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Gates and Keys

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Summary: Dawn goes through the portal instead of Buffy during the Gift. She crash lands in Stargate Command.

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Stargate > Dawn-Centered > Pairing: Mini-Jack
Marvel Universe > X-Men > Dawn-Centered
willowbeeFR1558,89246634,4293 Apr 0716 Apr 07No

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

The first thing Dawn noticed was pain. It should have been worse than the dull ache she felt. Probably because of a painkiller of some sort.

The second thing Dawn noticed was she felt far too good to be in a hell dimension. For that matter, a heavenly dimension would not smell like a hospital.

After a long moment Dawn opened her eyes. Urgh. A hospital room. At least the world hadn’t ended.

Why didn’t her room have any windows? All the rooms in Sunnydale’s one and only hospital had windows. And Buffy never would have been able to afford a private room.

Dawn moved her arm to touch her stomach. Well, tried to move her arm, at any rate. A quick glance told Dawn that her arms were strapped to the bed.

Dr. Janet Fraiser was not particularly surprised. Though the girl had been in a coma for nine days, it had been likely she’d wake at any time.

Every time Janet thought about what had been done to that girl, she had to fight back anger. The girl couldn’t have been more that fifteen and to already have such scars…

There were two shallow knife wounds on her stomach and rope burns around her wrist. The scars on her back, legs, and upper arms were alarming to say the least. If not for her youth, Janet would have said she’d been tortured.

One of the soldiers guarding the girl’s room opened the door for Janet silently. Another airman followed Janet into the room.

“Why am I strapped dowm?” demanded the girl. “And why are is the Air Force here? Buffy’s gonna be pissed if this is a repeat of the whole Initiative shit. Didn’t you people learn your mistake from the first time? Cause if you guys have created another Adam I am so totally going to get Buffy to kick your ass. Not to mention that this qualifies under kidnapping, no matter what you government types try to claim.”

“I’m Dr. Fraiser. Once we’re sure you’re not a threat, we’ll unstrap you. Considering that you landed in our base and we have no idea where your family is, young lady, this is not yet kidnapping. I have no idea what this initiative you’re talking about is,” said Janet. “Can you tell me you’re name?”

“Dawn,” said the girl. “Dawn Marie Summers. I was born in LA in 1986-don’t remember which hospital. On December 21. My mother’s name was Joyce Elaine Summers nee Moore. Mom died two months ago. My father is Hank Summer. He’s in Madrid somewhere with his bimbo secretary/my stepmother, Bambi. My older sister, Buffy Anne Summers is my legal guardian. We live in 1630 Revello Drive, Sunnydale, California.”

“How do you feel?”

Dawn shrugged. “Whatever painkiller you’re using works.”

“What’s the year?”

“2000, like duh.”

“And the President?”

“Clinton. The dude that’s been President for the past eight years.”

“Republican and Democratic candidates for President?”

Dawn gave her a suspicious look. “George W. Bush and Al Gore, respectively. Though Senator Kelly has a lot of support and it looks like he might win, even though he is a third party candidate.”

“Do you remember how you got injured?”

“I… fell. From a really tall tower,” Dawn said slowly.

Janet’s eyes narrowed. “What did you fall into?”

After a long moment, with a faraway look in her eyes, Dawn said, “Mist. There was this strange white and purple mist with green lightning in it.”

“Where did this… mist come from?”

“I-I don’t know,” Dawn said quickly.

Major Samantha Carter entered General Hammond’s office, wondering why she’d been called. The briefing for SG-1’s next mission wasn’t for another two days.

“Major Carter.”


“How soon can you rebuild that device which tells whether or not somebody is from an alternate dimension?”

Sam glanced at the clock, then said, “By morning, if I start now.”

“Start immediately.”

Dawn rolled her eyes as she was handcuffed to a wheelchair. According to Dr. Fraiser, she was being sent for yet another test.

Despite knowing that the airmen taking her to Dr. Fraiser probably wouldn’t bother to answer her questions, Dawn couldn’t help but ask, “So how big is this place? Why would the Air Force have a base underground? Thought you guys were pilots. My sister dated this guy who was in the army for a while, but Riley was a total jerk. Do you know what sort of test I’m being sent for? Does it involve needles? I don’t like needles. You do know I can go on like this for ages, right? Cause if you want me to stop talking, I could sing instead. Do you two have any preferences? I’ll take that as a no…”

“… Ninety-Four bottle of beer! Take one down, pass it around,” sang a female voice. “Ninety-Three bottles of beer on the wall! Ninety-Three bottles of beer on the wall, Ninety-Three bottles of beer! Take one down…”

Sam turned to look at Janet. “Who…”

“Our probable dimensional traveler.”

“… Ninety-Two bottles of-hey Doc!” said the girl as she was wheeled into the room. “What’s this test for? Nobody will tell me.”

The girl was probably in her mid-teens, and judging by the looks on the airmen’s faces, she’d been at it for a while.

“Sam, this is Dawn Summers. Dawn, this is Major Carter,” said Janet. “Are you wearing any metal?”

“Hi Sam,” said Dawn. “Only the handcuffs. You know, you guys should really make sure that the gown matches the handcuffs, because I haven’t worn anything that’s clashed so badly since I was four. And you know, a hairbrush would be nice.”


“Miss Summers is indeed a dimensional traveler. Considering that she’s been here for twelve days and has suffered no ill effects, it is possible that total cascade failure is the result of traveling through the Quantum Mirror only,” explained Sam.

Noticing the look on Janet’s face, Hammond asked, “Do you have anything to add, Doctor?”

“Miss Summers carries an extra gene, similar to the ATA Gene. We have not yet figured out what the gene is for, but it may be the reason Miss Summers is not suffering from total cascade failure,” Janet paused. “Or it could just be the different method of dimensional travel.”

Hammond nodded. “I don’t want information on that extra gene leaving this facility. Until a suitable guardian has been found or we find a way to send Miss Summers back to her own dimension, she is to stay on base. She will be kept under guard, but is free to go into any common areas. Doctor Fraiser, could you see to it that she is moved to a VIP suite and provided with whatever essentials she needs? Major Carter, start looking for ways to send Miss Summers back.”

“Yes, sir,” said Janet and Sam.


“What’s up Doc?” said Dawn as Janet walked into her room.

“You’re being moved,” said Janet. “General Hammond has decided that until we find a guardian for you, you’re allowed to go into any of the base common areas. You also get a better room.”

“Cool,” said Dawn, not bothering to mention that if they hadn’t un-cuffed her within the next two days, she had been planning to break out.

She’d gotten out of more difficult restraints before (mostly when Spike was teaching her “survival skills,” which happened to also include lock picking, driving, basic self defense, how to hunt for your own food, and how to hotwire a car). Not to mention that, no matter how much of a jerk Riley had been, he’d also taught her a couple useful things, like how to get out of handcuffs, how to shoot a gun, that sort of thing.


Janet nodded. “We’ve had trouble, finding your sister or father, so until we find either of them, we’ll find a legal guardian for you.”

Dawn’s eyes narrowed, but she didn’t say anything. She was beginning to suspect that she may indeed have fallen into another dimension. No same member of the military would hide her from Buffy, not even SHIELD agents, they all feared the Slayer far too much for that. As far as she knew her sister had survived the fight with Glory, and her father was rather accessible, so long as one was searching for Hank Summers.

Despite being a total ass, her father did care for both her and Buffy and would have taken Dawn from this place immediately if he’d known she was there. Dawn still wasn’t sure how her father knew so much (somehow he always knew what was going on in Sunnydale, including the whole Buffy-Slayer thing), but he’d openly admitted that he knew Dawn was a magical object turned human when they’d last spoken, several days before her mother’s death. Dawn was just grateful (and very, very frightened) that her father had made it clear that she was still considered his daughter, regardless of her unusual… creation.

She was in an alternate dimension. That was the only explanation for why she was still on this military base. The question was, did this General Hammond person know she was from another world? And if he did, were they going to experiment on her? For that matter, did they have mutants in this dimension? And if they did, did mutants have the same rights as ordinary humans?

Her father was a mutant, and as far as Dawn knew, both she and Buffy had inherited the X-Factor Gene from him. Something about Buffy being the Slayer had stopped the x-factor from activating in her, but Dawn doubted that being the Key of Dimensions would stop the gene from activating in herself.

The gene could very well be active already. Unless one was born with active mutant powers, trauma or puberty generally activated the gene. It was entirely possible that the whole Glory thing had activated mutant powers. Then again, Dawn could have had the powers all along. For all she knew, if she had mutant powers, they might have found some way to tie into her magical abilities.

She was still surprised that she’d survived falling through the portal. Dawn stopped short, ignoring the Airman asking her what was wrong.

How had she survived falling through that portal? She should have died or ended up in a hell dimension or reverted to being a green, glowy, ball of energy.

She now had two things to figure out. How to return to her own dimension and how she survived the portal.

Dawn felt herself tear up at the thought that she might not be able to return home, that she might never see Buffy, or anyone else she knew, for the rest of her life.

Several hours passed before Dawn was able to stop her tears. After washing her face off and changing into s pair of sweat pants and a t-shirt she’d found in her new room, Dawn decided to find food of the non-hospital variety.

Sticking her head out the doorway, Dawn said to the two airmen, “Is there a cafeteria or something nearby?”

The headstone didn’t say much, just her name, the date of birth and death, and the inscription “beloved sister”. Next to the headstone was another headstone, one for Joyce Summers.

The man known as Hank Summers grit his teeth and fought the urge to find something to fight at the sight of his daughter and former wife’s graves. Despite what his family thought, he had loved Joyce. He’d loved her more than life itself. The only reason they’d gotten a “divorce” was because his plans were becoming more dangerous and he hadn’t wanted to lead his enemies to his family.

As for his daughters… Buffy was his heir, and as such, he’d expected her to be at least moderately sane and intelligent. He already knew she was an exceptional warrior. When she’d come to him with that story about vampires and slayers he’d honestly thought that she had lost it. He’d had her removed from the mental institution the moment he’d found out that such magical creatures did exist.

Dawn was a bit more complicated. Although now that she was dead, it didn’t matter much. Of course, his family tended to have problems with staying dead…

Dawn was Buffy’s genetically engineered clone, complete with fake memories. If not for his abilities and training, he never would have realized that Dawn had been created, not born. The ability to open dimensional portals was beyond rare, and amazingly useful. Depending upon how her powers effected her body, he’d already started to think of ways to use her abilities to his advantage. But now that she was dead, those plans would have to be put on hold.

He laid flowers on each grave, then walked back to his car. He felt the persona of Hank Summers slipping away as he drove out of Sunnydale. It was time to return to being Mr. Tolliver.
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