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SG1? Safe Guarded One

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Summary: Willow tries a spell, intending to go someplace safe. That's not what she gets, however.

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Stargate > Willow-Centered > Pairing: Daniel JacksonVenusdeMollyFR1823,2300278,2664 Apr 0722 Sep 07No


Back to school means back to work! Hopefully it means back to writing too. Seems to, thus far.
The characters and settings are not mine. Not even a little.

So. Cold. So very cold. She didn't know how it worked yet, so she couldn't be entirely sure that this “Stargate” didn't take her back to earth via frozen Pluto, but that was what it felt like. For a California girl, it was a shock to the system. Much like finding herself in a much warmer underground military installation with some strangers watching her though a second-story picture window. To be fair, not much had happened today that wasn't surprising, but would it have been too bad to wing through space and end up in a nice forest or field or something? They said they were going to Colorado, so naturally she was thinking on a mountain, not under one. She didn't have much time to dedicate to worrying about her current underground-military-base location, as one of the window-guys yelled:

“SG-1, what the hell have you brought back this time?”

Willow looked to Jack with a 'this happens often?' look on her face, but he didn't see it, as he was too busy flinching before his CO.

“Ah, general, this is Willow. She—well she claims to be from Earth, sir.”

Jack didn't miss this look, one of pure exasperation, as he glanced to her. Well, fine, let her be exasperated, but there was still a whole lot he needed to understand before he would swear before the general that she was who and what she claimed to be. This whole 'magic' business, for one. Or... well, no, the magic business was really it.

General Hammond was flabbergasted. Of all the—if SG-1 wasn't his best team, he'd take them off active duty just to save himself the headache they always managed to make for him. Today's version was the 'unknown-but-seemingly-innocent-if-a-bit-confounding-guest' headache that got him with a twinge right between the eyes. At least it wasn't the 'the-world-is-about-to-end-because-of -something-we-should-have-left-alone-but-didn't' headache that felt like jackhammers on his eyebrows.

Well, not yet anyway.

“SG-1, I want you to see Janet for the usual tests, and take your guest with you. If you all get a clean bill of health, meet in the briefing room ready to tell me everything. I'm sure it's going to be a hell of a story.”

To no one's overt surprise, Willow and the premier SG team were determined clean of Goa'ulds or any kind of tampering. The only person that might have expected a Goa'uld presence was the General, but only because he was inclined to prepare for the worst when SG-1 did anything unexpected.


The briefing room was sparse, but well-lit and pleasant. It didn't make Willow feel like she was in much danger of being experimented on, though that MRI had make her a bit nervous. Only the fact that the rest of the travelers had to take the same tests let her relax enough to cooperate. She hoped they didn't want to use this as her baseline blood pressure, though.

Jack started from the beginning, telling of their arrival on the planet, their brief exploration, their capture, Willow's unexpected entrance, their rescue, flight, and departure. He ignored the funny looks he got from the General, Carter, and Daniel. Teal'c and this Willow girl would have to back him up, and then they could put away that one-way ticket to the psychiatrist's office that the General was clearly itching to write out. It wasn't his fault his story was crazy. It might be Willow's fault, but definitely not his.

She was looking kinda nervous down at the end of the conference table. That was good. When unknowns got cocky on his turf, that's when Jack O'Neil got nervous. Willow didn't look too confident or menacing. She looked young and innocent and a little scared. He had the urge to protect her, but that was hardly surprising. He'd always had a soft spot for kids. And Willow was hardly more than that. She couldn't be as old as Danny. But none of that changed the fact that she had a whole lot to answer for. Regular Earth folks did not appear out of nowhere. The Nox did it, but they were definitely not normal. Crazy condescending flower children, really. Willow didn't seem crazy. Not like the Nox were, anyway. Or rather, her explanations were crazy, but that didn't necessarily mean... oh, hell, maybe she was crazy. She was going to have to prove that she could do what she claimed, though, Jack wasn't sure he'd want to see it.


Oh shoot, she was going to have to prove that magic existed. Why couldn't they just trust her on this? Well, ok, that would open up a whole new can of problems. If they really didn't believe in magic, they couldn't be some lingering branch of the Initiative. She was just going to have to float something, she supposed.

But Science Sam wasn't impressed. “That's not magic, it's telekinesis. We've seen it before.”

Fine, she conjured fire. “Still not magic, just pyrokinesis.”

“I suppose when I restored Angel's soul it was just psychi-kinesis? Geez, what can I do to prove to you that I know what I'm talking about?”

But she knew what she needed to do. She just needed to conjure something out of nothing. Only trouble was that she really didn't want to . It was really quite draining without the proper preparation, much more so than levitation or summoning elements. She didn't casually bandy about that much power anymore, and she'd already done a lot of magic earlier in the day. But somehow she knew she needed these people to believe her. What would she decide to make, though?

Willow closed her eyes and pictured her object, from the inside out. Light began to spin lazily in front of her, and the green, bug-eyed alien stuffed toy slowly began to materialize a foot above the table. When it was finally corporeal, her eyes opened, the lights faded, and the stuffed toy fell to the table with a bounce.

As the last thing she needed was to show weakness in front of military strangers, she tried, with some success, to cover her exhaustion. She wasn't fooling anybody, though, as Daniel asked, “Are you alright?” with all the concern befitting a great humanitarian.

“Oh, sure, I'm pea-ahh-chy.” Maybe she should try to explain without yawning. “I'm fine, just a little tired. Making something from nothing takes a lot out of a girl. Plus synthetic things are more difficult than natural things, so I would have just made some asparagus or something, but I was afraid that someone would call it plant-grow-kinesis or something. This was flashier, proof-ier. Did it work? Do you guys believe me yet?”

Daniel reached out a tentative hand and picked up the soft toy. He turned it over warily examining it closely from all sides, running his fingertips over the satin eyes, fuzzy face, and lurex jumpsuit. He squeezed it gently, before handing it to Sam with a slight, bewildered smile. Sam examined the toy, the table, the space above, around, and below the table desperately, hoping against hope to find another explanation, other than 'magic'.

Surely Willow used some sort of advanced alien technology to hide the toy, then reveal it at her need, like the Nox do. Though that wouldn't explain where she got the thing. She didn't appear to have it off-world, and it wasn't a very practical thing to have on her person at all times. As far as Sam knew, this image of aliens was a fairly recent Earth development. If Willow was actually from a world where telekinetic/pyrokinetic/invisibility technology was available, how did she get the toy, and how did she know about Indiana Jones? If she's actually from Earth, where would she get the technology, and how did she hide it so well? Not to mention the huge question—how did she get on to another planet without the SGC or the Russians finding out? Magic was sounding more and more like a reasonable explanation. Maybe Wilow had mind-control technology too... but—how can you know if someone is controlling your mind? Wouldn't the first thing they would do be to convince you that you were not having your mind controlled? That was a paradox she didn't really want to get into right now.

The End?

You have reached the end of "SG1? Safe Guarded One" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 22 Sep 07.

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