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Identity Unknown

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Identity". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: There is more to Jazmine Ren than meets the eye but what is it? And who exactly is she? second in series. BTVSHP XOVER. AU AFTER 4TH BOOK AND SEASON 3.

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Harry Potter > GeneralManyNamedChibiFR1343,794001,7255 Apr 0730 Apr 07No

At the Library

Anything you know is NOT mine, unfortunately. It belongs to either Joss or Mz. Rowling. If it were I would not have to write fics such as this. Or my others.
The first story is not nessecary for the first few chpters but there is a part where you will have to have read Diary of an Unusual Malfoy to understand. I suggest you read that first.
Thank You


Jazmine Ren laid down her book and rubbed her eyes. After three months, she had still not read through the large tomes which had escaped the high school library’s explosion. Sighing, Jaz put her glasses back on and began her reading anew. Suddenly, the doors burst open and a young woman walked in. She had long, waist length black hair, which she let hang loose, and warm brown eyes. Jaz, on the other hand, had shoulder length blond dyed black hair which she wore in a tight bun at the nape of her neck and cold steel grey eyes. The newcomer also contrasted Jaz’s taste in clothing by wearing a bright blue and purple outfit rather than something more comfortable like Jaz’s baggy blue jeans and faded green shirt.

“How’s it going sis?” The newcomer asked Jazmine.

Jazmine Ren snapped the tome shut and looked up at her adopted sister, Esmerelda Ren. “Tedious at best”, she gravely told the younger girl with a small smile at her slight British accent. Jazmine was roughly thirty and for the past fourteen and a half years, her accent was the only thing which remained of the past she couldn’t remember. Jaz mine sighed at her earliest memory: a dark alleyway and the woman whom she called mother worried about her at sixteen.

Esmerelda looked at Jaz, puzzled. Then she smiled and said,” I thought you liked to read, Jazzy-mine.” Jazmine glared at her.

“Novels, yes.” She said. “Crude faded tomes full of arcane spells and demonic references, no. That was Lils’ job.” Jaz finished sadly before shaking her head as if to clear it.

“Who’s Lils?” Essie asked her, picking up one of the normal looking books in front of Jaz. She opened the cover and glanced at the title before setting the book down again.

“I don’t know. I think she was- oh, what’s the point? Anyway, you know me better than that Essie."

"Yeah, but that doesn't mean I cain't bug ya bout it." Essie teased.

"Tease me again and your life is forfeit." Jaz threaten with a smile playing across her lips. "And 'cain't' isn't a word."

"Betcha wish your precious Harry Potter books were allowed on campus." Essie said as she walked up to a pile of unshelved books. Among the newer ones, which needed to be put in the system, forgotten, old leather-bound tomes sat, silently promising power to those who were brave enough to venture between their covers.

Jaz put her tome on the table and slowly stood up. "That's it,' she said, "com'ere!" Jaz jumped toward Essie, reaching out to catch her, but Essie was faster and ran to the other side of the table. Jaz ran to her right and Essie copied her, both giggling like school girls. Then Essie tipped a chair over and ran for the door. Jaz followed, jumping over the chair and narrowly missing its upturned legs. However, when she saw the two figures in the doorway, she halted and stopped giggling- though the laughter still gleamed in her eyes.

Essie could not stop, unfortunately, and crashed directly into the taller of the two newcomers. With her face a bright colored pink, she pushed herself out of the man's arms, and sad "I'm really sorry about that." She looked up into his face and gasped at the two shockingly blue eyes and a mop of unruly black hair.

"Are you ok?" he asked, his eyes sparkling with held back mirth. Though he was wearing American style clothing, his accent was strongly that of a Londoner- much like Jaz's only more pronounced.

"Jer! You're early!" Jaz said as she ran to the man and flung her arms around him. "I knew you said women were always running into you, but I didn't think you meant it literally."

"What can I say? I am a lady's man. How have you been Jaz? And who was that lovely young lady who ran into me?"

"Of course!" Jaz laughed "You haven't met. Jer, this is my adopted sister, Esmerelda. Essie, this is Jerimiah Potts. I ran into him in the library a few weeks ago."

"Oh, the research guy. Um, well, hi then." Essie blushed again.

"Um, Miss Ren?" Jaz's attention was drawn to the young musician standing next to Jer. He was dressed casually, wearing a pair of jeans and a flannel red-checkered button-up shirt over his solid red t-shirt. “I know I’m cutting it a bit close, but could you lock me in?”

“Sure, no problem. I’ll be back guys. Come on, Oz.” Jaz smiled at the man’s flame orange dyed hair. Now why is that so familiar? “Dye your hair again? I thought Willow said she’d hit you if you dyed it again.”

Oz smiled and laughed, “She did” he said. “And it hurt too. I didn’t know she could hit that hard.”

Oz followed Jaz to the back of the library to a door labeled ‘STORAGE’. Jaz took a key out of her pants pocket and opened the room. Oz walked in and opened the cage in the middle of the room. He climbed through the cage’s door and sat in the center of his area of confinement.

“Thanks, Miss Ren. After we blew up the old library, I didn’t know if I would find another place to handle my- ah- condition.” Oz smiled at Jaz and then turned to sit on the floor.

Jaz smiled a sad smiled and turned to leave. Before she closed the door she said,”Don’t hurt yourself too much. I’d rather not see Willow in mother hen mode this week.”

Jaz sighed as she locked the door. She could make herself do almost anything, but she could not make herself listen to that boy’s tortured screams near the full moon. It reminded her of something- of what she had no idea.
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