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Summary: Summary: Even big brothers need rescuing.

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Marvel Universe > Blade > Xander-CenteredaewnaurFR181113,9994025490,7377 Apr 0715 Feb 09No

Chapter the Last

Very short and sad to say but this is all that has written ..
Hiatus warning.. thanks to all the reviewers..

Chapter the Last


Xander steered the car around another dawdling Sunday driver. Didn’t these people know he had places to be? Demons to ditch?

Hannibal glanced up into the rearview mirror. “I think you lost them gain.”

Xander sighed but eased up on the gas. “If your daywalker didn’t drive like an old lady--”

“Mine? He’s not mine?” cried Hannibal.

Xander snorted. “Yeah, right. Denial boy. Just why do you think he came on this little jaunt?”

“To keep an eye on Drake,” answered Hannibal firmly.

“The only thing he’s keeping an eye on is you,” muttered Xander. He caught sight of the Escalade in the side view mirror and hit the gas again.


“Where are they,” asked Drake sitting forward in his seat. He didn’t like being separated from Alexander. He’d agreed to this arrangement because the Daywalker had been nearly completely unreasonable about his mate.

“They’re a few car lengths ahead,” muttered Blade. Annoyance tingeing his voice. Every time the brothers sped ahead Drake would ask the same tired question. He was quickly becoming not amused. It was almost as bad as ‘are we there yet?’.

And just like before one of them must have realized they’d gotten too far ahead and dropped back.

Once again the car began to speed ahead. Blade could sense the question approaching. A pre-emptive strike. “What hold did Danica have over you? It seems odd the great Dracula was someone’s beck and call boy.”

Drake growled.


“When do you plan to make him yours, Daywalker?” asked Drake as he leaned back in the seat. His steady gaze fixed on Blade.

“What,” growled out Blade. Not that he didn’t know what the other was implying but he refused to acknowledge.

“Hannibal. I can smell your need for him,” murmured Drake. He let his eyes shift. The gold glinted in the low light. “His blood calls to you. Your body hums in his presence.”

“Don’t,” snapped out Blade. He didn’t need the reminder. His thoughts were crowded enough. He didn’t need Drake’s sly voiced thoughts adding to the struggle.

“You can not ignore it, Daywalker.”

Blade hissed.

Drake grinned.


“Pull over,” growled the voice out of the handset. Xander glanced down at the cell phone. Then over at Hannibal who was currently inhaling a Snickers. “They want us to pull over.”

Hannibal glanced at Xander. An entire conversation passed in the look. Xander kept driving. One hand on the wheel the other reaching for the chocolate he knew Hannibal was holding out.


“Pull over, Alexander.”

Xander grinned at the cell phone and thought about hitting the gas. Hannibal grinned back. Between them, in the last half hour since Blade’s first call, they’d inhaled enough candy bars to send a normal person into a diabetic coma.


The argument took so long this time they’d decided to grab some rooms for the night. Actually, the argument wasn’t that long. It was the fact that neither Blade nor Drake wanted to get back in a car with either of them in their current condition. But that was okay. Hotel rooms always had coffee.


The End?

You have reached the end of "DayStar" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 15 Feb 09.

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