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Every Hunks Nightmare

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Summary: Entry to the spn_btvs weekly challenge. There is a little Accident, and Dean finds himself in Andrew Wells body! Oh the horror

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Supernatural > GeneralChosenfireFR151935011,0325 Apr 075 Apr 07Yes
Title: Every Hunks Nightmare
Author: Chosenfire
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: I DO NOT OWN. All recognizable characters and situations belong to Kripke and Whedon and I am not making a profit off this.
Prompt: Week 4 Body!swap
Word Count:1005
Characters: Dean, Andrew, Willow, Sam, Faith, and mention of Jo
Spoilers: BtVS post season 7, SPN season 2
Summary: There is a little Accident, and Dean finds himself in Andrew Wells body! Oh the horror

A/N: This is a companion piece to Pyrodescorpio2’s Every Geek Dreams, we all know what Andrew did in Dean’s body, now lets see what Dean got up to in Andrews. Remember to let me know what you think. This is for Week 4’s challenge for Team Winchester

Dean paced back and forth in the bathroom his mouth set in a grim line. Technically it wasn’t his mouth though, it was Andrew’s.

He was going to kill the little geek.

After he got his body back.

When Dean had touched the object Andrew had handed him something had happened and they had switched bodies. So Dean had got screwed and Andrew was now out there somewhere with his body.

Because once Andrew had figured out what had happened he had took off. Dean didn’t blame him, sure he could be pissed off at him but the kid for recognizing the golden opportunity he had been given.

Beside his body was damn sexy.

“C’mon Dean,” Sam’s voice came through the door pleading with him forever “you have to get out of there.”

“Are they back yet.” Dean demanded and winced at the childish and high pitched voice that emitted from the throat. Killing would be too quick, maim, he could maim the little rat.

There was a pause and then Sam said softly “No, but you can’t.....”

“Look at me Sammy.” Dean roared banging open the door and standing before his brother in all his geeky floppy blond hair glory “His boxers are Star Wars for Christ sake.” Dean glared up at Sam, and that was another thing. He thought there was a height difference before, now he had to actually crane his neck to see his brother.

“You looked at his boxers.” Sam clearly struggling not to laugh.

Dean narrowed his borrowed eyes trying to look intimidating and ground out flatly “I had to take a leak.” his voice telling Sam to drop the subject. He could still taste those damn mojitos in his mouth, what he wouldn’t give for a beer, or two, or three.

“Oh,” Sam looked from him to the bathroom “so you weren’t...”

“No,” Dean denied fiercely “I was not hiding out in the bathroom.” There was no way Dean Winchester would hide just because he went through a little body swaping. “Now give me your phone.” he was pissed, tired, the clothes we wore were itchy and too loose, and he wanted his body back.

Sam wordlessly handed him his phone and Dean grimaced as he called himself, after this he was going to be more careful about what he touched. Getting nothing but a recording he tossed the phone back to Sam and stormed off determined to make a bad situation into a slightly less bad situation.

He ruffled his floppy hair and put on the sweet innocent puppy dog smile Sam used all the time. “Hi you’re Amy right, the new Slayer.” when she nodded her cute little face breaking into a nervous smile Dean grinned “I’m Andrew, I have anal gonorrhea.”

Her eyes widened and Dean’s grin grew, oh yeah this was going to be fun. Teach the geek to ever run away with his body.


Dean rushed out of the bar his face pale. He was dead.

Sure he was now back in his own body, rippling muscles, snug jeans, a truly handsome devil but he now had a bigger problem.

Once Ellen found out what had happened, and she would find out, woman was crafty like that, Dean Winchester was going to need some serious divine intervention to keep his ass from being beat. Or a shotgun, not that he would shoot her, it was for himself.

He wondered if she would go any easier on him if she found out it wasn’t really him.

Somehow he doubted it.

He could still taste Jo on his lips and they still tingled from the contact.

He was going to kill Andrew.

“Where is he?” Dean asked Faith softly giving her a deceptively calm smile that could only spell trouble. His hand lingered on the gun in his back pocket.

“Dean.” Sam rushed out of the house ready to head off his brother.

“Not now Sammy.” Dean gave his brother a deadly smile and turned back to Faith “So where is he?”

“Boy must have done something bad,” Faith grinned “because you look about ready to throw down with him.” The Slayer looked Dean up and down appraisingly “It’s not that I like the pipsqueak but if I let you bruise him I’ll have B on my ass and that's a place I’d rather you be.” she grabbed Dean by the arm and started forcibly moving him away from the house “Now lets go get you a drink and you can tell me what he did.”

Sam mouthed thank you behind Dean’s back and Faith gave him a slow wink her arm sliding around Deans waist her body rubbing up against his.

“Good she got him.” Willow panted stopping beside him having ran outside to see if Faith had intercepted Dean.

Sam gave her an amused look “So where is he?”

Willow grinned “He locked himself in the bathroom. He refuses to come out until you guys leave.” An evil grin spread across her face “Apparently the girls think he is dealing with an STD, they’re making a gt well soon card.”

Sam laughed “Dean?” and Willow nodded. He looked at his watch “Lets go see how that card is coming, they won’t be back for a couple of hours at the least.”

The End

You have reached the end of "Every Hunks Nightmare". This story is complete.

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