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She Alone

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Summary: Buffy finds herself at the mercy of Sauron when she arrives in Middle Earth

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Lord of the Rings > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Other LotRtullyFR1899,15945617,1262 Apr 0731 Jan 11No

Chapter 9

I own nothing please don’t sue

A/N It has been an awful long time since I have written anything and indeed not so sure if I still can all feedback is desperately needed.

As she stood looking over the edge of the cliff Buffy could hear the elf slow to a stop behind her. Her heart was pounding more from fear than the running. She had no idea about what to do now. In all her years on Middle-Earth she had never been caught in such a situation. Aside from her interaction (if you could call it that) with Sauron Buffy had only dealt with humans and then only rarely and only on her own terms. To have to face an elf, particularly one she had been in battle with so recently was an unnerving prospect. Would he recognise her? Would his elven senses, and she had to admit she wasn’t all that sure how far they extended as she had heard tales about elven magic’s from the humans, be able to see through her facade? Taking a deep breath Buffy squared her shoulders, cleared all expression from her face and turned to face her pursuer.

As Elrohir chased the female into the forest he was struck by the grace and agility of her movements. As he began to close on her as they passed through the familiar trees he began to notice more about her. His first impression of her being an elf was soon dismissed as although she moved with the grace of his people and had hair as golden as many of his people it soon became clear that she was of the race of men. She was small, tiny in fact and if her had not seen her eyes he could have been easily fooled into believing that she was little more that a child. Being familiar with the area it soon registered with Elrohir that they were heading for the cliff face and he began to slow his pace to prevent chasing her of the edge. As he came to a halt at the edge of the trees he found his quarry peering over the edge. As he took a careful step towards her she took a breath and turned to face him. As Elrohir got his first real look at the woman his first thought was that she was beautiful and although of the race of men she appeared as fragile and ethereal as his kin.

“I mean you no harm” he said “you are safe” he claimed meeting her eyes in an attempt to prove his sincerity and prevent startling her over the edge. She cocked her head to the side as she studied him. He was tall and handsome like most of the firstborn that she had encountered with his long dark hair worn in the elfish fashion. But it was his eyes that held Buffy. There were ageless in a way that Buffy had never seen before ever with Angel and filled with compassion and worry for her she realised. As she held en she gasped she recognised those emotions as it had been so long since any one had looked at her with anything but fear, hatred or just plain indifference. Quickly stopping the directions of her thoughts she put her blank expression back on but not before Elrohir noticed the flare in emotion in her eyes.
“Who are you? Why have you followed me?” she demanded returning to her usual method of going on the defensive when she was wrong footed or unsure of herself. Elrohir immediately sketched a bow “I am Elrohir son of Elrond may I enquire of your name?”
“Buffy, my name is Buffy” she automatically replied surprising herself by giving her real name and not one of the aliases that she usually used. But for some reason she didn’t want to lie to the elf. Her interactions with anyone were short and business like but an elf could be an ally. Perhaps. She knew that the likelihood of anyone helping her once they knew what she was was slim till none but perhaps if she let them know Buffy her they could help or she could at least not feel so lonely. It was so tempting to let her guard down and after the strain of her last mission she was feeling vulnerable. It couldn’t do any harm to stay a while could it?

The End?

You have reached the end of "She Alone" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 31 Jan 11.

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