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Gates and Keys

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Summary: Dawn goes through the portal instead of Buffy during the Gift. She crash lands in Stargate Command.

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Stargate > Dawn-Centered > Pairing: Mini-Jack
Marvel Universe > X-Men > Dawn-Centered
willowbeeFR1558,89246634,4293 Apr 0716 Apr 07No

Chapter 4

“Hold it. Thor? Little gray dud. Looks like a Roswell alien?” said Jon, trying to get control of the conversation.

“Tall, muscular, blonde guy. Carries that big hammer thing,” corrected Dawn. “ Like duh. And I’m sorry, but I doubt there are little gray Roswell aliens.”

“Why would you say that?”

“Because, none of the aliens that have invaded Earth look like that.”

“Aliens that invaded Earth?”

“Yeah. The Skrull, Kree, and Shi’ar.” Dawn shrugged. “Well there was the Phallanx thing and the Brood thing and well, Earth does get invaded a lot, but we’ve managed to hold out against our enemies.”

“And you know this because…”

As if speaking to a child, Dawn said, “Because. They. Invade. Like. Ten. Times. A. Year.”

“The public knows about this?”

“Of course they do,” Dawn said, rolling her eyes. “Number 1, it’s on the news. Number 2, I’ve been in a city during several invasions and they always attack cities first.”

“Why do they invade so much?”

Dawn shrugged. “Us Terrans tend to piss off our neighbors, even if Earth is out in the boondocks. And the Empress of the Shi’ar took a Terran as her consort. I think. That one wasn’t very clear. We were under Shi’ar protection for a while, but I think we’re on our own these days.”

“Oh,” said Jon, unsure of how to take what she said. “And the Goa’uld?”

“The who-now?” asked Dawn. “Never heard of them.”

Deciding to change the subject, Jon asked, “Have you fought in any battles?”

“Oh honestly. Where do you think I lived?” asked Dawn. Watching her lick her lips, Jon realized that her next statement would probably not be the truth. “Most of us normal people try to stay as far away from those battles as possible. I’m sane enough not to want to fight.”

As she spoke, Dawn fought back the urge to tell him the truth. She’d spent enough time over the past couple of days thinking about her powers to know that she would likely never fight. If her blood opened dimension portals, even if only under specific circumstances, she couldn’t take the chance. She wouldn’t put people in danger like that just because she wanted to fight. That would be beyond selfish.

Not to mention that it was rather obvious what the monks had planned for her. Although she hadn’t realized it until two days earlier. Why else would her mother have taught her such things? After all, Buffy had never shown interest in learning such things, and neither had she.

She knew how to everything from making her own clothing to knitting to crocheting to embroidery. She even knew how weave clothe, thanks to a class she’d taken as a child. She could cook, bake, and take care of farm animals (thanks to participation in the 4H club). Dawn even knew how to care for children (courtesy of three years babysitting experience).

“From what I understand, most of your family is career military.”

Dawn gave Jon a measuring glance, knowing that he was fishing for information. “I leave the fighting to my sister.”

“Did you want to-”

“It doesn’t matter,” interrupted Dawn. “I’m not a fighter and I never will be. It’s… it’s probably for the best, all things considered.”

They were silent for several seconds before Dawn said, “maybe we should get back to talking about Mesopotamia.”

Bob Penhall watched his family, thinking about that girl. His sons were running around, playing a game of football with horribly mangled rules in the backyard. In the kitchen, his wife, Kathy, prepared dinner while looking after their youngest child, who barely knew how to crawl yet.

They’d decided not to have any more children after their youngest was born; mostly because of the difficulty Kathy had giving birth. He knew that Kathy wanted more children, a daughter specifically. However, that wasn’t going to happen.

Dawn moved the ping-pong paddle quickly. Left with nothing better to do, she was playing against a marine by the name of Reynolds. Capt. Penhall’s CO, if she remembered correctly.

Her thoughts drifted to Jon. He wasn’t’ just her history tutor and she knew it. Obviously he was related to Col. O’Neill, but that didn’t explain how he had clearance to know about her being from another dimension. Not to mention that he’d been digging for information.

He was probably there to keep from telling people she was from another dimension as well as teaching her the history of this version of Earth. He might also be there to help protect her against something. Maybe those Goold thingies he’d mentioned.

Was Jon even in high school? He looked like a teenager, but he might look younger than he really was. For all she knew, he was in the military as well. They might even have a different age around here for when one was old enough to join the military.

Knowing her luck, he probably wasn’t even fifteen. Maybe he was a mutant that looked younger than he really was because of his powers. Or he could be a clone. Dawn tried not to laugh at that idea. Like Jon was a clone. It made no sense.

Although… she supposed Jon could be Col. O’Neill’s clone. It would certainly explain why he had such high clearance. After all, her great-grandmother, Madelyne Pryor was the clone of Jean Grey, and Stryfe the Chaos Bringer was her grandfather’s clone (Of course, whether Stryfe or Nathan Dayspring had fathered Dad was open to debate). Not to mention that she was made from Buffy’s blood, which probably meant she was Buffy’s clone as well.

Nah… Jon being a clone was too improbable.


Kathy Penhall looked up from the sauce she was mixing. “Yeah Bob?”

“What would you say to the idea of another child?”

Her eyes widened. “I thought we decided-”

Bob shook his head. “A foster child.”

“W-why do you ask?”

“General Hammond was asking around,” explained Bob. “He wants one people stationed at Cheyenne Mountain to take in this girl.”

“What girl?”

Jon paced, his mind going over his meeting with Dawn Summers. There was something off about that girl-more than just coming from another dimension.

“We need to talk, Jon.”

He spun around, his eyes quickly falling on a person he had certainly not expected. What was Oma Desala doing in his apartment?

“Oma,” said Jon. “Not that I don’t like having you around, but what are you doing here?”



“Her name is Iola, although these days she goes by Dawn Summers,” said Oma. “But that’s beside the point.”

“And what is the point?”

“Let me tell you a story, Jon,” said Oma, sitting down at his kitchen table. “Many millennia ago, there was a girl by the name of Iola. She was a relatively happy girl, for all that her life had been filled with hardship. One day, Glorificus, one of the so-called gods of Iola’s dimension found out that Iola possessed abilities beyond those of a normal human. Iola was one of the few of her kind left and preferred to pretend to be human.”

“What kind is that?”

“A Phoenix, a true Phoenix,” said Oma.

“Male bird of fire. When it dies it’s reborn out of it’s ashes,” said Jon.

“I see you pay attention to mythology,” said Oma. “The myth was actually rather close to the truth. The Phoenix Force, as it’s called, is capable of a great many things from traveling through time and space to absorbing energy to manipulating matter on a subatomic level. When killed, it even returns to being an egg.”

“Wait. What’s the difference between a Phoenix and the Phoenix Force?”

Oma gave him a smile. “I was wondering how long it would take for you to pick up on that. A Phoenix is, despite the legend, very much mortal. While they do have some of the same abilities as the Phoenix Force, they have only a fraction of the power. Phoenixes are only capable of traveling though time and space and absorbing energy.”

“So Dawn is a Phoenix, not the Phoenix Force,” said Jon.

“Yes and no,” said Oma. “The Phoenixes have been considered extinct for millennia. Or they were. Dawn is the last of the species. Now where was I? Glorificus had just learned that Iola was a Phoenix. Iola was taken and enslaved by Glorificus, the used as a weapon. Eventually Iola poisoned herself, unwilling to be responsible for more deaths. I was the one who helped guide her to ascension. Unfortunately Glorificus found a way to stop the process. Glorificus trapped Iola as a ball of energy and continued to use her as a slave.”

“Then how did she become human again?”

“I’m getting to that. A little more than a thousand years ago, Glorificus started a war with Dagon. Dagon won, Glorificus was banished to another dimension by her brothers, and Dagon came into possession of Iola. He had no idea that Iola was really a person, so he placed her with a group of monks that worshipped him in the same dimension Glorificus had been banished to.

“Glorificus did manage to kill all the monks, but not before they found another protector for Iola. Using the blood of Buffy Summers and a marine by the name of Oliver Pike, they created a body to place Iola in. Then they changed everybody’s memories, making them, and Iola, believe that she was Buffy’s younger sister.”

“Why Buffy Summers?”

“Because, she’s the current Slayer. That dimension’s version of a holy warrior, of sorts,” explained Oma. “Neither Buffy nor Dawn know the truth about what they call the Key of Dimensions. They know that Dawn is the so-called Key, but they have no idea that the Key was really a Phoenix, let alone Iola. Glorificus did manage to find Dawn, but she was killed three weeks ago, the same night Dawn came to this world.”

“She had something to do with Dawn coming here.”

Oma nodded. “Glorifiucs tried to use Dawn to open a portal back to her home dimension. Dawn had already decided to die again to stop Glorificus when she was pulled into the portal.”

“Pulled how?”

“I may have helped direct the portal to a place where Dawn could be properly protected.”

“And?” Jon wasn’t used to Earth’s allies being so forthcoming.

“The monks didn’t realize, when they picked Buffy, that her family was far from suitable.”


“With the exception of Buffy’s mother, the members of the Summers family are far from normal. The man known as Hank Summers should not be allowed anywhere near Dawn. He would only use her for her abilities. He, and several other members of that family make Apophis look harmless by comparison. One of her relatives ate a star, destroying an entire solar system.”

“Ate a star?”

Oma nodded. “And the women in the Summers family tend to become hosts for the Phoenix Force.”

“Host like the Goa’uld?”

“Not quite that bad, but the Phoenix Force is easily corruptible by emotion, among other things,” said Oma.

“Is Dawn host to-”

“No,” said Oma, shaking her head. “The Phoenix and Dawn are the same person, though Dawn remembers nothing of being Iola. Dawn has not yet been touched by the Phoenix Force, and it should stay that way.”

“Is that where I come in?”

“No. Dawn can handle the Phoenix Force on her own. What she needs protection from is anybody who would seek to harm her, kill her or use her for her abilities.”

“But doesn’t she have that Phoenix thing?”

“Yes, which is why she cannot fight,” said Oma. “Her power is in her blood. A single drop spilled in the wrong place at the wrong time could open a portal capable of destroying this entire dimension.”


“A rather accurate analysis of the situation. Dawn needs to relearn how to use her abilities, and quickly. She’ll need a Champion, for the rest of her life, no matter how well she learns to use her powers.”

“Whoa-the rest of her life. When did I sign up for the rest of her life?”

“I’m not asking you to protect her for the rest of her life,” sighed Oma. “But she needs protection and you’re the best option there is in this world. She would only need your protection until such time as a new champion was found or she married somebody capable of protecting her. This is your choice. All I ask is that you protect her for as long as you can. If at any point you want Dawn to find a new Champion, all you’ll need to do is ask.”

Jon sighed, “Oh fine. What do I need to say to Dawn to let her know I’m her new Champion?”


The End?

You have reached the end of "Gates and Keys" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 16 Apr 07.

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