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Identity Unknown

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Identity". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: There is more to Jazmine Ren than meets the eye but what is it? And who exactly is she? second in series. BTVSHP XOVER. AU AFTER 4TH BOOK AND SEASON 3.

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Harry Potter > GeneralManyNamedChibiFR1343,794001,7115 Apr 0730 Apr 07No

En Route to The Bronze

Once again I own nothing but the plot, Jaz, and Essie. Harry Potter belongs to J.K. Rowling and Buffy belongs to Joss. And If you recognize anything else.... that means I most likely don't own it. Thank you for feeding my muse by reviewing.


Essie had occupied herself by trying to find out more about just who her sister’s friend was. He had this aura of power about him. She had fired one question after another at him, but all were answered answered as if he were in a daze.

“Where are you from?”She asked him

“A place called Godrick’s Hollow, just outside of London.” Jerimiah told her absently. He was looking longingly at where Jaz had led that hottie, Oz, to the storage rooms. He likes her. She realized.

Suddenly, Jerimiah asked “She introduced you as her adopted sister… why?”

“Our- my- parents were told they could never have children. They were devastated. Fourteen years ago, my mother was walking home from the grocery store, when she saw a light in an alleyway and heard a man’s voice. She thought someone might have been in trouble, so she ran down the alley. About halfway down, she saw a young woman sit up and look around. Mother questioned the girl, but she couldn’t remember anything. What had happened, where she was from, how old she was- she couldn’t remember. Mother wanted a daughter so our parents adopted her. I was born about six months later." Essie sighed, " Even though we're not related by blood, we've always been like sisters."

Jer nodded and smiled as Jaz entered the room, "I'm back!" she called, " Let me get my stuff and leave my keys on the desk for Willow."

"Who?" Jer asked.

"Oz's girlfriend. She comes to watch him while he's back there during the full moon." Jaz shivered," I'd do it but…." It reminds me too much of Remy's transformations. Where did that come from? Jaz didn't have time to worry about it, so she grabbed her bag and threw her keys down on the front desk for Willow. Jogging over to the others, she said, "I'm ready. Who's up for the Bronze?"

As they walked out of the school, the other caught up to her and Jer asked, "What, pray tell, is the Bronze?"

"The Bronze is the only hang-out joint in Sunny hell." Essie explained.

“Sunny hell? I thought this was Sunnydale. Hmmm, must have taken a wrong turn at Albuquerque.” Jer said, imitating Bugs Bunny.

The two laughed and Essie said, “Oh this is Sunnydale alright- during the day. At night, it turns into Sunny hell.” She looked at the sun setting behind a nearby graveyard. “You’ll see why soon enough.”

Jer tensed, but joked, “Should I be scared?”

“Cut it out Essie!” Jaz laughed. “Don’t worry Jer. The Scoobies are not strangers to things which go bump in the night. Besides, we have the Slayer on our side.”

“Sla-Slayer? As in, the Vampire Slayer? As in, the Chosen One- she who must stand alone against the forces of evil?”

‘Oh no!” groaned Essie, “we’ve found another Giles! What are you? Some kind of watcher?”

“Ah… um… no. I’m just your- um- average guy” Jer said nervously.

“Then how come you know so much about the Slayer?” Jaz asked him suspiciously,” And she doesn’t exactly fight alone. The Scoobies help her.”

“Who’re they?” Jer asked.

Jaz and Essie smiled at each other. “You’ll find out soon enough.”

The group rounded a corner and Jaz smiled. “there it is.” She said as she pointed toward a rundown building. “come on. The Slayers are waiting.” She grabbed Essie and Jer and pulled them toward the sound of a throbbing bass.

As they neared the door, Jaz saw the bouncer, her friend Max, shake his head. Max wasn’t the smartest person in Sunnydale, but he did realize that Jer looked extremely suspicious and out-of-place. Jaz looked at him and said, “He’s with me Max,” and led the two inside.
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