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A not so pleasant Existance

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Summary: Illyria, plagued by grief decides to find someone to help her change things, namely saving Wesley. In her search, she finds another champion, a chosen one who has the power to help her, but will he.

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Harry Potter > Fred/Illyria-CenteredJalimarFR181139,37423025,0214 Apr 0719 Mar 09No

Chapter One - Do you really want this?

***DISCLAIMER*** I own nothing but the idea. The Characters belong to Joss Whedon and J. K. Rowling.

She felt something was wrong, something was coming. There was a flash of her friends being hurt, thrown about like rag dolls. She felt hopeless, useless against an invisible enemy. Another flash, her sister was in pain and screaming her lungs out. What the hell did this all mean!

Buffy woke abruptly, bounding out of the bed already half-way to the door before yelling back at her startled companion to sound the alert and get everyone to Dawns room. She tore through the hallways, cursing herself for letting Dawn take a room on the south wing. The alert was blaring over the intercoms, but then the magic sensors went on high alert, something powerful had just tore through the barrier spells. A scream rang out, followed by shouts and with an extra burst of speed Buffy turned the corner to Dawns hallway. Slayers littered the hallway, some unconscious, others she couldn’t be sure. At the end, in front of Dawns door was Illyria, the god stuck in Winifred Burkle’s body. She did her best, using strength she hadn’t tapped in years, but she couldn’t stop Illyria from getting to Dawn’s door. She was picked up and used as a battering ram to knock the door and most of the wall around it down.

Dawn screamed as her sister came bursting through the door. The six slayers in front of her moving forward towards the threat, only to be swatted away like flies. Illyria’s hands grabbed her and began the plunge into her flesh tearing and pulling. The pain was unimaginable, almost exotic and yet mind numbing.

Buffy’s mind cleared enough for her to see Dawn bleeding from wounds everywhere.

“FRED, why are you doing this?”

Illyria paused and turned her gaze to Buffy.

“She has the Key, I need it,” she calmly replied.

“No, no, she is the Key, its apart of her, not something she has, you cant take it out.”

Buffy screamed at her as she tried to get to her feet.

Illyria cocked her head to the side, looking anew at Dawn, as if seeing her for the first time. She smiled then a pulse of energy left her hands and engulfed Dawn. Dawn began to scream again in pain as the energy seemed to burn her alive.


“DAWN!!!! NO!!!!!!”

“No, no, no, no,” a young man murmured in his sleep, before shooting out of bed.

He grabbed his head as the pain began to recede. Looking around to make sure he was still in his bed in London and not in the room from his nightmare.

“Harry are you ok?” came Luna’s concerned voice beside him.

Turning to gaze at her naked form next to him, he laid back down and pulled her close.

“I’m fine. Just a nightmare, a strange one, but not a scar dream. Go back to sleep.”

She nodded then cuddled back against him and was asleep within seconds. Harry wasn’t so lucky. He kept recalling the dream, going over every part of it, trying to recognize the girls, and realizing he had never met any of them, although he felt as if he knew them now. He couldn’t pull anything but names of a few of them, but the feeling as if they were friends and close ones wouldn’t leave him. Buffy, Dawn, Alexis, and Dana were the names that stuck, and that of Illyria. He could picture faces and voices associated with those names, but couldn’t recall anything else about them. How can one dream of someone you’d never met or seen before. And it seemed so real, like he was there with them.

Harry spent the next hour or so just pondering the dream before Luna had to get up and head out to the Quibbler. He gently shook her to awaken her. It was a bit early but he figured she would like to get a good breakfast first and not have to rush. He was so wrong.

No sooner did he get her awake and inform her of the time than she pulled him into a searing kiss. All thoughts of food soon left his mind. They spent the next hour satisfying carnal desires.

“Thank you Harry,” Luna smiled while looking up her perch on his chest.

“You know that there are potions and spells that can help you get pregnant Lun..”

She cut him off by placing a finger against his lips.

“But then we wouldn’t get to have all this fun, plus the sex is great!”

Harry could only chuckle as she jumped off the bed and ran into the bathroom to get ready for the day. He couldn’t really argue with her on that point. He hadn’t been sure what to do when she told him she wanted to have a child, and he was the only one she wanted to be the father. At first he thought is was to get his mind off of Ginny and Hermione, but now he believed she was a great friend, with really good benefits.

He sighed as he thought of his two loves. He had loved Ginny and after her death, wasn’t sure if he could love anyone else, but of course Hermione wouldn’t let him fall to depression and her love for him soon changed his views of her. Ron still refused to be in the same room let alone building as him, having lost his sister and what Ron considered his love to Harry. Most thought that if Ron truly loved her, he would have made a move before Harry, but he never did, as she got tired of waiting on him to do so.

Luna made her way out with a quick kiss said goodbye. Harry lounged in bed for another hour before getting up and after showering, dressed and got something to eat. He planned to visit the cemetery to pay his respects, something he did quite often. He soon left and apparated to the cemetery, lost in thoughts about the people he had lost and the weird nightmare, he didn’t notice someone watching him from afar.

He made his way to Gin’s grave first, saying a soft prayer and kissing the headstone, leaving an assortment of flowers. He talked of things that had happened that week with her, since his last visit a few days before. Most would have thought him slightly crazy, but none had lost as much as he to Tom Riddle. After saying goodbye, he made his way to the Grangers graves. Here his ritual was like before, except he informed Hermione’s parents of muggle news and the recent football game, as Mr. Granger was a Blackburn Rovers fan. He spent time talking to Hermione like Ginny, for he felt bad when he couldn’t talk equally with both. After he was finished he apparated to other cemeteries to visits friends lost during the war.

Being indepently wealthy, he didn’t have to work, so days like this were easy to get by with. Most magical folk left him well enough alone, but there were always a couple of fans seeking a picture or autograph, so he rarely went to crowded places like Diagon Alley or Hogsmeade. He didn’t shy away from publicity, but he didn’t run towards it either. His last stop was to the Potter cemetery, to visit his parents, Sirius and Remus, the Marauders together again, if only in the afterlife.

If anyone was paying close attention to him, other than Luna that is, they would have seen his depression for what it truly was, he was tired of living and wanted nothing more but to be with those he had lost, but his promise to help Luna held his suicidal tendencies at bay. But as he made it home, he found a note from Luna waiting for him. She was pregnant, three weeks according to the mediwitch and in perfect health. His mind made up, Harry grabbed some things and left for Gringotts.

The goblins were worried that he would change his will abruptly, but not concerned enough to notify anyone, and since Bill’s death, there were no Weasleys working there to find out. So with his affairs in order, the new will leaving a more than generous amount to Luna and his child, Harry made his way back to visit with Ginny and Hermione.

His speech was the same for both ending with, “I love you and will see you soon.”

As he pulled his wand and began to cast the unforgivable that he was most familiar with a voice from the shadows stopped him.

“Before you do that, I have an offer for you”

Harry reeled backwards, he knew that voice even though this was the first time other than his nightmare that he had heard it.

“Illyria?” he questioned.

“Yes,” was her simple reply walking out of the shadows and stopping some 10 feet from him.

“You mean that dream was real?” he screamed. “You killed Dawn and all those Slayers?”

“Yes and no, but that’s neither here nor there. The key was needed, I couldn’t save Wesley without it. I have searched 2,457 dimensions and finally found one who can help.”

Anger burned in him unlike any he had felt since fighting death eaters and Tommy boy.

“And I’m this ONE? Well you can go back to the hell you came from if you think I will help you!”

“But in helping me you will help yourself as well. You see with the Keys power, I can travel between dimensions and time as well. I need you to be younger to help me, and in return, I will send you back to your younger self to change your past. This I will do so that you can then help me. You might not make the transition, it could kill you, so if you are going to kill yourself, what do you have to lose?”

Her speech had caught Harry off guard, his anger dying as ideas of how to change the past filled his head. People he loved that didn’t have to die. Stupid mistakes that didn’t need to be made again, history did not have to repeat itself! He had himself researched this idea, but he was nowhere near powerful enough to do anything, let alone a spell that could do it, but Illyria was a god.

“Can you really do it? No games and no bloody lies, tell me the truth!”

“As I said, you will most likely die, but if you survive, your mind will merge with your younger self. You will have to fix things as best you can, but I will help you destroy the horcruxes, or at least help find them with you. Once you have eliminated Voldemort, my debt will be paid and you will leave with me to save Wesley.”

“Who is Wesley? I don’t know that name,” Harry pondered.

“He was my guide when I was stuck in this shell. He is my friend. I felt grief for his passing. I still grieve. This must end. Wesley must live. You will help on this quest.”

She talked as if she was a queen and Harry her loyal servant, but for the chance to change the past, he didn’t really care.

“Fine, I will help you. How does this work?”

“You must swear an oath, I know you are honorable, but once you are with those you love again, I don’t want you to refuse.”

This caused Harry to stop, his heart rate increased as he thought of being able to hold both Ginny and Hermione again. Could he really leave them if he made it back? Dam his life really sucked sometimes. He began pacing wildly muttering to his self. Illyria seemed to find this funny and took a seat on a nearby bench to watch. Harry’s argument with himself seemingly enjoyable to watch for her as a good Quidditch match would be for Harry. This debate lasted for almost an hour before he found his resolve to do it. He spun pulling his wand and giving and oath to help her with the quest to save Wesley in the other dimension.

She moved so fast she was a blur, pain erupting along his head as her hands seemed to be squeezing it like a ripe melon.

“This may hurt a bit,” she intoned in a bored voice.

He lost his voice soon, nothing he did could stop her from slowly pushing her fingers into his brain. Thru it all he never lost consciousness, her magic keeping him there while it worked to gather his essence, what was truly Harry James Potter and attempting to send them back in time.

She smiled at him one last time, “Well here goes nothing,” she declared in Fred’s Texan accent, and with that Harry’s world went black.

There was a long pause as Dumbledore looked at the slip of parchment. Everyone in the great hall was staring at it as well. He cleared his throat and read out –

“Harry Potter”

As every head turned to look at him, Harry tried to convince his friends that he hadn’t entered the tournament, but the headmaster called his name again. As he reluctantly made his way forward he stumbled as his head exploded in pain. Blood burst from his head, bleeding from the mouth, nose, ears and even his eyes. Screams filled the great hall and spells were launched to try and find the cause of Harry’s dilemma, but the magic causing this was unidentifiable. Finally Harry collapsed, his screams tapering off as he fell unconscious. Dumbledore was already levitating him out of the hall towards the hospital wing at a full run, Ron, Ginny and Hermione at his heels, leaving a harried McGonagall to pick up the pieces.

Poppy was frantic at the state he was in, but couldn’t identify the cause of the damage. After working for almost half an hour, she allowed those now gathered to approach.

“He is stable now, but I am not sure what to say. It looks like his head was literally put in a vice! I’ve never seen anything like it Headmaster. He should awake in the morning as I gave him a sleeping potion, but if we don’t find what did this, I cannot make any promises.”

Everyone had trouble sleeping that night, the thought that someone had almost killed Harry and could it seemed attempt to finish should they choose, worrying students and teachers alike. Illyria smiled from the shadows, giddy that this time the champion she had chosen had survived. She slipped unnoticed out of the castle, heading into the forest to talk to some of the very interesting plants this dimension had to offer.
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