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Distraction, Indeed

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Summary: Dawn's fighting a soul sucking demon and sort of gets sucked somewhere that doesn't suck... yeah lame I know but it sounded good in my head.

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Movies > Pirates of the Caribbean > Dawn-CenteredCountessMaryFR1813,977041,4275 Apr 075 Apr 07Yes
Title: Distraction, Indeed
Email: countessmary at
Summary: Dawn's fighting a soul sucking demon and sort of gets sucked somewhere that doesn't suck... yeah lame I know but it sounded good in my head.
Rating: pg-13/r
Pairing: Dawn/Jack
Notes: This one goes out to emeraldswan. She asked for this pairing and I don't know how it happened, but here it is. Plus, this is unbetaed because I'm at work and lazy.
Words: about 4000.
Disclaimer: This story is mine, the characters are not.

Some people like to think that things happen for a reason. They like to believe that fate has a grand design for all of us, that we are all destined to live a certain life.

Dawn doesn't.

It wasn't fate that brought her back in time. It was a stinkin' demon and a porthole.


"Dawn!" Buffy screamed as her sister was being rushed by several demons. She ran forward and, while Dawn was able to hold her own in most fights, the odds were stacked against her at the moment. "Xander! Take Kennedy and see if you can find a way out of this mess!"

As the fight intensified, Buffy began to see a gas emanating from one of the demons. He was about her height but muscular to the point of barely being able to move. His black skin seemed to be radiating heat or something so that a translucent gas was coming off of him.

"What the?" Dawn said after slicing through the last demon attacking her. Between she and Buffy, they had taken care of most of the demons in the small room of the warehouse. She had finally noticed the strange creature and followed Buffy over to it.

Even as they walked, the air in the room began to change. The walls behind him began to dissolve and they could see the moon and sky outside. The space around him looked like India ink being poured into water and it thickened with each passing moment. As they crossed the small space, a hole began to form. It wasn't a vortex like the ones they had seen before but it was definitely a gateway to somewhere else... a place neither Buffy nor Dawn wanted to discover.

Swords drawn, the Summers women approached the demon cautiously. Slow measured steps closed the final space between them. Buffy could feel her muscles draining the closer she came.

"What is going on?" she called over to Dawn.

"It's a Selesser demon!" Dawn yelled.

"And that means what to me?" Buffy screamed becoming weaker and weaker by the second. She was finally unable to stand anymore. Her legs buckled, sword dropping out of her hand.

"They prey on supernatural beings, Buffy," she explained while picking up her sister and pushing her out of the room. Buffy tried to wrestle her way free, but could barely move her arms, let alone put up any sort of a fight. When the door shut, Buffy could feel the strength slowly return to her body. She could hear Dawn struggling on the other side. Her grunts and yells further proof that the littlest Summers was still alive in there.

"What's going on, Buff?" Xander shouted from the other end of the long hallway. He was quickly at her side, worried at her lack of movement. She still couldn't stand, so when he wrapped his arms around to lift her up, she didn't protest.

"Some energy sucky demon. Get in there and help Dawn" Buffy ordered meekly as she pushed herself away from Xander and slumped against the wall.

Xander burst through the door with one last glance at Buffy. What he saw stopped him in his tracks for a split second. Dawn was being pushed through a black hole suspended three feet in the air while the space around her crackled with fire and energy. What was at first inky blackness was now stark white fading into the black of the hole. Xander watched stunned as the hole closed around her and the demon vanished in front of him. He walked backwards out of the door.

"She's gone."

Buffy fell into his arms as she watched the walls reappear where there had been the stars and sky only moments ago. Her strength was slowly returning from the effects of the demon but the energy was sucked out of her just the same.


Dawn fell with a thud.

"Ow," she whined, rubbing her right arm. A large bruise was sure to form where she'd fallen and even though she had fallen onto sand, she still managed to dislocate her shoulder. Shaking some of the sand out of her hair, she slowly stood up using the sword in her left hand as a cane of sorts. She was bruised from the fall and the fight, her clothes were torn from the sharp claws of the Selesser, and she was plopped down in God knows where.


There was nothing around her as far as Dawn could see. She limped toward a grouping of palm trees. Slowly raising her right arm, she pushed it against the trunk of the tree to try to pop her shoulder back into place. Tears formed at the corners of her eyes as the pain in her shoulder intensified even as things moved back into their proper place. The knowledge that this was a helpful process didn't help Dawn at all when she was seriously craving a bottle of Aspirin.

From the bushes behind her, Dawn heard voices approaching. Having nowhere to hide, she simply gripped her sword a little tighter and prepared for whoever or whatever was going to come over the ridge.

"Really, darling," she heard as the voices came nearer. "You know I love you, Martha."


"Right," the voice slurred. "Maria."

Dawn watched as two people came through the brush, completely oblivious of a strangely dressed woman holding a sword behind her back. They walked towards the water, though she wouldn't have used the word walk so much as stumbled. Both very obviously drunk or at least doing a smashing impression of it, they sat down on the sand. With bottles of some brown liquid, which Dawn assumed to be rum, they sat and drank.

She noticed that their clothes were old. The woman's dress was something out of colonial days and Dawn was reminded of Disneyland when she looked at the man's coat. His hair was long and black with beads and trinkets hanging from it. The woman was voluptuous and nearly falling out of the top of her dress. Her scarlet hair was curled into ringlets, which fell down her neck. It only took a few more swallows but the man collapsed back onto the sand. Dawn watched as the woman pulled something from his belt, a pouch of some sort. She smiled, gave the pouch a shake, and left him lying alone on the sand jingling as she walked.

Dawn was, by now, standing behind the group of palm trees, and the woman passed her without even a glance. She came out of her hiding place and slowly walked toward the catatonic man in front of her. He was lying on his back, rum still in one hand. Dawn now had more of an opportunity to observe him. Black hair, dark skin, and unwashed clothes, but he seemed to be perfectly comfortable in it.

The nearest she could understand, she was somewhere in the tropics and had either gone back in time or had deposited herself on an island that played dress up in a serious way. It was already dark as she sat down on the sand and alternately watched the man and the horizon. The sun had long ago fallen underneath the water, and Dawn was actually starting to get cold. It had been warm in Italy when she'd left. Her now ventilated T-shirt and jeans weren't going to be enough against this cold.

Shivering, she subconsciously scooted toward the man who was passed out next to her. Holding her arms to her chest, Dawn cursed herself for even thinking about what she was about to do. It was stupid, it was careless, and probably dangerous, but she was tired, covered in cuts and bruises, and getting colder by the second. Sending a silent prayer up to whoever would listen, she inched her body closer and closer to the man. She hoped that he was like Spike when he drank, passing out for hours at a time. Cautiously inserting herself into the hole made by his shoulder and chest, Dawn sighed. It was warm, and he smelled, oddly enough, really nice. She could just lie next to him until the sun came up again, and then figure out a way to get herself some new clothes and back home.


Jack's eyes fluttered as he groaned himself awake. It had been another one of those nights that he was never going to remember but his body was sure telling him part of the story. The sun was low in the morning sky and Jack was grateful for at least that. A headache was telling him to find some more rum to dull the pain of a wicked hangover. He looked down and saw the half empty bottle of rum by his hand and smiled. It was only then that he noticed the, now sleeping, Dawn nestled into his side.

"That was unexpected," Jack said with a raised brow.

She was quite comfortably sleeping on him, but he didn't remember her at all. This was not something new to Jack as he'd had plenty of rude awakenings with the women from Tortuga. More often than not though, they were gone in the morning, as was his...

Jack felt for his money purse and, as he had expected, it was missing. Then why, if the money was gone, was this woman still snuggled to his side? She looked clean from the part of her hair that he could see. He titled his head to the side to get a better look at her face. She had small cuts and bruises by her lip, but she looked pure. She looked like she could wake up at any time and run off with a child on each hand. He imagined her to be wearing a white gown with a thousand different undergarments. He found himself to be pleasantly surprised when he finally lifted his head and found her in form fitting trousers and a garment he could only guess as to it's nature.

A little bit of spice with the sugar, he thought to himself.

It was at this moment Dawn started to wake up. Not even thinking about where she was or what was going on, she went right into sense memory. The last person's chest she'd slept on was Xander's and that was for lack of beds, not because of any kind of relationship.

"Xander, what time is it?" she said, groggily.

"Dunno who Xander is, luv," Jack said with only a tinge of irritation at her not knowing him. "Captain Jack Sparrow's the name."

Dawn shot up off of him and stared at him, suddenly remembering everything.

"Oh, shit," she bumbled as she jumped to her feet, automatically getting into fighting stance. "Who are you?"

"Think we covered that," he said smoothly as he sat up and looked at her. She was ready to fight. Not since he'd been with Elizabeth Swan had he seen a woman so completely at ease with taking care of herself. "What we haven't decided is who you are."

"I'm Dawn Summers," she said, not dropping her guard.

"Well, Miss Dawn," Jack began, standing up slowly, grabbing the rum bottle as he stood, "it seems that one of us fell asleep on the other and before said person did so the other person fell asleep drunk on the sand. Now I'm not sure which one of us is which, but I'm willing to wager that you're not sufferin' from an overabundance of drinking this morning."

Taking a big swig of his rum, Jack shielded his eyes to have a better look at the youngest Summers woman. She was thin but curvy in all the right places. He noticed her clothes were torn and she had cuts surrounded by small amounts of blood on her trousers.

"What have you been into, Miss Dawn?" he asked, partially curious and partially concerned for her.

Only at this question did she let her stance relax a bit. "You wouldn't believe me if I told you," she said, walking away from him to pick up her fallen sword.

"I doubt that, miss," Jack said with a smirk. "I've been a party to some pretty weird things, myself."

"Oh, of course," Dawn said, her voice laden with sarcasm. "I was attacked and shoved through an inter-dimensional portal by a soul eating demon. You?"

Without even a beat, Jack smiled. "Nearly killed twice by a band of undead pirates."

"Nice," Dawn said, finally dropping her guard and smiling. She moved her right shoulder around, testing it for pain. "So, Captain Jack Sparrow, where the hell am I? More importantly, when the hell am I?"

"You're in Tortuga in the Caribbean, luv," Jack explained. "As far as to when, I've right no idea. What time was it where you were?"

"Two thousand five," she answered with a sigh.

"Think you're a bit lost. Looks like you might need a bit of shapin' up, lass," he said, indicating her scrapes. "Might need to get you into town for some new clothes as well, though I can't say I don't enjoy what you've got on at the moment."

"If I wanted to be undressed, Jack Sparrow, I would do it myself. I don't need your eyes doing it for me. I would like to get a shower or a bath or something."

"I'll show you the way, luv. Straight ahead," he said pointing toward where he had come in the night before.

The old little pair walked, mostly in silence, toward the town of Tortuga. Jack had quite a fondness growing in his chest, and in other places, for this fiery young woman. He watched as she confidently made her way through the forest of sorts and rocky terrain that surrounded the island. She stopped as they entered the town.

Had he been looking up, he would have noticed her eyes darting from place to place trying to take in the town that he frequented. Had he been looking up, he would have seen her jaw drop at the prostitutes and Johns strutting around like there was nothing wrong with it or strange about it at all. But Jack hadn't been looking up, he'd been watching her ass move in her jeans and had been quite content to do just so. This wouldn't have been a problem except that he hadn't really been watching where they were going and when she stopped he slammed into her back, sending the both of them falling into the street.

"Ever so sorry, luv. Wasn't watching where I was going," Jack said in smiling apology.

"Yeah, you were watching my ass," Dawn said with a raised eyebrow.

A normal man would have had the decency to look ashamed or at least embarrassed. A normal man would have tried to deny such behavior. Jack, however, was not a normal man and he just smiled at her, his face splitting into the sexiest smile Dawn had ever seen. At a smile like that, it was all Dawn could do to smile back.

"So? A bath?"

"I'd love one, not that I need it," he said, giving himself a sniff. "This way, Miss Summers."

"I don't know what you think we're going to do in there, Mr. Sparrow," Dawn said as Jack led her to the nearest bordello.

"They are the only places on the island that had baths of any sort, let alone the kind a woman like yourself would want to get herself into," Jack quickly explained.



After a hot bath and the ability to wash her clothes, Dawn was a much happier person. Granted, she was standing around in a man's shirt and a pair of very loose fitting trousers, but she couldn't very well wear her wet, torn clothes. It was just a guess, but she figured these clothes had probably seen some action as well.

"Knock, knock," a female voice said from the other side of the door. It opened, and Dawn smiled when she saw Sylvia, the woman who had, not only drawn her bath, but had given her the clothing she was currently enjoying. Leave it to a prostitute to make a girl from the future feel at home.

"Oi, luv, you look every bit the idiot in those clothes," she said with a laugh.

"Don't I know it," Dawn agreed, "but there was no way you were going to get me into one of those flooofy numbers."

"And there's nuffin' between 'em?" Sylvia countered indicating her own simple dress.

"I like ya, Syl," Dawn giggled.

"Not so bad, yerself, luv. 'Sposed to ask if 'ers anyfin' else you wont."

"Wouldn't mind something to eat and drink if you've got it," Dawn said rubbing her stomach.

"I'll have Jack bring you sumffin' up," Sylvia said with a smile as she began to close the door. "Watch your stern with that one," she warned.

"Yeah, already learned that one," Dawn laughed as she felt the new bruises on her arms, "the hard way."

Sylvia laughed and then promised, "I'll send 'im up right quick."

"Thanks, Syl,"

A few minutes later Jack appeared at her door, freshly bathed and baring a large metal plate with two smaller ones loaded with food.

"You're my savior, Jack!" Dawn said as she grabbed her plate off of the platter and sat down to devour her chicken and vegetables. "You bring anything to drink?"

"Of course," Jack said. He produced one very large jug.

"What is that, exactly?" Dawn asked not trusting this already drunk man.

"Rum, of course," Jack said without a second thought and with drawn out swig of said rum.

Dawn rolled her eyes when he offered her a drink as well, but took it from him anyway. She tipped the jug and the first taste of actual rum rolled along her tongue. Dawn had drunk before, she'd even had rum, but it was nothing like the liquid she was now consuming. It was like tasting the difference between skim milk and real cream. She coughed as it hit her stomach and Jack looked at her and smiled.

"Wow," Dawn said in a forced whisper as the full hit of the rum smacked her.

"Have more bread," Jack advised. "It'll put your stomach back in."

Dawn ripped off a piece of bread with her teeth and began to chew. "That's some strong stuff there, Jack," she said, her mouth still half full.

"Got a punch to it, to be sure," Jack admitted. "That's why I like it."

Dawn took another drink. It burned less this time and she was suddenly very hungry. She tore through her plate like a woman who hadn't eaten in years. She had a brief thought about the last time she had eaten: a pizza and popcorn with Buffy and Xander the afternoon before her lovely encounter with vortex boy.

It didn't take long for Dawn to be both full and drunk. Jack was fresh as a daisy, enjoying the show Dawn was providing. After five long pulls of rum, she had begun to talk, at length about her family, friends, the things they'd done, demons they'd fought.

"And the whole time, do you think I ever got to have a boyfriend? No. Buffy managed to have several, but then blah blah blah 'I'm the Slayer, everybody loves me' ya da ya da chosen one blah. I mean, it's not like I've never been with anybody before, because Hello! Would you say no to this body? I'm telling you, in a strappy top, some tight jeans and a pair of the right shoes... I'm hot."

Dawn looked down at her outfit and grimaced, very obviously upset with her current clothing.

"I look like a little boy in his Dad's clothes," she said with a whine reminiscent of her freshman year in high school. It ended with a pout that reminded Jack of Elizabeth. Her full lips also reminded him that this drunk beauty in front of him was well... drunk and in front of him. He slid next to her on the bed she was sitting on.

"No, luv, you look beautiful," he said, speaking honestly, but mostly saying what every woman longs to hear.

"No I don't," Dawn argued. "I look like an idiot in these clothes. I should have let Syl put me in one of those foofy numbers. I wouldn't have looked quite so stupid." Dawn paused for a moment and then began to untie the strings holding her shirt closed. "I'll just put my old clothes back on. Even all ripped they look better on me than this.

"No arguments here," Jack said as he leaned back on the bed, putting his hands underneath his head.

Dawn had been half finished pulling the string out when she realized she was going to have an audience. It really didn't occur to her drunk mind to have any problem with it, but she stopped, still revealing the dip of her cleavage.

"If you think I don't know what you're doing, you're wrong," Dawn accused, pointing her finger at Jack as she walked toward him. "You're trying to get me drunk," she said, swaying as she walked. "Well, it's not going to work, Mister," she said as she plopped down on the bed next to him. "Besides, ya didn't need to try," Dawn said as she grabbed the front of his shirt and kissed him.

If this was how women acted wherever Dawn was from, sign me up for the next portal, Jack thought as he was sufficiently ravaged by this young woman's mouth. Hands and mouths were not still as the pair of them got to know each other's bodies a little more intimately. There might not be fate, but Dawn felt like she could go on kissing this man forever. All thoughts of returning home to her family and her world flew out the window when his lips and teeth followed the path down her neck. Her breath caught in her throat as she cocked her head to the side to allow him to continue this delightful torture.

"Oh," she sighed. "You are really good at that."

"I'm better at other things, Miss Summers," Jack said as he nipped at her neck once more before returning to her lips. Pulling her willing body on top of his, he slid his hands down her back and cupped her ass over the ridiculous pants she was wearing. Dawn moaned into his mouth and then pushed herself free of him. Her brain had finally caught up with her libido and there was something she had to say.

"I just want you to know that I have every intention of getting back to my own time."

"Of course you do, luv," Jack said smoothly, his fingers tracing patterns on her neck and back. "I wouldn't have it any other way, in fact, I think I'm going with you."

With that said, their embrace heated up once again. There was giving and taking, teasing and tormenting and by the end of it all, Dawn and Jack fell back onto the bed, breathless.

"Even if I don't get back," Dawn said between gasps, "you may prove to be a wonderful distraction while I'm here."

"Wait til you see my ship," Jack said with a lascivious grin. "There's much to see and... um... do there," he finished while gliding his calloused fingers along her inner thigh.

"A wonderful distraction, indeed," Dawn said in a hitched tone as she latched onto his neck, beginning her own wicked torture.

The End

The End

You have reached the end of "Distraction, Indeed". This story is complete.

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