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Another Key

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Summary: Tess found out she's another key

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Television > Roswell > Dawn-CenteredDawnDreamerFR13315,235021,1527 Apr 077 Apr 07Yes

Return to Antar


AUTHOR: Spacey


DISCLAIMER: Don’t own the shows, or the Wedding Song. I just owe the plot.

SUMMARY: After they killed Kivar and Glory, they decided to return to Antar


CATEGORY: Crossovers

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is a fic that is part of a Trilogy, first one is Another Key, second one A Trip to Sunnydale and then this one Return to Antar


Previously Tess and the other Roswellians decided to go to Sunnydale for a vacation. Max proposed to Tess and she accepts his proposal. In Sunnydale, the group is warned that danger is waiting for the group from Roswell. Maria was attacked by a vampire and was sired. Kivar and Glory still looked for the two sisters and the Royal 4. Nicholas told them that he heard that the group knows that Liz and Alex aren’t dead. The group decided to return to Roswell trying to locate their two missing friends. They are on Antar~ and this is the Finale. ~*~ ROSWELL
Max looked at Tess as she sat next to him; he knew that they have to return home, but what if this was a mistake. He was about to tell her they must stay on Earth when Isabel came into the CrashDown,

“Max, we need to decide when we are returning”

“Are you sure you want to do this? You don’t know if they will welcome you back there,” he asked her

She sat down and said,

“Yes, you’re right, but I don’t have a choice. If Alex is there then what better time to tell him I love him”

He looked over to Tess and asked,

“What do you think? Do you think we must return?”

“You know my feelings. Kivar is dead and Antar needs you now”

“I know that, but I’m too young to rule a planet.”

“You are not too young. When you first took over your father’s kingdom, you were a mere fifteen year old…”

‘And just look what that brought me?”

“You are stronger now, Max”

“Are you sure?”

“I believe in you,” she replied. With those words she kissed him.



Dawn sat in the living room looking at her friends as they talked,

“Men, they are all the same!” she heard Anya say

Dawn sat in the living room looking at her friends as they talked,

“Men, they are all the same!” she heard Anya say.

“All of them just want to rule us,” Buffy exclaimed

She sat there and said,

“I’m so glad that I’m not in a relationship.”

Buffy turned towards her sister and said,

“You just wait a few years and then we’ll talk again.”

The door opened and the rest of the Scooby Gang came waltzing inside. All the girls looked at them and started to laugh.

“What are you laughing at?” Xander asked.

“Oh, nothing,” Anya hick-upped.

She didn’t want to tell her fiancé about the conversation she just had with her friends. Xander walked over to where she sat and kissed her. He looked at Dawn and asked,

“Have you heard from Tess yet?”

“No, but she promised she’ll e-mail me tonight”

Buffy looked at Dawn and told her she’s glad to have two sisters to care for. Dawn stood up from the chair and walked outside. She looked with awe at the stars as they became visible. She wondered what Tess was doing now.



It was a calm evening in Roswell; Tess sat in her room in the Valenti household. She was browsing through wedding magazines with a smile on her face. Then it struck her, what if they got married before they return home? It was a brilliant idea. She went to the living room and picked the phone up then dialed Max’s number.

“Isabel here,” she heard a voice say

“Hey, Isabel. Is Max there?”

“Oh, hi Tess. Yes, I’ll call him for you.”

As she sat on the sofa she could hear Isabel scream,

“Hey, Max. Get your butt downstairs. Tess is on the phone!”

“Coming,” she heard Max yell.

For a while there was silence and then she heard Max.

“What’s up Tess?”

“Not much; just want to know if its all right if we set a date for our wedding?”

“You sure you want to do it now?”

“Yes, I want to get married before we return home”

“When did you decide we should get married?” he asked.

She thought a little and then said,

“How about two weeks from now?”

“Okay, it’s fine by me.”

Before she hung up she said, “Love you Max.”

“Love you too Tess.” she heard and placed the phone back.

Tess went to the computer and decided to email Dawn and tell her about the plans.



Dawn was surfing the Web when she found a notice on the screen “You’ve got Mail”

As she opened the folder she saw that it was from Tess


Subject: Wedding

Hey, there sis. It’s been a long time since we spoke or emailed each other. I’ve got some good news for you. Max and I decided to set a wedding date. I hope you all will be free two weeks from now. I would love to have you all here.

Your sis Tess

Dawn stood up from the chair and walked to Buffy and asked,

“Hey, Buff. What do you have planned for two weeks from now?”

“O, nothing. Why?”

“Well, I just got an email from Tess and she said her wedding day will be in two weeks and she wants us there.”

“Then we’ll have to get ready for it.”

Dawn was so exited about the wedding that, that night she couldn’t sleep at all.



It was the day before the wedding; Tess was a wreck not knowing what to do with all the flowers for the reception. Then there is still a matter of who would be the Maid of Honor. As she stood in the boutique, getting the last adjustments done to her wedding dress, it came to her. She remembered that when she first married Max on Antar, Isabel was the Maid of Honor and it would bring back pleasant memories if she were the Maid of Honor again.

“There you go. Miss Harding. The dress is perfect”

“I hope Max likes it.”

“O, but my dear, he will.”

Tess was so happy that it was visible on her face. As she walked out of the store she walked straight towards Isabel and asked,

“Isabel, I know that you don’t remember this, but you were my Maid of Honor on Antar and now I want you to be my Maid of Honor again.”

“Tess, I would be honored!” Isabel shrieked

They walked towards Maria and they told her the good news.

Maria was exited to be one of the bride’s maids and then she asked,

“Tess have you decided what song you and Max would open the dance floor?”

“Yes, as a matter of fact I did, but it’s a surprise”

The day went by fast and Tess was sitting in the CrashDown waiting for her family from Sunnydale. She was about to give up hope, when she saw their cars.

Dawn and the rest came into the café and looked at Tess and said, “

Hello Tess.”

“Hi, Dawn. I’ve been worried about you”

“Sorry to be late, it was murder to get out of Sunnydale”


They talked about everything imaginable when suddenly Dawn looked at her watch. “Tess, just two hours left and then you are married.”

“Um, about that. We decided to return to Antar after the reception”

“What, you’re not serious?”

“Unfortunately I am.”

Dawn was so crestfallen to hear that Tess’s plans to leave her, but she understood.

“ Will I ever see you again?” she asked.

“Probably not, but I hope you remember me.”

The hours went by so fast and when Tess could find herself she was standing next to Max saying her vows. Suddenly the Pastor said,

“You can kiss the bride.”

Max bent down and gave Tess a gentle kiss.

“Ladies and gentlemen I give you Mr. and Mrs. Max Evans.”

They turned around while the whole congregation clapped.

As they walked towards the reception area; she asked to be excused for a minute and with that she went towards the DJ. She whispered in his ears and gave him a CD.

“Ladies and Gentlemen. I just got a request from the bride and she asked me to play this song. Would the bride and groom please come to the dance floor?”

Max took Tess’s hand and led her to the middle of the hall. As they positioned themselves this song began to play,

”Come to me now, lay your hands over me Even if it’s a lie, say it will be alright And I shall believe. Broken in two, I know you’re onto me That I only come home, when I’m so all alone But I do believe That not everything is gonna be the way You think it ought to be It seems like every time I try to make it right It all comes down on me. Please say honestly you won’t give up on me And I shall believe” As the song played on Maria turned towards Isabel and said, “That song was Liz’s favorite” “I know and it seems to be Tess’s favorite too.” Tess looked deeply into her husband’s eyes and said with passion, “Max, I love you with my entire being and will always be there by your side.” Max smiled and kissed her and said that he would give up the world for her if she wanted it. The entire group looked at the newly weds and whispered, “I wonder how their planet would react to know that they are returning?” “I hope with joy” Dawn replied ~*~ ANTAR
The planet learned from one of the spies that Kivar was defeated on Earth.

Larek looked at the observatory and said,

“Soon they will return”

“What about Vilandra?” one of the guards asked.

“She doesn’t remember the treason.”

“Are you sure about it?”

“She was shocked to learn the truth and she said that she would never do it to her brother.”

They spoke about what kind of welcome would be appropriate for the group, when one of the soldiers came inside and said,

“Sir, I just got information that there are two humans being held captive in the castle”

“Can you tell me who they are?” Larek wanted to know

“I believe the one is an Alex Whitman and the other one a Liz Parker”

“Those two have been held captive here, while the King and all his friends believed they are dead.”

“That’s not all sir, I heard that in a few hours from now the King will return with his wife and sister and the general, but there’s a human that is going to join them.”

“Then get your stuff ready to receive them.”

“Yes sir” the soldier saluted and left.

“I wonder why a human would join them.” Larek asked and left the conference hall.


EARTH~THE CAVE The group went to the cave and as Max opened the cave, they went into it with heavy hearts. Dawn and the others followed them into the cave and stood there looking at awe at the Granilith. “Are you sure that you guys will fit in there?” Buffy asked “Yes, it was designed for us and we will survive the trip,” Tess said. Max went towards the Granilith and placed the crystal in the slot. The relic came to life with a soft hum and as they made ready to enter it; they looked at the sisters and their friends and said, “We will always miss you and remember that you all will be in our hearts.” “Tess, I just found you and I don’t know if I can lose you” Dawn cried Tess looked at her sister and walked to her, “Dawn, I know how you feel, but I have to go.” “I know. It’s just…I’ll never see you again.” Isabel looked at her and said, “I could always help her to visit you in your dreams.” “Promise?” “Promise” Suddenly a light came visible and they all placed their hands on the ship and disappeared into the Granilith. It shot out of the cave and with that they disappeared. ~*~ ANTAR When the ship descended onto the planet, the five occupants could feel the anticipation. Tess and Max held hands as if it was the last touch they would have. Isabel was scared, she didn’t know if the planets in this system forgave her for her treason as Vilandra. Michael and Maria on the other hand were happy to be together. Without warning the door of the Granilith opened and as they stepped out of the ship they could hear the cheers echoing. They looked up and for the first time in years they saw joy. Larek stepped forwards and looked at the couple and said, “Welcome, home. Sire” with those words Larek gave Max the crown Max placed it on his head and handed the smaller one to Tess. She too placed it on her head and walked into the crowd. Isabel followed them and a hushed voice came in a distance saying that she was there, the second beauty in the kingdom has returned. The same hushed voice followed Michael and Maria, but this time it was because he fell in love with a human girl. Max and the rest of the group entered the castle and as they claimed the throne a bright light surrounded them. Max looked at Larek and asked, “What happened since I left?” “Well, Sire. You know most of what happened here, because Kivar told you on Earth. All new activity is that we found two humans in the dungeons.”
”Can you bring them to us?” “Certainly.” He signaled to the two soldiers and told them to bring the two humans forward. The doors opened and the two humans came into the throne room. Isabel looked up from her chair and saw Alex stepping forward. She ran towards him and hugged him, “Alex! I can’t believe it!” she said.
“Hello Isabel” he replied.

Max looked at Liz and said,

“Hello Liz.”

“Hello Max, how are you?”

“Well, glad to see you are okay and I’m married now”

“I’ve heard. Congratulations”

“Thank you”

She walked towards Tess and said,

“I’m sorry for what I said about you.”

“Don’t worry. I forgive you.”

They hugged and decided not to think about what happened in the past.

“What are your plans now, Your Majesty?” Larek asked.

“We are going to eradicate the rest of Kivar’s followers and then I’m going to get some memory retrieval done.”

“You still can’t remember much of your past?”

“No, and it is starting to bug me.”

Suddenly an explosion ran through the castle and some of the soldiers came running into the throne room,

“It’s time for action, sir,” one of them said and he looked at Michael.

At first Michael didn’t know what he was supposed to do. But when he looked at Tess he came into action.

“Okay, let’s do a counter attack and flush them out!” he ordered.

“Yes, Sir” the soldier saluted and ran to the regiment.

As Maria looked at Michael she felt more love for her boyfriend than ever. Maria walked to the window to see what was happening. Suddenly she stumbled backwards and with eyes wide she looked at Michael.

“Maria!” he screamed and ran towards her.

The royal court was speechless to see the devastation.

Maria, her hand over a bleeding wound through her belly, looked helplessly at Michael and whispered,

“I’m sorry.”

“Maria, please don’t die on me,” Michael cried

“I love you Space boy” she said and closed her eyes

Michael held her in his arms and rocked back and forth. Tess went towards Michael and placed her hand on his shoulder and said,

“Michael, I’m so sorry.”

“Why did she have to die?” he asked

“Why does anybody have to die?” she asked

One of the soldiers came into the throne room and looked at Max and said,

“Sir, the last of Kivar’s men perished.”

“Good, now we can focus on rebuilding the five planets.”

Tess looked at Liz and said,

“Will you be able to help us?”

“What do you want me to do?”

“I want you to go to the other system lords and tell them that the rightful king has returned.”

“I can do that” she said and left.

Alex looked at Isabel and asked,

“What are we going to do?”

“Why don’t we try to rebuild our relationship?”

“Good idea” he replied and kissed her.

Tess looked at the two and smiled, she hope that those two can live happily ever after

“Max, I want to send a message to Dawn.”

“Okay, tell her that we are fine and that we’ll miss them.”

“I will, but before she left she asked,

“Aren’t we going to tell them that Maria is dead?”

Max looked at her and said,

“I don’t feel that it is crutial to tell them. They didn’t know her that well”

“Okay” she replied and left with Isabel to the royal chambers. She closed her eyes and signaled to Isabel that she can begin. Isabel took Tess’s hand in hers and closed her eyes.



Dawn was lying in her bed, trying to sleep. She still couldn’t forget Tess and all the things she wanted to tell her. One of the things she wanted to share with her sister was the fact that she’d decided to go to L.A and help Angel and Cordelia fight against the forces of evil there. As she closed her eyes she got the message from Tess.

“Dawn. We are fine and just want to tell you that we found Alex and Liz, but Maria was killed in the last fight against Kivar’s men. Tell Buffy and the others that we will think of them”

Dawn woke up and went to Buffy,

“Buffy, Tess visited me and told me that they are fine, but I think I have to tell you something”

“What is it?”

“Sunnydale isn’t big enough for two slayers. I decided to go to L.A and help Angel there”

“Are you sure?”

“ Yes.”

“Okay, but be careful.”

“I will.”

With that, Dawn left and drove towards Las Angeles.



Tess opened her eyes and sighed, for such a long time she dreamt about being back on Antar and now her dream was a reality. She’s with Max and now Antar will have peace again. She turned towards Isabel and said,

“I’m glad you found Alex. Now you can live in peace”

“Me too,” she said.

The End

You have reached the end of "Another Key". This story is complete.

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