you want?” Dawn asked, with the sort of lightning fast mood change that was usual for her.

“Elizabeth wants you to come and play pirates with us.” Will said. Dawn rolled her eyes.

“I get to be an admiral in the navy!” She said, then dashed out the door and down the stairs. Will stared at Willow who was looking at him with fear.

“Does Elizabeth know?” He asked softly, Willow nodded. “How come you never told me?” He asked.

“Because I was afraid of how you’d react.” Willow said matter of factly, sounding very mature for her 13 years. She sounded older than Wills 15. “People don’t like things that are different. That’s why Tara…” Her voice trailed off and a frown streamed across her face. “I can’t…” Will nodded and moved to pat her shoulder. Willow had no memory before waking in the nursery, but occasionally she had violent nightmares and tiny flashes of memory. Tara was a name she’d mentioned before.

“Come on,” He said, pulling her towards the door. “You can be the Pirate captain.” Willow sighed and looked back at the melted remnants of the candle. “No one comes up here, and I’ll get it later.” Will soothed.

Later that day

Will sat before the hot fires of the forge with two candles. One was the melted remnant of Willows spell, and one was brand new. His master was unconscious as usual so he would have no problems carrying out a few experiments. Willows flame had burnt for about 2 seconds and had melted the candle to liquid wax, no remnants of wick at all. He placed the other candle on a shovel and after a moments hesitation thrust it into the forge. It took 7 seconds to melt the candle to wax and for the wick to be eaten away by the forge flame.

“Sweet lord.” He breathed. “That’s hotter than the forge.” He sat back, eyes gleaming as he thought of the fine weapons he could make on a flame like Willows. “I wonder…”

Willows Bedroom that night.

Willow tossed and turned in her sleep, tears falling down her face as images assaulted her. She cried at the death of her fish, and sobbed in horror as she saw Gile’s hand. For the first time the memories felt real, like they had happened to her, not like something she had seen or heard. She woke screaming as her mother attempted to burn her at the stake.

Above her bed two figures she could neither see nor hear argued with each other.

"She's not supposed to remember anything!" The male figure hissed at his female couterpart. "This could ruin everything.."

"Its not my fault!" the female oracle spat at him. "The PTBs must have changed their minds."

"Well why don't we know about it then?" He shot back.

"Maybe we're not supposed to." She retorted smugly. "I'm just going to leave it in their hands and trust that all is for the better."

"Kiss up." He hissed, and the two figures faded into nothing.

Present Day (mansion)

Will waited patiently in the foyer, toying with the sword the Govenor had comissioned. Will had made it with care, forging it over Willows hottest flame, while Dawn played look out. The gold filligree had been delicate work, but with Willows power and Dawns sharp eyes, they'd done it perfectly. He thought back to the day he found out about Willows magic and smiled. He shook his head as the govenor walked down the stairs, followed by Willow and Dawn, then Elizabeth. His friends were growing up, Dawn was 16, Willow 19 and Elizabeth was 18. They all had changed, but Elizabeth had changed the most.

After some small talk with the Govenor and Elizabeth, The Swanns, minus Willow and Dawn left for the ceremony.

"When are you going to tell her you love her Will?" Dawn asked him softly as they watched the carriage pull away.

"Never." Will replied softly. "She deserves more than a blacksmiths apprentice."

"Your not just a blacksmiths apprentice." Willow reminded him, "Your better than any of the smiths on any of the islands. Your a master Will." Will shrugged and smiled softly.

"You two had better get to the ceremony or you'll be in trouble." He reminded them gently.

"Not going." Dawn said cheerfully, "I'm in charge of organizing the reception."

"And I'm going to town." Willow said with a smile. "You can walk me if you want." Her eyes and smile were sad, and Will frowned. As they headed to town he stopped her under a large tree.

"What's wrong Willow?" he asked.

"I've remembered more." She said softly. "I'm just, I feel..." Her voice trailed off. "I feel so lost. Everything is so different now." Will nodded, When Willow remembered about vampires she had seemed the same way.

"More demons?" he asked. She shook her head no.

"Just, more.." She shrugged and shook her head, causing her long red hair to tumble down from its carefully arranged upsweep. "Drat.. anyways, lets go. We've both got things to do."

end this part

The End?

You have reached the end of "Just a ghost story" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 13 Aug 03.

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