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Harry Potter and the Legend of the White Witch

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Summary: An old friend returns with a vengeance

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Title: Harry Potter and the Legend of the White Witch
Author: Heather Sinclair
Email: Heather
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Canon Pairings for now
Spoilers: BTVS Season 7, *****Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. ***** You have been warned!
Summery: An old friend returns with a vengeance.
Disclaimer: This story, and any content relating to "Buffy the
Vampire Slayer and HPatOofP" are not authorized by Fox, Joss Weadon, J.K. Rowling, or Scholastic Press. I own my computer ... Can I have Harry and Buffy instead?

Spoiler Space for the Infirm of Mind.
(In other words read the Spoiler warning above before you bitch.)


He had spent what felt like and eternity in hell, unable to feed and eternally hungry, unable to drink, yet forever thirsty, and unable to sleep, yet ceaselessly weary. The dark figure made his way to the top of the mountain and hopefully the end of his quest.

High wind tore at his dark cloak and his ragged hair, but he cared not. His only concern was the circular seal at his feet. Five feet in diameter and made of some unknown metal and stone amalgam, the dragon crested seal was closed ... except for perhaps the one man that possessed the sole requirement , in hell, that would perhaps wake the dragon and release him from his never-ending fate.


Waiting for the signal from his friend, Xander Harris stood by while the Slayers, Buffy and Faith, engaged in battle with yet another Hellmouth demon. The Hellmouth in question was located in the basement of the Hard Rock Cafe on West Huron Avenue underneath the crate of sweat -soaked Tom Jones silk shirts that he had donated for placement in the restaurant.

Buffy Summers took another swipe, with her sword, at the fourth large green tentacle that had tried in vain to decapitate her; this time she connected and severed it at it's base. Meanwhile Faith had back-flipped over her three tentacles and landed on her knees after having them swept out from under her.

Xander jumped at the feel of Willow Rosenberg's hand at his knee. He looked down at his friend. A strong wind had picked up from nowhere and was blowing her hair back and off of her shoulders. He gasped in surprise at seeing it's total lack of pigment as Willow had conjured up extraordinary strong white magic to do her bidding.

Xander screamed. "Buffy, Faith. MOVE!"

The Slayers whipped their heads around toward Xander and Willow and left the monster behind as was their plan. Willow gasped and shot her hands forward releasing the collected energies.

The Hellmouth demon shrieked in pain from some unknown mouth deep below the floor and retreated down into the depths of which it had come. The following movement of the ground caught everyone off guard as the pit closed in upon itself and the floor reformed as solid as it was years hence.

The gusty wind that surrounded the white witch calmed and she collapsed backward into Xander's arms.

"I've gotcha Wil."

He looked into her face and grinned at her smile. The white magics seemed to agree with Willow much more than her previous choice that had once let her down a dark path.

"Scratch another Hellmouth. Are we wicked superbabes or what?"

Buffy smiled back at Faith. "I know I'm a superbabe. Xander?"

Xander smirked. "Totally babeless here. I guess I could be your un-super-like sidekick, Testosterone Boy or something."

Willow patted him on the hand. "More like Testosterone-Man, wouldn'tcha say, mister?"

From deep below the floor all four of them felt a tremor.

Buffy looked around. "Willow, I thought ..."

The witch looked down at the floor where the Hellmouth centered. "It's closed, Buffy. Believe me."

At that a large black oval opened and fire spat into the air with a loud noise.


Then it closed again.

Xander held his hands over his ears. "Ladies and gentleman, a ten on the burp-o-meter!"

The dust settled again and the four of them saw what the last remnants of the Hellmouth left them.

A body.
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