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The Doctor is Back

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Summary: Time and Space are odd, and this is one where a 'Change of Doctors' is done Sunnydale Style.

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Dr. Who/Torchwood > GeneraltohonomikeFR1322,0293307,19930 Mar 071 Nov 07Yes

Just a Little Bit More

The three friends laughed giddily as they returned to TARDIS, the fourth, Cordelia, ordering Captain Jack to lend her his coat so she could cover up just a bit as they entered the vessel.

“Hmm, looks like that De Laurentis’ Dune movie…” Cordelia sighed. “But it’s better than those shirts you sometimes wear.”

The Doctor actually showed surprise, “Your first remark or question wasn’t about how much bigger inside it is than outside?”

“Duh, much? To go anyway longer than five minutes, it’d have to be, Mr. Time and Space.”

“If you insist on titles, Doctor, or Time Lord, are more accurate, Miss Chase.”

“Miss Chase?” Cordelia reacted with a little surprise as she finished circumnavigating the interior of the immediate vessel. “Why so formal after all these years, Xander?”

“Xander?” he mused. He turned to Jack and Rose, “My name for many years. So? What you think?”

“I don’t think it suits you,” Rose considered, unsure about this latest addition to the group, but glad to have everything back to normal-for-them. “Maybe…Alex?”

Captain Jack Harkness nodded in agreement, “Alex is much stronger if you want a name, but Xander kinda suits the crazy in you.”

“Excellent, Jack!” the restored Time Lord smiled as he booted up the TARDIS. “If I need a real name…Doctor Alex Xander, at your service.”

Cordelia snickered, “You’re still you.”

“I am indeed, or, indeed I am,” he smiled as the vessel made its usual noises of operation. Rose wasn’t quite sure about the different-looking bloke who seemed to be her Doctor. But his madness about it all assured her.

“Where to, Doctor?”

“Barcelona, of course! Weren’t we just talking about that?”

“For us, yeah, but for you?” Rose ventured with a smile. He looked different but his crazy embrace of TARDIS travel remained a constant. He also looked rather handsome.

“The city in Spain?” Cordelia asked, suddenly not as impressed with his space-time capability.

“The planet!” Rose smiled—glad someone else could be the ‘straight man’ in the comedy troupe. “Years in our future, Cordelia!”

The Doctor flipped a switch, and 40s big band dance music began to play. The Doctor smiled as Jack and Rose began to dance. He turned to Cordelia.

“Miss Chase, I’ve purposely told TARDIS to take her time getting us there, so if I might have the pleasure of this dance?”

Cordelia smiled. Maybe the trip wouldn’t be a total loss, even if they ended up at the city and not the planet.

“Just a dance…hmm, and shopping later.”

“Good plan, Cordelia!” Rose enthused as Jack dipped her. Queen C beamed in appreciation that someone valued shopping in spite of the sweats the girl currently insisted on wearing.


Does this count as a Doctor/Cordelia pairing? ;)

The End

You have reached the end of "The Doctor is Back". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking