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Pretended Love

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Summary: The Centre wants Willow, will Jarod be able to save her? (Will/Mr. Lyle, Will/Jarod)

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Television > Pretender(Moderator)MalanaFR152014,1890128,2534 Jan 033 Apr 04Yes

Chapter 9

One Week Later

Jarod sat in his hotel room, wondering what he could do to convince Willow that he was here to help her. Over the last few days, he had been following her whenever he could. He had observed her interaction with Mr. Lyle. She seemed to have really fallen for him, which would make Jarod's task even harder. How could her convince her that the man she loved was just using her. And not only that, but that Mr. Lyle was an evil man, a killer who worked for a horrible organization.

Jarod was startled when there was a knock on his door. He opened it a crack, keeping the chain on. Before him stood a pale man with bleached blond hair.

"Can I help you?"

"Are you Jarod?"

Jarod studied the man for a moment before answering. "Yes. Who are you?"

"I'm Spike. I'm a...a friend...of Willow's. I think we should talk."

Jarod closed the door, removed the chain, and opened it again. He prepared himself for an attack, after what had happened last time he had a run-in with one of Willow's friends. When Spike just stood there, Jarod stepped aside and motioned for him to enter.

Spike cleared his throat. "Would you ask me in?"

Narrowing his eyes, Jarod's mind raced. "Do you need me to?"

"Not really. This is a hotel room. Invite rule applies to residences. But it’s the polite thing to do.”

"You're a vampire?"

"Well, you're certainly smarter than the the average person in this town. But due to some bloody minded government types, I can't hurt humans." Spike explained.

"Why should I trust you?" Jarod asked.

"Well, you probably shouldn't. I am a big bag vampire after all. But I want to talk to you about Willow. And since you're the one seeking her out, you might just have to trust me anyway."

Jarod considered this for a moment. "All right. Come inside. Let's talk."

Spike entered and looked around. There was the usual hotel chair, but it looked uncomfortable as hell, so Spike sat down on the edge of the bed. He sat, staring at Jarod expectantly. After a moment, Jarod sighed and pulled the chair over and sat down.

"Now, the thing is," Spike began, "I don't trust Robert Lyle."

"That's smart." Jarod replied.

"But," Spike continued, "I don't' know if I can trust you either. Just because Lyle has an ulterior motive, doesn't mean your a good guy.
You could both be out to hurt Willow."

"Mr. Lyle works for an organization called the Centre."

Spike nodded. "Yeah he told us about it. Said they fight demons."

Jarod let out a harsh laugh. "Hardly. The Centre isn't interested in saving the world. They are only interested in making a profit for themselves. They've caused the deaths for a countless number of people. They took me away from my family when I was a child. I'm what they call a Pretender.
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