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Four Joined Souls

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This story is No. 1 in the series "The Return of the Founders". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Willow does a spell, but its doesn't go the way she planned.

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Harry Potter > Xander-Centered > Pairing: Other
Harry Potter > Spike-Centered > Pairing: Other
CaliadragonFR1513932510,89524 Jun 0324 Jun 03Yes
Title: Four Joined Souls

Author: Caliadragon

Category: AU, Crossover

Fandom: Buffy/Harry Potter

Warnings: None really

Pairing: Xander/Harry/Spike/Severus

Feedback: On list or at

Archiving: Any list I send it to, those with previous permission and BC

Summary: Willow casts a spell, but it doesn't turn out the way it's
supposed to.

AN: Don't ask me where this came from and I won't tell you I have no idea.

Spoilers: Season 7, but without 'Dirty Girls', Up to book 4

Thanks to Edi for the beta and to Kei and Zus for the translation.


Willow sat surrounded by candles, one at each corner. At the east the
candle was red, for passion. At the west the candle was yellow, for
friendship. At the north the candle was white, for purity, and at the
south the candle was pink, for love. Each color and each candle
represented a person and an emotion. Inside the circle she had all four
elements represented.

Outside the circle she was surrounded by her closest friends. Buffy,
Xander, Giles and Dawn. They were the four who made up her life and
her heart. Buffy was her strength. Xander her heart. Giles her
knowledge, and Dawn her innocence.

Spike, Kennedy, Andrew and Faith were there as well. Spike represented
her redemption. Kennedy her future. Andrew her individuality and Faith
her passion.

She invoked the spirits and made use of the elements, lighting the candles
with little more than a thought. Then she began to chant the spell:

Quatre âmes liées en tant qu'un

Emptiness défait, âmes jointives

pour l'éternité et au delà de

quatre âmes bondissent en tant qu'une.

As the spell reached its end, light poured through the room. It caught
Xander and Spike in its web and lifted them from the others. As they
floated just outside the circle and in front of Willow, two more figures
emerged, wrapped in light. For a moment no one moved or even breathed.
Then slowly, gently, the light released the four bodies and let them sink
to the floor.

Xander looked over at Spike and beyond him to the two men who were looking
at them all in shock and suspicion. "What the bloody hell was that?"
the older of the pair growled.

Xander sighed, "Willow."


"What do you mean 'Oops'?" Harry demanded. Where were they?

"Well I cast a joining spell, but I guess it didn't do what we thought
it would do."

"Joining spell? What kind of joining spell?" Severus asked, furious.

"A soul binding spell," Giles answered as he straightened away from the

"Ripper?" Severus asked, stunned.

"Hello Severus, welcome to the hellmouth." Giles' voice held a thread of

The End

The End

You have reached the end of "Four Joined Souls". This story is complete.

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