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Pretended Love

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Summary: The Centre wants Willow, will Jarod be able to save her? (Will/Mr. Lyle, Will/Jarod)

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Television > Pretender(Moderator)MalanaFR152014,1890128,2534 Jan 033 Apr 04Yes

Chapter 2

Three weeks had passed since the night in the coffee shop. For Willow they were three blissfully happy weeks. Robert Lyle was wonderful. She had seen him every free night she had. Sure, he was quite a bit older than her, but she didn't care. He was sweet and caring. She had so much fun with him. He was also incredibly handsome. Willow thought she might actually be falling in love with the man.

She hadn't introduced him to the gang yet. She was a little worried about doing it. There was the age difference for one thing. Another problem was that she hadn't told Robert about the whole slaying demons thing. She knew that if the relationship were to last, she would have to do it eventually, but she was afraid that he would think she was crazy. Willow was scared that someone might accidentally let something slip in Robert's presence.

But despite all her worries, tonight was the night. Robert would be joining the gang for dinner at the Summer's house. Even though Willow had been living there with Buffy and Dawn since Joyce had died, she still thought about it as the Summer's home. The Scobbies were excited about meeting Willow's new guy, and he had told Willow he was looking forward to meeting them too.

Willow wanted everything to be perfect. She wanted her friends to like Robert, and wanted him to like them. She didn't know what she would do if they didn't get along. She told herself to stop worrying about it. Of course they'll get along, she thought, Robert is an amazing man. Everything will go fine.

Willow hummed happily to herself as she began to set the dinning room table. She had been cooking all afternoon. The food smelled wonderful, and soon people would be arriving. Buffy was currently training, but she and Giles would come as soon as they were done. Dawn had been at the library studying, but she should be one her way back by now.

Just then the doorbell rang. Willow gave an excited squeal and ran to the door. She opened it, a huge smile spreading across her face. Robert stood before her, a bottle in one hand, flowers in the other.

"Good evening, Miss Rosenberg. These are for you." He handed her the roses. "And I brought some wine." He added giving her the bottle.

"Why thank you, Mr. Lyle." Willow kissed him on the cheek. "Please come in. I'll just go find a vase for these flowers." Willow went into the kitchen, Mr. Lyle following behind her. Willow found a vase and started arranging the roses in it. As she did Mr. Lyle came up behind her and began massaging her shoulders.

"Mmmmm....Robert, that feels wonderful." Willow leaned back against him, and he wrapped his arms around her in a hug.

Mr. Lyle smiled. Everything was going perfectly. Sure, maybe Willow wasn't his usual type, but she was gorgeous. He could tell that she was really starting to fall hard for him. The plan was going to work. It'd take a few months perhaps, but he would convince her to help out the Centre. He had to admit, this wasn't a bad mission, better than chasing after Jarod. Jarod was the only thing that worried him. If Jarod found out what was going on, he would surly try to put a stop to it, just as he had stopped the Centre's last attempt of making a Pretender. He hoped that Jarod wouldn't catch wind of what was going on. Then again, if he did, he would come to Sunnydale. And maybe Mr. Lyle would finally be able to catch him. It looked as though everything was going well.

Willow turned at pulled his head down to hers, meeting his lips in a searing kiss.

Yes, Lyle thought, things are going very well indeed.
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