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Songs in Time

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Summary: The Doctor and Martha find Sunnydale to be quite strange -- sure, it looks pleasant enough with the bright, sunny skies, and chirping birds, but why is everyone singing and dancing?

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Dr. Who/Torchwood > General(Past Donor)sulwynFR711,232021,3836 Apr 076 Apr 07Yes
Title: Songs in Time
Author: sunsulwyn
Rating: FR7
Disclaimer: The BBC owns Doctor Who, and Joss owns Buffy. So... yeah, not mine. This is all in good fun.
Characters: Buffy, Giles, Anya, the Doctor, and Martha
Spoilers: For Buffy through season 6's "Once More, With Feeling", and for Doctor Who vague spoilers through the newest series in that the story features Martha.
Distribution: Here, at Teaspoon, and at my LJ. If anyone else wants it, just ask.
Notes: Well, this popped into my head, and I had to get it out. It's short, but it seems very much like something that would happen to the Doctor. Constructive criticism is greatly appreciated. Thanks for stopping by, and enjoy it!

Songs in Time

“So, where are we this time?”

The Doctor followed Martha out of the blue police public call box, locking the door and slipping the key into the pocket of his tan trench coat. “Sunnydale, California. We’re slightly in your past – it’s 2001.”

Martha unzipped her leather jacket, slipping it off and draping it over her arm. “What time of year is it? It’s awfully warm.”

“November, actually – but we’re in California! The Sunshine State!” The Doctor paused, his brow furrowed, “No, wait – that’s Florida.” He flashed Martha a wide smile, “California – The Golden State! Admitted to the union on 9th September 1850. It’s 250 miles wide, 770 miles long, and about 33.8 million people reside here. The capital is Sacramento, but the largest city is Los Angeles. It’s the home of grizzly bears, Death Valley, and Hollywood!”

“Yeah, alright – I get it,” Martha broke in, smiling despite herself. He’s just so cute when he rambles on like that, she mused. “So… what are we doing here, then?”

“I thought we’d do a bit of sightseeing.”

“And bring down an evil regime, or something?”

The Doctor ran a hand through his hair, giving his companion a puzzled look. “What?”

“Well, that’s the way of it, isn’t it? We go somewhere to do some sightseeing, and we end up running for our lives and taking down some evil government or rescuing innocent villagers or what have you.”

“Not this time, Miss Jones,” he said, amused. “I’m afraid this time we’re just here for a quick jaunt.” He turned towards the mouth of the alley where the TARDIS had landed and motioned for Martha to follow. “Let’s see what’s about in Sunnydale!”

The day was bright and beautiful. The sun was shining, the birds were singing – and people were dancing in the streets. They walked along what appeared to be the main road in the downtown area. People were dancing, singing, and all the while had their own music accompanying them – but neither the Doctor nor Martha could see any instruments or stereos.

“Is it like some kind of joke? Is the whole town like in a musical or something?”

“No,” the Doctor grinned broadly, “it’s a spell.”

Martha regarded him dubiously. “A spell,” her tone flat and disbelieving. “Doctor, there’s no such thing as magic.”

“Really? I could’ve sworn there was.” He smirked, “Y’know, I was Merlin once.”

“As in King Arthur’s Merlin?”

“The very same. Sort of.”

“Sort of?”

The Doctor shrugged. “It was complicated.” He was distracted by a shop just up ahead. “Oh! There we go! I bet they can tell us what’s going on!”

He jogged up to the store and quickly went inside. Martha trailed behind, pausing in front of the shop’s window. “‘The Magic Box’?” She scoffed, “You’ve got to be joking.” However, the Doctor was already inside, and so Martha reluctantly opened the door and followed.

The Doctor was chatting with a very lovely blonde woman behind the front counter. There was an older gentleman in an upper area of the shop that was filled with books, and another attractive blonde was sitting at a table; the shop seemed to be rather at a lack for customers.

“So I said to her, ‘Of course magic is real!’ But she just wouldn’t believe me!” The Doctor was gesturing to Martha, apparently telling the saleswoman how they came to be in her shop. Martha hurried over to the Doctor’s side, despite the rather loud laughter of her companion and the saleswoman. “Ah, Martha! I was just telling Anya about you.”

“I heard.” Martha glared at the Doctor, then held a hand out to Anya. “Martha Jones.”

“It’s so good to meet you, Martha! I love meeting the people who travel with the Doctor!” Her accent was pleasantly American.

“So you’ve met the Doctor before, then?”

Anya nodded, smiling brightly. “Oh, we’ve known each other for about… six hundred years? My linear time, of course.”

Martha raised an eyebrow, shifting her gaze from Anya to the Doctor, then back again. “Six hundred years? You’ll forgive me if I don’t quite believe you. You don’t look six hundred.”

“Oh, you’re so sweet!” Anya beamed. “You didn’t tell me she was sweet, Doctor!”

“Yes, that’s Martha! Sweet as sweets, she is!”

Anya giggled, “In any case, I’m well over a thousand years old.”

A sigh came from above them, and then there was a sound like a very large book being slammed down. “Anya,” a tired British voice said, “do you even know how to keep a secret?”

“But Giles,” the young woman pouted, “I already know the Doctor, and his companions are always trustworthy people!”

The girl at the table glanced up from her drawing, giving Anya a brief smile. “Give it up, Giles – you can take the girl out of the demon, but you can’t take the demon out of the girl.”

Giles glared down at Buffy, “I’m not sure that even made sense, especially in reference to Anya.”

The Doctor winked at Martha and then cleared his throat. “I think it’s about time for proper introductions all around, don’t you?” He gestured to himself and Martha, “I’m the Doctor, and this is my traveling companion, Martha Jones.” He pointed to Anya, “That is Anya Jenkins, formerly known as Anyanka, patron saint of Scorned Women. She was a vengeance demon for well over a thousand years.” He gestured up to Giles, “You, my good sir, are Rupert Giles, former watcher and currently owner of this very shop. Finally,” he motioned to Buffy, “that is Buffy Summers, the Slayer – yes, with a capital ‘s’! The Chosen One! Slayer of vampires and demons and people who kick puppies!” He grinned madly, “Any questions?”

* * * * *

The Doctor unlocked the door to the TARDIS and allowed Martha to precede him into the ship. He hung his jacked up on the coat rack, then ran up to the center console and began flipping switches and levers, spinning this and pumping that. Martha just sunk onto the jump seat, not really paying attention to what was going on. “So!” The Doctor clapped his hands together, startling Martha out of her reverie. “Where to next?”

She stared at him for a few moments. She’d been silent ever since they left the Magic Box. He came to stand beside her and placed a hand on her shoulder. “Martha?” His voice was laced with concern, “You all right?”

“Magic is real.”

He blinked, then nodded. “Yes.”

“And,” she took a deep breath, “so are vampires, demons, and other nasty creatures?”

“Most definitely.”

“…and people don’t know about this?”

The Doctor smiled kindly, “Just like how people don’t know about aliens? Come on, Martha – is it so outside the realm of possibility, after all you’ve seen?”

“I guess not,” she finally gave him a small smile. “It’s just a bit shocking, I suppose.”

“Nah, it’s just ordinary for us, isn’t it?”

Martha laughed abruptly, “We don’t do ordinary.” She took a deep breath, “So I really just met a Vampire Slayer? And a former demon?” The Doctor nodded. “Brilliant.”

He grinned, and she returned it. “Exactly.”

The End.

The End

You have reached the end of "Songs in Time". This story is complete.

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