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Strangers in a Bar

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Summary: Faith and Teal'c get to know each other -- or not /Update = MINOR EDITS only/

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Disclaimer: The Buffy characters belong to Joss and/or Mutant Enemy. The Stargate characters belong to ... umm .. well, not me. "Gekko"? Are you sure? OK, Gekko. I'm kinda glad that's not me, actually....

AN: This story is set in a universe not very far from the Father Goose universe -- highly recommended -- among others. Faith and Xander are traveling together with a couple of newbie slayers. In this story they are passing thru Colorado Springs and stop in a bar with music and dancing. Also in the bar.... Well, read on.


Strangers in a Bar

“Hey there, tall, dark and handsome. Dance with me.” Danny turned his head to hide a smile. Carter grinned openly at him, and O’Neill smirked into his drink.

“I am sorry,” Teal'c answered in his stiff way, “but I do not dance.”

“I’ll teach ya,” she said, taking his arm and pulling him onto the floor. Carter’s and O’Neill’s smiles turned quickly to looks of consternation.

“Carter, did she just…”

“Yes, sir. She just dragged Teal’c onto the dance floor.”

Danny turned back around quickly. “Is she…?”

“I didn’t feel anything from her,” Carter answered.

“Well, maybe he changed his mind. Maybe he wanted to dance with her after all.”

“Then why is he just standing there like a big Jaffa lump?”

“Maybe he doesn’t know how.” They watched silently for a few seconds.

“Besides,” Carter added, “she’s doing more than enough dancing for both of them.” They watched for a few seconds more as the brunette danced first around him and then, more and more, onto him. Then

“OH!” they cried, and turned away from the scene. A few more seconds passed.

“Maybe one of us should rescue him?”

“You wanna cut in on them, Danny-boy?”

Jackson risked a quick backward glance. “No, not so much.”

“We’ve got to do something, sir.”

O’Neill looked pained for a moment, then brightened. “The song’ll be over soon.” He peeked back over his shoulder and suppressed a shudder. “Then this will all just be a bad memory.” He took a mouthful of beer and swallowed slowly. “A very bad memory… that we can hold over Teal’c’s head for the rest of his life.”


“Come’n meet my friends.”

“I think I should be returning to my friends.”

“Nah, they’ll be fine for a little while, and my friends wanna meet ya.” Once again she pulled on his arm, and once again he found it hard to resist. He did not want to exert his full strength against this small woman, but that would not usually have been necessary. He would have believed she carried a symbiont, but he felt nothing of that from her. A normal, if exceptionally strong, Tau’ri woman. And now her friends.

“Hey, guys, this is ‘Murray’. ‘Murray’, these are my friends -- Michelle, Gita and Xander.” Her friends smiled, waved and said “Hi.”

“Greetings,” was all Teal’c could manage to say before Faith (as she had introduced herself on the dance floor) pressed him down into a chair that had clearly been dragged in just for him.

“Have a seat,” she said as she pushed him down, snagging her own chair with her left foot to pull it right up next to his. She draped herself over his arm and kept a light but constant hold on him as she addressed her friends. “‘Murray’ tells me he’s from a small town right here in Colorado – what was it, ‘Chewbacca’?” Xander smirked at her and she stuck her tongue out at him. Teal’c did not understand the by-play.

“Chewbacca is the Wookiee from Star Wars – an excellent movie that I have now seen ten times. My home town is called Chulak.”

“Right, Chulak. So, you are from Colorado, but I bet your folks are from away – one of them, anyway.”

“My folks?”

“Your mother and father. With that accent, there’s no way you were raised by locals.”

Teal’c paused in thought as Faith and her friends calmly waited for him to answer. At last he decided to do so. “My ‘folks’ are from Zambia.”

“Really,” said Xander. “What part?”

“The eastern part.”

“So Petauke, Chipata, thereabouts?”

Teal’c paused. “My parents are from that area, but it is a small town; I do not think you would know it.”

“Well, I visited a lot of small towns in Zambia. Chimasula, Maluwa, Nyanda? Maybe Kandepwe or Kaoma? Am I anywhere close?”

Teal’c could tell now that they didn’t believe him, but he remained outwardly placid. “It is a small village. It is called Cord’ai. I have never been there myself, so I do not know what other towns are near it. It may be that Nyanda is near by, but I cannot be sure. I would have to inquire of my… ‘folks’.”

They didn’t believe that, either, but it left them with no obvious lie to seize on. Teal’c found himself enjoying the sparring, and wanting to know what was behind it. He hoped that his team mates would not interrupt before he found out.

“Yeah, Xander here spent a couple a’ years in Africa for his job.”

“Indeed? What is your work?”

“I was recruiting for my company. We find people with special skills and help develop them. We’re also interested in, umm, people,” and here he glanced at Faith, but she didn’t seem to react at all, “with exotic backgrounds.”

“What would you consider an exotic background, Xander?”

“Well,” he said, leaning back, “lemme ask you this. When you have a family gathering – when your relatives come over from Zambia – are any of them, ah, circus people?” Teal’c raised an eyebrow, but did not otherwise respond. “Any of them got any, ummm, extreme skin conditions?” Teal’c tilted his head, but again did not respond.

Faith made an impatient noise with her lips. “Murray, are any of your cousins freaks?” One of the girls made a small gesture at Faith, and she said “I see ‘em.” Teal’c was momentarily confused, but suddenly realized that his team was approaching.

“Heya, buddy,” O’Neill said. “Who are your new friends?”

“Colonel O’Neill., these people are Michelle, Gita, Xander, and Faith.”

“No last names?”

“They have not chosen to share them with me.”

“Well, you know,” Faith said, “I wasn’t sure if we were close enough to be on a last name basis. Most guys it kinda taxes their mental limits to even remember your first name.” Then she leered at them, “And when I’m done with them, they’re lucky if they remember their own name.”

“And it’s not like you told us your last name, either, ‘Murray’.”

This comment was followed by a brief silence, broken at last by Gita. “So, are you going to introduce us to your friends?”

“This is Colonel O’Neill, Major Carter, and Daniel Jackson.”

“Soldiers, huh.”

O’Neill was about to object, but Xander beat him to it. “They’re probably Air Force, not Army.” He looked up at O’Neill. “On the base or in the Mountain?”

“In the Mountain. And speaking of which, I think we need to be getting back. So if you guys are done here?”

“Well I ain’t done, but if you guys are gonna go, I guess I’ll have to find some other big man to do me.” She leered at them again, and Xander rolled his eyes. O’Neill kind of agreed, but somewhere deep down inside a voice was yelling out “Hey! I’m a big man!” He ignored it.

“Come on, uh, Murray,” he said to Teal’c. “It was nice meeting you… all,” he said, looking around the table, coming at last to Faith. She smirked at him, and he wondered if he was that annoying when he smirked at others.

Teal’c stood and joined the team, but paused before walking off with them. “There are no freaks in my family, Faith. I wish you luck in your search for people with exotic backgrounds.” The others looked at him strangely, but the people around the table didn’t react at all. There was a brief exchange of goodbyes and SG-1 walked off. Once they were out of earshot O’Neill turned to Teal’c and asked

“What was that all about?”

“I do not know, Colonel O’Neill. You arrived before I could determine the purpose of their questioning.”

“Actually I was talking about the ‘dancing’,” O’Neill said.


“Well?” Xander asked when they were out of earshot. Faith shushed him impatiently, then grinned, and Xander remembered that a Slayer’s earshot is a good deal greater than most people’s.

“What’d they say?”

“They were laughin’ at his dancing.” Xander raised an eyebrow. “He used the air quotes,” she added.

“Ah, well, then – people of taste. And, just to be clear here, they are people?”

“The three of them are clean. He’s the only one that felt… odd.”

“But not demony?”

Faith shrugged. “It wasn’t any demon I’ve ever run into before, and it didn’t really feel evil.” The others nodded; though their experience with demons was very limited, their Slayer senses came with an evil-meter built right in.

“Well, then, non-evil guy hanging out with three humans whose only known flaw is being in the Air Force. Shall we call in the Big Guns? Get Buffy to burn down the Mountain while Willow neutralizes all their weapons?”

“Nah, let’s just dance.” She took his arm and dragged him onto the floor. But this time there was no irresistible force, and no resistance at all.


The End

You have reached the end of "Strangers in a Bar". This story is complete.

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