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Another Key

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Summary: Tess found out she's another key

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Television > Roswell > Dawn-CenteredDawnDreamerFR13315,235021,1527 Apr 077 Apr 07Yes

Chapter One

AUTHOR: DawnDreamer
DISCLAIMER: Don’t own the shows, just the plot
SUMMARY: Tess finds out that she’s another key. Surprise! Liz turns out to be a shape-shifter
CATEGORY: Crossover
AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is my fourth BTVS/Roswell Crossover fic
SPOILERS: Some of Season2 of Roswell and post-The Gift Season five Finale of Buffy
AUTHOR’S Note2: I decided to bring Angel into this fic too.

A somber day for the gang in Sunnydale, Buffy died trying to save Dawn from an untimely death.


Dawn sat in the Magic Shop, looking at the photo album with the last pictures that were taken of her and Buffy. She started to cry and stood up looking for some familiar faces. As she waited for the others to return she noticed a letter inside the album. It was addressed to her and with that she opened the envelope

‘My Dearest Sister
When you read this letter, I would probably be dead by now, but I feel that I had to share this news with you. Glory didn’t know that there were two keys that the monks made human by using me, but the second key isn’t quite human. When I saw the monks they told me that they used DNA of humans, which was mine and DNA that was alien. I know that you won’t believe a word of it, but it’s the truth. You must tell the others about her before Glory finds her. Her last know location was in Roswell, NM

Love~ your sister Buffy

Dawn looked at the letter and a tear formed in her eyes, to know that she might have another kindred spirit in this world. The door opened and she could see the rest of the gang coming in,

“Dawn, what’s wrong?” Anya asked

Dawn sat there and wiped the tears from her eyes and gave the letter to her friend. Anya read the letter an with astonishment she looked at Giles and walked over towards him,

“Giles we must go to Roswell as soon as possible”

“Why?” he wanted to know

She showed him the letter and could see the surprise on his face. For a while he didn’t say a word and then said,

“Get your gear and contact Spike. We are going to Roswell!”



It was night in the small town; everyone was trying to get a well-deserved night’s sleep. In Tess’s room at the Valenti’s the scene was rather disturbing: Tess had a nightmare

A slender looking girl was fighting a monster that wasn’t quite Antarian or a Skin. Suddenly the girl looked up and saw Tess eyeing her, and then she said,

“You are more than a human/alien hybrid. You are a key that needs to be protected

~End Of Dream~

With a jolt she woke up and sat bewildered in her bed,

“I…I need to talk to Max” she said to herself.

She went to the phone and dialed Max’s phone number,

“Max here,” she heard a sleepy voice say

“Hey there, Max. Tess here”

“Tess, do you know what time it is?”

“Yes, sorry about that, I just needed to speak to you”

“What is it?” he asked

She told him about the dream she had and that she felt her life was in danger. The Max told her that they would all meet at the CrashDown the next day. Tess placed the receiver back and tried to get back to sleep.



The morning went by uneventful everyone was in a rush. Dawn was pacing her room, agitated, all her life she thought that she was alone and now she must learn that she wasn’t. Tara came into her room and looked at the small girl, sitting on the bed with a teddy bear that Buffy gave to her,

“Dawn, I know that you miss her, but you have to move on with your life”

“Life, what kind of life do I have?” she scolded, “Buffy sacrificed her life to save me and now I had to find out that I have to find another one like me somewhere in this vast world”

She started to cry and hugged the bear close to her heart.

“Just be strong” Tara whispered

Day progressed into night and all of them were waiting for Spike to arrive,

“Everyone here?” they heard Spike ask

“Yes,” they answered in unison”

“Then let’s go”



The group sat in the CrashDown talking about what to do for graduation, when suddenly Tess told them about the dream she had,

“What does it all mean?” Isabel wanted to know

“I don’t know, but all I could think of us that it means I have to be careful”

Liz looked at Tess with hatred in her eyes, knowing that she took Max away from her. Slowly she stood up from her chair and walked out. She knew deep in her heart that she had to destroy Tess. Luckily, Nicholas gave her an option that she could betray the Royal 4 if she wanted to and he even gave her a telephone number if she decided to do it. She dialed the number and waited,

“Yes,” she heard from the other side

“Nicholas it is I, Liz. I decided to take your offer”

“Good, what news do you have for me?”

She told him what she heard and that it was time for them to get to Roswell as soon as possible.

“I’ll tell Kivar the news,” he said

With that, she placed the receiver back and went back inside the CrashDown. Innocently she looked at the aliens and asked,

“What are we going to do now?”

“We just have to wait and see” Max replied

They decided there to take their separate ways and with that they left the CrashDown. Tess was still in a state of shock about what happened, but decided not to let it interfere with her judgement.



Dawn looked again at the letter, knowing that this was her last connection with Buffy,

“What am I going to do if we don’t find her?’ she asked

“Don’t worry, Luv” Spike said, “We will find her”

They sat there in silence and Dawn drifted off to sleep. While she slept, she got a visit from Buffy,

Dawn looked at the sky and saw the clouds gathering. While she stood there, she saw a person approaching her. As her eyes got accustomed to the light, she saw that it was her sister,

“Buffy, why did you have to die?”

“Dawnie, Listen to me. The reason I died is to safe you. You are very important”

“Not important enough to know the truth”

“It’s not that I withheld it from you, it’s they asked me not to reveal it to you until you were ready to face the facts”

“What’s going to happen now?”

“Well, you have to help your sister with this news and tell her about the thread Glory imposes on you. Just remember one thing, your sister is an alien so she knows how to protect herself”

Before Buffy disappeared, she looked at her sister and said,

“I will always love you, Dawnie”

Dawn stood there and saw Buffy vanish before her eyes


Slowly she opened her eyes and looked around. She saw Anya and Xander whispering into each other’s ears, the only two awake. As she turned around to look outside, she could see the sign saying,

*Welcome to Roswell: Home of the Aliens*

She looked at the group and said,

“We’re here”

Slowly they woke and saw the familiar signs of Roswell.

“Where would we find her?” she asked Willow\

“I don’t know, we just have to search for her”

They stopped the camper at a restaurant called The CrashDown and stepped out.

Liz saw the group enter, looked at Maria, and said,

“They are in your section”

“I’m on my way,” she said smiling

As she walked up to the group, she said,

“Good evening, my name is Maria. What can I get for you?”

Dawn looked at the menu and said,

“I’ll have a Galaxy Burger, a plate of Pluto fries and a Saturn milkshake”

With that, the entire group gave their orders to Maria. She left them and gave the list to Michael. The CrashDown’s door opened up and Max came into the café with Tess besides him. Tara looked at the two and saw a light coming from Tess,

“I…I think I found her”

“What are you talking about?” Giles asked

She pointed towards the blonde girl and said that she had the same light around her that was around Dawn.

Tess and Max sat down in one of the booths and waited for Isabel’s arrival. As they waited Tess looked at Max and said,

“I don’t know what I’m going to do with these visions I had”

Max took Tess’s hand in his and said,

“Don’t worry. I’m here for you”

As they spoke to each other, Isabel came into the CrashDown and went over to where the two sat. Tara, and the others looked at the aliens and said,

“I think it’s time we reveal ourselves to them”

Dawn looked at her and nodded,

“I agree” she stood up and walked towards the aliens.

“Excuse me, may I have a word with you for a moment?”

“Sure” the two said in unison

Dawn sat down and told them the reason why they were there. The look on Max’s face was of pure surprise, to know that his ‘wife’ was also a key to the destruction of Earth.



Glory looked at the teenager that stood in front of her and said,

“So the Slayer had two sisters”

“Yes, they were in their way to Roswell the last time I spoke to our spy”

“Then what are we waiting for?”

Glory looked at the two new allies she made in the quest to find her key. Now it isn’t just one key, but two keys. What the second key does was still an enigma to her. Kivar on the other hand looked at the blonde woman in front of him, so powerful, yet so weak.

“I know them well and I must sat they won’t give up easily”

“We just have to try” she replied



The news that she was just a pawn in a sick game shook every fiber of Tess’s being. First, she thought that she was someone’s destiny, then to know that she had another destiny. She left the CrashDown teary eyed, Max wanted to go after her, but Dawn looked at him and said,

“Let me go and talk to her”

“Sure” he sat down and saw Dawn leave the café.

Dawn saw Tess standing on the far side of the café and walked up to her,

“I know just how you feel. I felt the same way when I heard who I was”

“How did you take it?” Tess wanted to know

“Not easy. I still remember the day our sister gave her life to safe me and believe me when I say she would do the same for you if she was here”
Tess looked at Dawn with questions in her eyes and asked,

“What am I going to do now? First I found out about my destiny from another planet”…with that she pointed her finger upward, then continued, “now I must find out that my life is also in danger from an unknown entity”

“Well, she’s not quite unknown” Dawn told her then what happened.


Buffy: Dawn

Dawn: Buffy…no

Buffy: Dawnie…I have to

Dawn: No!

Buffy: Listen to me! There’s no time, Dawn, please listen,”

In addition, she brings Dawn close so that she can speak in her ear. Buffy spoke for a short while, then looks Dawn in the eye. She wipes a tear away, taking a moment to memorize Dawn’s face. She kisses her, and, dived towards the platform


The air was so thick with tension you could cut it with a knife. Both sisters sat there speechless, knowing exactly what the other one would say,

“Would we be able to destroy her?” Tess asked

“I don’t know, we have to ask Giles that”

They stood up and walked back into the CrashDown. All the attendants inside the café looked at the sisters as they walked towards the booth where Giles and the group from Sunnydale sat. Again, Liz walked out of the café with just one objective in mind, the destruction of Tess. She took the phone and dialed Nicholas again,

“Speak to me” she heard from the other side,

“Nicholas, I just want to tell you that the group arrived in Roswell and just revealed Tess’s purpose to her”

“Are you sure about this?” he asked

“Yes, so you better get here”

Liz could feel a smile creeping up on her face. At last, Tess would die for destroying her life. She didn’t even bother to return to the CrashDown, she decided to take a stroll.



Nicholas stood there with his phone in his hand and looked at Kivar and Glory,

“The group is in Roswell,” he said finally

“What are we waiting for? I need my keys”

“We’re on our way”, Kivar said, “Get our stuff” he ordered Nicholas

“Certainly sir” Nicholas saluted his master

A few minutes later, they left Sunnydale in pursuit of the two keys and the royal four. Nicholas sat there with a smirk on his face thinking how surprised Zan would be to find out that his True Love on Earth was the one who betrayed them.



The excitement of the revelation of who Tess really was died soon and they decided that it would be better if they get a good night’s sleep. Unaware of what the next day would bring, the two sisters decided to have a sleepover and talk about their older sister. When they finally went to sleep Buffy was waiting for them on the dream plain


Buffy stood there on the Dream Plain looking at her two sisters as they approached her. She looked so peaceful as they walked towards her, but it was a mirage. Buffy was deeply troubled knowing what would happen to them. Suddenly she started to talk,

“I’m so glad to see the two of you together, but I must warn you. Glory have learned the truth of your existence Tess”

Tess looked at Buffy, then around her and back to Buffy then asked,

“What am I going to do now, and how did Glory find out about me?”

Buffy sighed and said,

“You have friends that are willing to risk their lives for you, but every alliance have a traitor and it’s that person who can break the alliance”

Tess’s face fell with shock and started to tremble with fear,

“Is the traitor Isabel?” she asked almost immediately.

Buffy looked calmly at her and said,

“No, it’s not. This person will reveal herself later.

For a while, they spoke about their lives without Buffy there to guide them. Buffy took Dawn’s hand in hers and said,

“Dawnie, I might be dead, but I give my slayers power to you” a bright light left Buffy and entered Dawn through her hands. Buffy, then turned towards Tess and said assuring,

“Remember the enemy of my enemy is my friend”

“What do you mean by saying that?” before Buffy could answer that, Tess woke up. Tess was in a daze when she woke up, she could see the sleeping form of her sister on the next bed and felt pity

The sound of a bath running woke Dawn up; the feeling of Buffy’s power and spirit was tangible in her body. She stood up and looked out the window. It was as if a huge weight has been placed on her shoulders,

“Finally, you are awake” she heard Tess talking behind her.

She turned towards Tess and the evidence of tears was on her face,

“Tess, I don’t know if I can fill Buffy’s shoes”

“You have to tell your friends, but just keep quite about this towards my friends”

“Sure thing” with that they were dressed and walked towards the CrashDown.

Every one was already there and waited for their arrival. Dawn looked at Giles and said,

“We need to speak in private”

“Sure” they walked to the far side of the café before Dawn spoke,

“Last night I got an epiphany and I must say it caught me off guard”

“What is it?”

“Well, Buffy visited Tess and me through our dreams and told us that there was a traitor amongst us, then she took my hands and gave me her Slayer’s power””

“What! You’re not serious?” he asked astounded

“Yes, I am”

“What are you going to do?” he asked

“Well, I want us just to tell Spike about my circumstances, no one else”

“Sure, but soon you would have train”

“I know, but I want Spike to be my sparring partner”

They went back to the booth and ate their food. They decided to tell Spike that same evening of what happened. The day went by uneventful when Dawn and Giles stood in the cemetery, looking for Spike.

“Hey there, Niblet. How are you holding up?” she heard Spike behind her, she turned around and looked at him,

“Just fine. As you know we found her”

“Well, that’s good news, but you looked troubled. What’s wrong?”

Dawn sat down and told him what happened the past few days and that she ‘s the new slayer now. This news stunned him, but he knew that it was bound to happen. He looked at her and asked,

“What are you guys going to do?”

“Well, we first decided to trap the traitor and see what happens after that”

“Just let me know if there’s something I can do for you”

“Sure”, they left Spike in the mausoleum and went back towards the town

They went back towards the CrashDown and Dawn walked up towards Tess and asked,

“Do you have a plan to get the traitor out in the open?”

“Yes, I thought about telling the group that I know how to defeat this evil and that we are going to make sure that it happens according to the plan”

Liz was standing by the door, looking outside when she saw three figures from across the street. She looked around, hoping that no one sees her walking out. She opened the door and walked across the street. Willow looked up just as she heard the door close and looked outside. She saw how Liz went over to three figures and recognized Glory immediately,

“Houston, we’ve got a problem,” she uttered out

“What are you babbling about?” Xander asked

She told him to look outside and as he walked towards the window, he looked outside and was stunned.

“I think you guys must see this,” he said to Max.

Max and the others went towards the window and Tess said,

“I think we found our traitor”

“What are you talking about?” Max asked

Tess told him about the dream and that Buffy told them that there was a traitor amongst them,

“I just can’t believe that it’s her,” Isabel said

“I know just how you feel” Max said

Liz looked at the three and said that she was glad that they made it at last. Now she can stop pretending and destroy Tess for good,

“Are you sure that you want to do this?” Kivar wanted to know

“Yes, I’ve never been this sure about anything in my life. She destroyed my life”

“Just remember one thing. Once you got the deed done you can never turn back”

“I understand,” she said

“Can we get a move on I need my keys!” Glory said annoyed

“Yes, yes. We will get to that”

As they turned around Liz saw the group looking out the window at her. She, then, knew that now she can’t hide from the truth anymore. With her head held high, she went into the CrashDown,

“What…what happened to you?” Maria asked her friend

“Nothing, I just decided to go into another direction”

“Yes, straight into the direction of treason” Michael shouted

She glared at him, but ignored him. Then she looked at Tess and said,

“I believe someone is looking for you” with that she pointed towards Glory

Both Dawn and Tess turned towards the door and saw Glory standing there with a grin plastered on her face.

“I believe you belong to me,” she said towards the two sisters

“I don’t belong to you or anybody else”

“You bitch! Didn’t you ruin my life enough!”? Liz screamed

“What are you talking about?” Tess asked

Liz looked at her and then to Max and said,

“You took away the only man I ever loved. That’s why I did what I did”

“I didn’t take Max away from you. He was never yours to begin with”

“What a touching moment Ava. I need an encore!” she heard a person say behind her. As she turned around, she saw Kivar for the first time.

“You are not welcome here,” she said

“Oh, but my dear. I am here to stay

Max looked at the man that stood next to Glory and Nicholas. He knew who it was, but he wasn’t ready for the confrontation with the past. He turned towards Tess and Dawn and said,

“If you guys need someone to fight. You can rely on me and the others.”

“Thank you, Max”

They turned their back on the group that came and went back into the CrashDown. Glory was really pissed when she saw Tess and Dawn leave. She looked at Kivar and asked,

“How am I going to get my keys now?”

“Don’t you worry about that. They’ll surrender eventually”

“That’s you think” Nicholas whispered

“What do you mean by that?’ Kivar asked

Nicholas told him what happened in the past with the aliens and now that there’s a new ally things could become dangerous for the Skins.

“Then we have to move fast,” Kivar said

In the CrashDown Tess stood with Dawn and tried to find out as much as possible about what Glory really is and why she wanted them,

“She needs our blood to go back to her dimension, but that’s not all, the only way she can get our blood is by killing us”

“That won’t happen” Tess replied

“What are you going to do to prevent it?”

“I’ll think of something”

With that they decided not to think about it any longer. Liz looked at the two with anger and resentment written on her face. She knew what must be done, but all the decision-making was up to Kivar and that was the best thing that can happen.

Willow and Tara stood in their motel room with their Book of Shadows open on the restoration spell. They are planning to restore Buffy.

“I hope we know what we are letting ourselves in for”

“I hope so too, but it’s our only chance”

They started to recite the spell and saw a light enter the room. It was then that they saw Buffy materialized. Buffy stood there, looking at the two before she spoke,

“Why did you summon me back?”

“Buffy we need your help with Glory again”

“How can I be of any help if I don’t have any powers?”

“That won’t be any problem. We’ll help and give you power”

Again they stood around Buffy and recite another spell. A white light came into the room and surrounded them, slowly it entered Buffy and she was filled with power.

“Now, where’s my sisters?” she asked
“Come with us and we’ll take you to them?”

As they left the motel room Buffy could see that if Willow and Tara risked their sanity to summon her this was a matter of life and death. Willow knocked on Dawn and Tess’s door and waited,

“Coming!” they heard Tess

Tess opened the door and was stunned to see Buffy, but invited them in. she told them to sit down while she looks for Dawn. Tess went into Dawn’s room and stuttered,

“I…I think you must go downstairs”

“Why?” Dawn wanted to know

“You must go down and see for yourself”

Dawn stood up and walked towards the living room. When she saw Buffy sitting next to Tara and Willow she stood there dumbstruck,

“How did this happen?” she asked

“We…we used a restoration spell and called her back”

“I missed you sis”

Buffy hugged back and said,

“I missed you too”

They sat down and Buffy asked them what they found. As Dawn told her about the whole incident outside the CrashDown and who the traitor is, Buffy said that it was time to take action. Tess called Max and said that they should meet outside the UFO Centre. As they walked towards the Centre Tess felt like something was about to happen, but she didn’t know what it was. As Max and the others waited for Tess and the others he looked at Giles and asked,

“What do you have on the Second Key Tess is supposed to be?”

“We don’t know. We are still looking for the information the Watcher’s Counsil has”

Max looked up and saw five people walking up to them,

“Hey there Giles” he heard one of the people say.

“Buffy…what are you doing here?”

“I heard you are having trouble with Glory again. So I decided to join in the fun”



“How am I going to destroy Zan if he doesn’t remember me?” Kivar asked

Liz looked at her leader and said,

“I don’t know if he would ever remember you”

“That is where you are wrong” Nicholas said

“Do you have something?” Kivar asked

“Well, we have a drug that can sedate him and then we can use the memory crystal on him”

“Are you sure that it can work?”

“It worked on Lonnie, she did remember her life as Vilandra, didn’t she?”

“I can slip it into his drink” Liz said

“Sure” then he handed her the vial

As Liz took the vial from Kivar, she felt a smile creeping up her mouth. Now it’s time for revenge and nothing is going to stop her. She walked to the CrashDown and saw Maria take a tray of sodas and burgers to the gang. She walked up to her ‘friend’ and said,

“I’ll take it to them”

“Are you sure?” Maria asked doubtful

“Yes, I am” she replied

As Maria walked away, she slipped the contents of the vial into a glass of coke and took it to Max,

“Here you go,” she said

As she walked away from the group, Max looked at her and said to the others,

“I’m so disappointed in her. I never thought that she would betray us”

“You can say that again,” Isabel, said, then she asked, “Where is Tess?”

“She decided that she want to spent the evening with her sisters”


Tess looked at Dawn and Buffy and said,

“I wish I knew what my purpose as the Second Key is”

Before Buffy or Dawn could answer her Giles came into the room with Spike behind him and said,

“We got the information and it seemed that Tess can be responsible for an apocalypse if we are not careful. She can be dangerous if she ever fell into the wrong hands”

“Is there no way to avoid them?”

“No, unfortunately not. But there’s one way, but I want to ask Buffy if she wants to do it”

“What?” Buffy asked

“Well, I thought about asking Angel and Cordelia to come and help us”

“Well, you know how I feel about them, but now we need all the hands in the fight. So contact them”

Giles picked up the phone and dialed Angel’s office number.




Cordelia was sitting at her desk, deep in thought over a previous case they just solved when she heard the phone ring,

“Angel Investigations. We help the needy”

For a while there was silence, then she screamed,

“Angel phone for you!”

“From who?” he asked

“Um, Giles” she replied

“Patch him through” he said

“Will you please hold on? I’m placing your call to him”

Angel was sitting in his office doing the last report of the day when he answered the phone,

“Angel here. Oh, hello Giles. How may I be of help to you?” he asked

For a while he listened to the person on the other side, then he said,

“I’m on my way. Tell Buffy that I’m looking forward to see her”

He placed the phone back and said to Cordelia,

“Get your stuff ready, we are going to Roswell”

“Why there?” Cordelia wanted to know

“It seemed that they are having major Glory trouble”

“Oh, no! Not that bitch again!”

“It seemed that way”

They decided to take the next flight to Roswell and try to help the gang with that trouble again.



Night came expeditiously and Max decided to go too bed earlier than normal, he didn’t know what has happened to him. It felt like his energy was tapped and as he placed his head on the pillow he drifted off to sleep.

“Okay, it’s time. You can go and place that miracle crystal on his head and see if it will work” Liz whispered

Nicholas climbed into the window and went over to Max. Gently he placed the crystal on Max’s forehead and activated it. After the activation he climbed out again and said to Liz,

“We have a monitor at the lair, so let’s go back and see what Max remembers”

“Ooooh, I can’t wait” Liz screamed

They climbed into Nicholas’ ’67 Sedan and drove to their base of operation. Kivar and Glory was already there waiting for them and when they saw the two Kivar knew that it was time for Max to remember Vilandra’s treason, death of Rath and Ava, but most of all his own death.



Zan stood next to the war counsil asking them if they resolved the Kivar situation

“Rath, what news do you have for me?”

“Sire, I fear that the news isn’t good”

“Spill it” Zan ordered

“Well, it looks like Kivar seduced your sister and she decided to work against you ad support Kivar”

“That can’t be! She won’t betray her family” Zan screamed

“Oh, but it is the truth, Your Majesty!” they heard a voice answer from the door.

“Kivar, what have you done to my sister?”

“Nothing, she just decided to follow her heart and by the way. Look at the monitor”

Zan turned his face towards the monitor and saw how some of Kivar’s men drive a dagger into his wife’s heart. As he saw her fell, he could see the anguish in her eyes. He bowed his head and sat there motionless. Then he heard another scream coming from the monitor, this time he saw his sister die and as she fell, he saw her lips forming a phrase,

“I’m sorry”

He looked up and looked at Kivar and asked,

“What are you going to do?”

“Just what I wanted to do since the day you became king”

First, he drove a sword into Rath’s heart and saw him die, and then he walked over to Zan and drove the same sword into the King’s heart. As they left the room Zan’s mother came into the room and when she saw her family mutilated like that she decided to do the noble thing and that is to take the four’s essences and combine them with another specie’s DNA. So that one day her family could claim the throne again. She called the best scientists and ordered them to do it.




Max woke up in cold sweat, he looked out into the sky, but still that image couldn’t fade. He went to the phone and dialed the number Tess gave him,

“Dawn here” he heard a person answer the phone, while yawning.

“Dawn, sorry to wake you”

“No, what can I do for you?” she asked

“May I speak to Tess for a while?”

“Sure” Dawn walked to Tess’s room and knocked

“Go Away. I’m trying to sleep here!” Tess screamed

“Sorry to wake you, sis, but Max is on the phone”

Tess stood up rapidly and walked over to the phone,

“Max, what is it?”

“Um, Tess. I think I remember the last confrontation I had with Kivar on Antar”

“Are you sure about that?”

“No, I’m not. That is why I called you. Could you please come over?”

“Sure, I’m on my way. I just have to tell my family where I’m going”

With that, they said good-bye and Tess walked to the group who was awake by now. She looked at Buffy, Dawn and the others and said,

“Max needs to speak to me for a while. I’m going to see him”

“Don’t you want us to come with you?” Angel asked

“No, that won’t be necessary” with those words she left her new family and went out of the door to go too Max.

As she knocked on the door, she thought about what Max could have remembered,

“Coming” she heard Max answer

The door opened and she saw Max standing there with a shocked expression on his face, as she stepped into the room she noticed the crystal on his head and pulled it off.

“How did you get this?” she asked and showed him the crystal

“I…I don’t know. It wasn’t on me when I went to bed”

“I think I know who is doing this”

“What do you mean?” he asked

She sat down and asked him what he remembered and as he revealed the memories she sat there expressionless, but said,

“Kivar just wanted to make sure that you remember your last encounter with him. He wanted to make sure that when the fighting starts that you will be able to fight him”

“Do you remember that incident?” Max asked

“Yes, I do. It was one of the first memories Nasedo told me to remember”

“I know that I must’ve asked sooner, but Liz told me that you killed Alex. Now I want to know, did you?”

“No, I could’ve never done that. I think there is more to Liz that meets the eyes”

“What do you mean?”

“I don’t know, but I’ll find out”

She left the house and walked around the town for a while before she went home, as she walked passed the CrashDown she saw a bright light within the café. She decided to investigate the anomaly and walked nearer the door, what she saw bewildered her. She saw a person looking at its image in the mirror with its hand extended the next thing Liz was looking at herself in the mirror. She heard then this startling conversation,

“It’s too bad that the royal four doesn’t know what I really am” Liz smiled and walked back to her room.

Tess couldn’t believe her eyes and ears when she heard this, to know that Liz wasn’t human stunned her. She walked towards the house she shared with Kyle, Dawn, Buffy and the others. As she opened the door the group was already there waiting for her return.

“What happened?” they asked in unison

Tess closed the door and sat down,

“It seems Max remembered our last confrontation with Kivar on Antar and then I have to find out that Liz isn’t who she seems to be”

“What are you talking about?” they wanted to know

She told them what she saw and that Liz was supposed to be part of the family. The news shocked Max even more and he decided to confront Liz on this matter. He called her and told her to meet them at the UFO Centre,

“Now we are going to get to the heart of this matter”

They walked to the Centre and waited for Liz to arrive, as the door opened the whole gang waited for her and then Max said,

“Liz, who are you really?”

“What are you talking about?” she asked

“Don’t play dumb with me. Tess saw you”

“Oh, this?” she said and morphed back into her original form

“You are so dumb Zan, you couldn’t see that the original Liz was dead and all you have are those precious memories”

“What are you talking about?”

“Well, won’t you sit down and let me tell you a story”
they sat down and ‘Liz’ began the tale,

“Do you remember the day when Liz told you that Alex was killed?”

“Yes, we all remember that. What has this got to do about who you are?”

“Well, everything. Liz did go to Las Cruses to find who killed Alex, but she didn’t return, I did. I killed her and decided that it will be a victory for Kivar and the others. Ava didn’t kill Alex, it was Lorrie”

“What are you talking about? I killed Lorrie in New York!” Tess screamed

“Oh, no. You thought that you killed her, but she is a good actress and she made you believe that you killed her, but you were so gullible to notice that”

Tess sat down with bewilderment written on her face and then said,

“You were supposed to be part of us”

“Oh, but you are wrong. I went to Kivar before you were born on Antar and told him about the power he could have if he was king, but at that moment, he was still loyal to Zan’s father and I decided to wait a few years. When I saw that Zan was going to be king and that he would be more popular and powerful than Kivar, I went to him again and I told him that it was time to take the throne. It was there that Vilandra appeared, so innocent and we found our power. What surprised us was when your mother took your essences is when we found out about the power Ava has and that another entity was looking for her and her sister. That is when we decided to form an alliance with Glory and the others”

With that Glory, Kivar and Nicholas came into the Centre,

“Can I have you now?” Glory asked

“No bloody way!” Tess and Dawn screamed

Angel, Cordelia, Buffy and the others formed a circle around the two sisters and Willow and Tara started to recite a spell, but not a just a spell was performed that day. Max held out his hands and a barrier was formed to protect the two sisters. Tess stepped out of the circle and looked at Glory and said while she pricked her finger,

“This is the closest you will ever get to my blood or Dawn’s blood”

She held out her hand and a drop of blood fell to the floor, suddenly the room began to shake and Glory screamed,

“The dimension is opening”

“Get back!” Tess screamed and closed the wound on her finger and said,

“You are clueless. You think you can order us around to do your bidding, but you are nothing”

Buffy couldn’t believe it that this petite blonde girl could fight this well. It seemed that they were just there to protect Dawn from being used again. Tess raised her hand and send Kivar, Nicholas and Glory flying across the room. She turned around and looked at Liz and said,

“Why don’t you join your friends?”

She flew across the room too and landed next to Kivar. She stood up and stormed Tess and said,

“Why don’t you just get lost and let me live in peace!”

“You never could get it through your thick skull that we don’t want traitors in our kingdom. Max and the others can rule Antar without you or any other person pestering us!”

She lifted her hand and this time send a bright light towards Liz as it engulfed her she disappeared. Max and the others looked shocked at Tess, they knew that she could fight and that no one would be able to stand a chance against her power, but to see her in action. That was something else to experience. Buffy looked at Tess and asked,

“What are you going to do now?”

“I don’t know. I don’t want to go home now and I feel that Roswell is getting too much for me”

“Why don’t you take a short vacation and join us in Sunnydale?”

“I think it is a great idea. Then we can catch up and maybe I could…”

As they turned around, she asked,

“Where are Glory, Kivar and Nicholas?”

They walked towards the place where the three landed and saw a message written on the floor,


“I think they fled” Dawn said smiling

“Well, as well I know Kivar and Nicholas. I fear that we haven’t seen the last of them”

“What are we going to do?” Anya asked

“The only thing we can do is wait and train until the day we encounter them again” Max said

He turned towards Maria and saw tears in her eyes,

“I can’t believe Liz is dead”

“You know that she wasn’t the real Liz” Isabel said

“I know…I was talking about the real Liz”

“Oh. We were such good friends,” Isabel said

Buffy turned towards Angel and the others and said,

“Thank you for helping us”

“Don’t mention it. We will always be there for you when ever you need us”

Spike turned towards Dawn and asked,

“Niblet, what are you going to do now?”

“The Only thing I can do is take over Buffy’s work and see what happens then”

“What are you talking about?” the rest of the group asked

“Well, I didn’t tell you before, but Buffy is no longer the Slayer. I am”


“Well, during the dream I shared with Tess. Buffy gave her powers to me”

“Don’t worry, sis, we will all help you”

With that they left the Centre and went to the CrashDown
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