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The buried reports of the 9th Chevron

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This story is No. 3 in the series "The key shard realms". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: This story is a response to Methos's “The 9th Chevron” challenge. SG-1 finds a working gate address for the 9th chevron. They take a trip to Willow's world to explore the possibility of trading for any new technology that would help them against the Ori.

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Stargate > Willow-CenteredMistofRainbowsFR1338,58204221,3104 Apr 0719 May 07Yes

Chapter one

Disclaimer: Joss Whedon and crew own all things Buffy the Vampire Slayer. MGM/UA, Gekko Productions own all things Stargate SG-1. J.K Rawlings owns Harry Potter’s borrowed invisibility cloak. If I missed any disclaimers I beg forgiveness.

Notes: This is a response to Methos’ The 9th Chevron challenge. This story is set in the same universe as my other series. You don’t need to read them to understand this. That being said, I feel like I should say that Lexie is a slayer that has magic. In the stargate world it’s set shortly after the Season 9 Episode 9 “Prototype.” It’s only Au in so much as their gate connects to the Buffy world via use of the 9th Chevron and my failure to capture the character’s personality perfectly in writing.

General Hank Landry frowned as he glanced up from the report in his hands. “You’re telling me the eggheads at area fifty one have come up with a theory on the use of the ninth chevron?”

Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter nodded, “Yes sir, they would like to use the gate to test out some of their theories.”

“In other words our good Richard Woolsey on the International Oversight Advisory board thinks there is untapped potential in finding out if the area fifty one people are right.”

“Sir, in the unlikely event that their theories work, it could prove to be invaluable in our fight with the Ori. Think of the technologies we could find or how many other planets we could find that have useable resources.”

General Hank Landry sighed, “Fine, test out their theories and see if you can get them to work.”

Carter smiled as she saluted, “Yes sir.”

Lt. Colonel Cameron Mitchell chuckled as he looked around the cafeteria before looking back at Daniel who was sitting across from him. “So what do you think the chances of Carter getting the gate to dial the 9th chevron are?”

“Normally I would say there isn’t much of a chance given the sheer number of possible combinations, however given our luck and Carter‘s focus. If anyone can get it to work she can.”

“I’m not even going to bet on that.”

General Landry’s voice comes over the loud speaker, “SG-1 please report to the gate room.”

Daniel looked over at Mitchell, “I guess they found something.”

General Landry glanced away from the wormhole as Mitchell and Daniel walked in. “Lt. Colonel Carter got a stable wormhole.”

Carter smiled, “It wasn’t just me sir. I wouldn’t have thought to use earth’s address for both the destination and point of origin.”

Daniel blinked, “You got a stable wormhole by using the earth’s address? Where is the connecting gate? Has a MALP been sent?”

“That was the first thing we sent. We are getting telemetry now.”

Daniel glanced at the monitor that was set up to receive the data the MALP was sending back. It showed a lit storage room with a number of dusty artifacts from what looked like a number of ancient cultures. Daniel grinned as he looked intently at the screen. “It looks to be some anthropological storage area. If you look closely you can even see the tags on some of the items.”

Carter fiddled with some buttons and had the MALP swing around. “It even looks to have an Ancient device that must act as the dial home device.”

The General frowned, “As long as you can get back here.”

Carter looked over at the General. “Sir, do we have a green light?”

The general sighed, “All of the air readings and radiation readings are within acceptable levels?”

Carter nodded, “Yes sir.”

“I guess Woolsey gets his wish. Just be careful. SG-1 you have a go. I‘ll expect a report by this time tomorrow.”

Teal’c nodded before stepping into the wormhole. Mitchell grinned as he followed through. Daniel turned to Sam, “We are going to be able get to back right?”

Carter grinned and held up her notebook computer. “Yes, I have all of the information to calculate the return trip in here. Just in case it‘s not as easy as I think it should be.”

“Great.” Daniel sighed as he stepped through.

Carter was only a few steps behind him. The wormhole closed behind Carter.

General Landry sighed, “Godspeed.”

Mitchell looked around at the dusty building.

Teal’c glanced around, “I believe that people were recently in this building.”

Mitchell frowned, “Why do you say that?”

Teal’c pointed to the floor. “The floor doesn’t have any dust on it.”

Carter busied herself looking at the Ancient DHD.

Daniel frowned, “The fact that the building has fluorescent lights that were left on also indicates that someone uses this place.”

Teal’c nodded as he looked around for signs of life. “Indeed.”

Mitchell looked up sharply as he heard a girl’s voice call out, “Give the man a Twinkie.”

Mitchell brought his gun up as he looked around for the voice. “Who are you?”

“You are the ones that are trespassing. Plus you might want to put your guns away before Willow gets back.”

Carter turned from her examination of the DHD. “Who or what is a Willow?”

“Willow is in charge of this warehouse. She very much hates guns though, so for your own safety I suggest putting them away. Plus if you don‘t put them away, I‘ll have my invisible warrior minions shoot you full of holes.”

Mitchell glanced over at Carter and mouthed, “Invisible warrior minions?” Carter nodded to Mitchell to put the weapon down. Mitchell sighed as he lowered his weapon to the ground. He blinked in surprise as it skidded over along the ground before floating into the air and then vanishing into an open box.

Daniel glanced at Carter, “Was this in the plans?”

Carter looked around, “I don’t suppose we can see what you look like?”

The girl smiled as she pulled back the hood of her invisibility cloak.

Mitchell blinked as a girl’s head appeared near where his weapon did its floating trick.

She grinned, “I caught prisoners. Only two of them are very good looking. Maybe I’ll just throw the others back.” The cloak slipped off her hand revealing that she was holding a loaded crossbow pointed at Mitchell.

Mitchell smiled a bit nervously, “I’m glad you think I’m good looking but do you think you could point that weapon at something else?”

The girl frowned, “Who said I was talking about you. I was talking about the girl and the other guy.” She pointed at Daniel.

Teal’c glanced at the girl and noted that the crossbow was held perfectly steady in spite of its apparent weight.

Carter frowned, “Where did you get a cloak like that?”

“I borrowed it from a friend of mine. So do you want to explain how you got here?”

Daniel shrugged, “I don’t suppose we got lost is going to work?”

“Oh sure, the old I accidentally walked through a mystical portal that just happened to end up in the council’s storeroom story. Try again please.” She grinned. “By the way what are your names?”

“I’m Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter, that’s Daniel Jackson, Lt. Colonel Cameron Mitchell and finally Teal’c.”

“Shit, damn damnity damn. I was hoping the outfits were just from the army surplus store. You’re military? Miss Buffy is so going to flip. Didn‘t the damn Initiative teach you fuckers anything?”

Daniel blinked as he heard the wooden handle on the girl’s crossbow creak, “What’s the Initiative?”

The girl frowned, “Wait, you’re messing around with mystical transportation devices but you don’t know about the Initiative?”

Mitchell shook his head, “Where are we?”

The girl frowned, “You’re in London, well under it to be precise.”

Daniel frowned, “As in England?”

The girl frowned, “Where the hell else would it be?”

Daniel smiled at Carter, “Unless you know of another gate, I would say we made it to an alternate reality.”

The girl winced, “You have any idea how much paper work I’m going to have to do because of you?”

Carter winced in sympathy, “Paper work for who?”

The girl shook her head, “For the council I work for.”

“You’re not being very clear.”

Teal’c glanced over as an average sized female with red hair walked in holding two cans of soda pop. She was wearing black jeans and a loose fitting green blouse. Teal’c frowned as he noted that her shoes made very little noise on the concrete floor.

Willow frowned at the group that Lexie was holding hostage with a crossbow. “So who are your friends?”

Lexie shrugged out of her indivisibility cloak and folded it with one hand while keeping an eye on the group and her crossbow pointed at them.

Daniel frowned at the barefooted girl with the crossbow that was at least a couple of inches if not half a foot taller than he was. “So now what?”

Lexie shrugged, “I don’t know, I say we keep you and the cute lady and send the rest back.”

Willow rolled her eyes, “She is joking, at least I hope so. So why are you here anyways?”

Daniel frowned, “You’re not British are you?”

“I’m from southern California, at least originally. So do you have a rank?”

“I’m an archeologist. I just work for the military.”

“USA military?”

Mitchell nodded cautiously, “At least in our world.”

Lexie walked over and snagged one of the sodas out of Willow’s hands. “So judging by the laptop I’m going to assume that we are on a similar enough timeline. What’s the what about Teal’c?”

Daniel frowned, “What do you mean what about him?”

Lexie shrugged, “He has a freaky tattoo, a warrior’s build but you didn’t say he had a military rank so what’s the deal with him?”

Teal’c glanced at Lexie, “I’m Daniel’s body guard.”

Daniel sputtered slightly, “Near enough I guess.”

“That works. So why did you come here anyways?”

Mitchell glanced at the crossbow again. “I don’t suppose you could put that away.”

Lexie frowned, “Why would I do that?”

Daniel smiled, “What about if we promise not to hurt you. Besides I would love the chance to look through some of your old artifacts.”

Lexie glanced to Willow, “If they do anything stupid you could always turn them into a frog.”

Willow nodded, “I don’t know turning them back might not work right.”

“If they do anything stupid I’m not really going to care if you can’t turn them back.”

Carter sputtered, “You honestly expect us to believe that you can turn people into frogs?”

Willow blinked, “You came through a mystical gateway and you don’t believe in turning people into frogs?”

Carter sighed, “The stargate works via demonstrable scientific principles. It’s based on wormhole physics not magic.”

Willow frowned, “I guess that explains why the council could never figure out how to get it to work.”

Lexie clipped her crossbow on her belt. “So I suppose you have some proof?”

Carter glanced at her computer, “I have some information about the stargate on my computer.”

“Oh, I like computers.”

Carter glanced at Willow, “Is it safe to let her look at it?”

Willow chuckled, “She actually has the equivalent of several computer degrees so yeah it’s fine.” She chuckled at Daniel’s continued glances at the artifacts scattered around the room. “You can go ahead and look at the artifacts but please don’t touch anything marked magic.”

Daniel frowned, “You believe in magic?”

Lexie finished her soda and tossed the can into the air. The stargate group was slightly shocked to see it come to a stop in mid air a few feet from her. Carter blinked as the can melted without any obvious flame. Lexie grinned, “I believe in magic. Some of the artifacts here are dangerous.”

Mitchell hastily stepped back from a table. “How did you do that?”

Lexie sighed, “As I told you, magic.”

Carter frowned, “But magic doesn’t exist.”

Willow turned and pointed at Daniel, “Wait, you’re traveling with him and you don’t believe in magic?”

Teal’c tilted his head to look at Willow. “What does Daniel have to do with magic?”

Willow shook her head, “Never mind, I guess I’m mistaken.”

Mitchell frowned, “So I don’t suppose you have any technology that you would be willing to trade?”

“I have some computer technology that you might be interested in. But I don’t know, what do you have to trade?”

Carter gestured to the stargate. “Information about the stargate.”

Lexie shrugged, “Convince me that it’s worth it and maybe I would be interested in trading some technology.”

Mitchell frowned, “What makes you think that your computer tech is better than ours?”

Lexie grinned widely as she pointed to Carter’s laptop, “Because you’re using a laptop that has a Microsoft sticker on the cover. If you had better technology than me you wouldn‘t be using anything from that company.”

Willow chuckled, “She doesn’t like that company much.”

“It’s not my fault they have all of those idiotic errors and known security issues. So yeah I have some computer technology that is better.”

Carter frowned at the DHD, “It’s not connecting.”

Daniel glanced up from examining a strange tribal necklace. “What do you mean the DHD isn’t working?”

Carter glanced at it confusedly, “I’ve tried several different gate addresses, either they are blocked or they were never made.”

Mitchell scowled, “If the ancients left a device here, what stopped them from populating the other planets with them?”

Willow frowned, “Perhaps they decided not to interfere.”

Lexie grinned, “Maybe demons ate them.”

Teal’c gave the tall young warrior girl a once over, “Do any of these demon’s look like people only maybe with eyes that glow?”

Lexie frowned, “You mean like glow or flash? Illyria is the only demon I know that looks like a human with glowing eyes. But she only has glowing eyes sometimes.”

Carter glanced over at Daniel, “Goa’uld.”

“What’s a Goa’uld?”

“It’s a snake like demon that crawls into a person and takes them over.”

“Oh that doesn’t sound like Illyria, she is just a goddess.”

Willow frowned at Lexie, “You know she isn’t a goddess, she is a former old one. I don’t really think it’s the same thing as what they are talking about.”

Carter frowned, “Ah, do you think you could get one of your computers so I could take a look at it?”

Lexie shrugged, “I guess I could go get it. Willow can you keep an eye on them?”

Willow nodded and pulled out her cell phone, “Sure I have to call Buffy anyways. If you’ll excuse me. Stick around please there is no need to scare the locals with your ideas about wormholes and such.”

Daniel watched as the taller girl left through the door and the red head walked to the door before starting to talk softly on her phone. “Alright so what’s the problem with the DHD?”

“I don’t think there is one. I just don’t think they set up a stargate system in this reality.”

Daniel frowned, “What could make them not set up a network?”

Teal’c’s shoulders twitched slightly, “What if this Illyria is a Goa’uld?”

Mitchell shook his head, “I don’t know what else she could be.”

Carter turned to Daniel. “I don’t suppose you have seen any artifacts that shed light on the matter?”

Daniel shook his head, “I’m sorry, I haven’t yet.”

Mitchell sighed, “Any chance of dialing home?”

Carter shook her head, “I’ve tried sir. It doesn’t seem to have enough power. Let me check something.” Carter fiddled with the strange dialing device for a few seconds before a section rose up and showed an empty spot where a ZPM should have sat. “Oh dear.”

Daniel sighed, “This is where you tell me that we are going to need to track down a ZPM aren’t you?”

Carter sighed, “Most likely, otherwise I don’t see how we are going to be able to generate enough power to open a wormhole back to our earth.”

Mitchell glanced at the melted pop can, “What about the locals? They obviously have access to advanced tech which they claim is magic.”

Daniel slid a finger along the dust on the table. “I don’t know they seem to believe it’s magic. What do you think Teal‘c?”

“The tall girl moves like a warrior.”

Mitchell frowned, “She is what fifteen or sixteen?”

“Many young Jaffa warriors could kill you without breaking a sweat. There is also the fact that she has access to some type of invisibility cloak.”

Daniel nodded, “She could be watching us now.”

Carter shook her head, “I don’t think so. I’ve been watching Willow the whole time, there isn’t enough space for someone to sneak through. What do you make of Willow? She seemed in charge and yet Lexie was the one that seemed to have advanced technology.”

Mitchell frowned, “Why do you think they didn’t want us going outside? What do you think they are hiding?”

Carter grimaced, “I don’t know. They don’t seem overly hostile but they do seem to be holding all of the cards. We are going to need to track down the ZPM if we want to get out of here.”

Daniel nodded, “I can only hope their council can help us.”

Willow closed up her phone and walked back toward the group. “Hey, I didn’t know that thing opened up. If you’re hungry, Lexie should be back with some food as well as her computer in a few minutes. How does that thing work anyways?”

Willow moved over to look at the DHD and listen to Carter’s explanation.
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