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Just a ghost story

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Summary: Dawn has a disturbing dream and she and Willow find themselves in another time. Now re-edited, with new parts coming soon!

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Movies > Pirates of the Caribbean > Dawn-CenteredblackfireFR1333,0130132,84623 Jun 0313 Aug 03No

Just a ghost story

Title: Just a Ghost story
Author: Blackfire
fiction: btvs/pirates of the carribean x over
spoilers: up to the gift for buffy, for now just trailor spoilers for the movie.
an: this is set 3 years after the gift, buffy never came back so no season 6/7. Dawn is 18, Willow is 22. Willow and Tara broke up in a normal sort of way
an2: as the movie hasn't actually hit theatres yet, this is a teaser kind of thing.

part 1

Thunder rolled, the ocean boomed in her ears. The words surrounded her in the depths of her dreams

"you don't know what this is, do you? Aztec gold, the heathen gods placed upon the gold a terrible curse. Ten years we've searched, every last peice we've found," A deep ragged breath, "Save for this." the ocean roared and a womans desperate scream split the air. A new voice raced in, filled with desperation.

"They've taken Elizabeth, we must save her!" It said, sounding almost familliar. It faded into the oceans roar as the thunder boomed ever closer. It was replaced by a smooth and cocky male voice.

"Forgot one very important thing mate," It chuckled, "I'm captain Jack Sparrow." The first voice rasped across the other sounds.

"The moonlight shows us for what we really are." It paused to drag a heavey breath, "We are curst men." It chuckled. "You'd best start beliving in ghost stories Ms. Turner, your in one." The rotted face loomed out of the darkness. She moaned and tossed her head. The sound of swords clashing thundered in her ears and more faces appeared, blocking the rotted half dead thing from her view. A girl, her face twisted in fear and anger. A young man, dark hair and eye glowing with apprehension and care. Another young man, dark eyes and long black hair, and easy half grin on his face, his eyes lit with dark humor. He winked and made a saluting gesture with his sword before he too faded into the mist. The urgent young voice reached out again.

"You must help. Please!" It was muffled and turned into an angry scream that ended in a splash, while the raspy voice filled her ears.

"You'll die too. Everyone will know how it feels. Welcome..." The half rotted face loomed forwards fetid rotting breath hissing against her face. A hand grasped her throat, "Welcome to the ghost story." The face pulled closer as darkness swelled, the breath came closer as she fought to keep breathing. The rotted lips pessed gently on her forehead as if in some bizzare benediction. She fought to scream and woke up, flying upright as her scream echoed off the walls. Before she had time to realise what was going on the door blew open, and she scrubbed frantically at her forehead, She was still feeling the cold slimy touch.

"Dawn?" a familliar voice asked, a soft hand on her shoulder, "Dawn are you ok? Whats wrong."

"Willow." Dawn gasped, hand still on forehead, scrubbing at slime that couldn't be wiped away. "Oh my god Willow." She could still hear the ocean, the creak of a boat and the long slow rumble that was thunder in the distance.

"Dawnie, its ok, take a deep breath." Willow soothed, rubbing the younger girls back. "Do you have a headache?" Dawn shook her head and rubbed more frantically.

"He kissed me." She sobbed, "Its still there, the slime." Her breath caught on a sob. "I can feel it." Her nail caught on the skin and ripped, spilling blood down her face, where it mixed with the slime. The blood began to glow, and the glow quickly spread over Dawns body, clad in her pajama pants and an old t-shirt. The glow spilled up Willows arm and over the older womans body. Dawn was sobbing in ernest, still rubbing frantically at her forehead. "I just want it to come off."

Thunder rolled and the two women dissapeared. Willow screaming, Dawn sobbing and gasping. The light around them brightened and then faded abruptly just as the two were tossed into the ocean, about 20 feet from a large sailing ship. A cry rang out from on board the ship.

"Man in the water."

the end... for now anyways
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