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She Alone

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Summary: Buffy finds herself at the mercy of Sauron when she arrives in Middle Earth

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Lord of the Rings > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Other LotRtullyFR1899,15945617,1302 Apr 0731 Jan 11No

Chapter One

Hi this is my first story and it is the response to a challenge by Orcus so thanx for the muse. Please read and let me know what you think, all feed back is appreciated.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters or places in this story. I thank you for your indulgence

It was cold and dark as always when she was woken from her fitful slumber. It had been more years than she could count since she had been brought here to Dol Guldur. It was just her luck she mused to have survived Glory's portal just to be left at the mercy of the Dark Lord Sauron.

Buffy had just had enough time to register her survival and that she was stuck in the middle of a forest when she found herself surrounded by orcs ( as she later discovered they were called). She liked to think that having just defeated a Hell God and survived a journey through an interdimensonal portal was the reason that she found herself facing Sauron that seemed like indecent haste. And that ironically had been the highlight of her visit to Middle Earth so far. Yes she did know were she was and after all what was a new world in her line of work. However that was about all she did know about her new surroundings that and something about a White Council which seemed to be in opposition to Sauron, not a bad thing in her opinion but hey she was biased after all the sadistic bastard had been torturing her for years.

She could still remember the first time she had been at Saurons mercy. She had only been there for a day when she had been dragged back to his chamber. At this time he did not know who she was or what she was but he was determined to find out. It was not so much the nature of the torture or the pain inflicted that was so memorable as she had suffered worse since but the fact that this was the first time that someone had tried to use her own pain to break her. Sure things were always trying to kill her and use though that she loved to break her but never before had she had to endure such an attempt to break her physically.

Buffy shook her head to clear the memories and make herself become fully awake. If it was one thing that she had learnt from her sessions it was that to go unprepared was to make it worse. As soon as she was led into the chamber Buffy knew there was something different about today and that it was going to be a good thing for her. For a start the creature ( she refused to acknowledge the fact that it might be human) known as the mouth of Sauron was there. Sauron had not required his services since he realised he could not break the slayer or harness the power of the Shadows child as he liked to call her. After that the sessions lost all pretence of having a purpose and where now just purely for his amusement but that had been years ago. Buffy raised her head as she waited to see what was to come.
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