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Summary: Summary: Even big brothers need rescuing.

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Marvel Universe > Blade > Xander-CenteredaewnaurFR181113,9994025490,7067 Apr 0715 Feb 09No


Fandom: Blade. B:TVS AN: AU Mid Season Five.
Summary: Even big brothers need rescuing.

Diclaimer: WE own nothing. Nothing.


The cab came to a slow halt at the docks. The driver glanced over the headrest at his passenger. “You really want to get out here,” he asked giving the seedy looking place a disgusted look.

“Want no. Have to? Yes,” said his rider. The cabbie shrugged and rattled off the fare. When the kid handed him the bills, he took off. Bad things happened on nights like these.

He paused to watch the cabbie speed off. Figured. He turned back to the rundown houseboat. The lights flickered on and off. Not really an inviting place. He was going to wring his brother’s neck. Muttering to himself, he headed up the dock as he reached the gates something indefinable made his spine crawl and he paused. Oh, this was boding well, he thought. If he’d spoken out loud sarcasm would have dripped from the words. He dug into his back pocket, pulling out a stake. It was like a MasterCard, never leave home without it.

Stepping inside, he stilled waiting for his eyes to adjust to the darkness. He grimaced as the smell reached him. Blood. Fresh. The night just kept getting better. He tightened his grip on the stake and crept forward. Straining to hear any hint of either the attackers or the attacked. As he moved through the building the heavy silence grew more and more disquieting. Until the quiet was shattered by a pain filled scream. He gave up on stealth. Instead rushing through the rooms, desperate to find his brother or anyone who was still alive at this point. The light up ahead gave him hope and he swerved toward.

“Bro,” he called out, coming to an abrupt stop at the sight of his brother tied to a hospital bed. He immediately set to working the ties free. “Hannibal, wake the fuck up.”

Hannibal groaned as consciousness returned. He couldn’t have possibly seen what he’d thought he’d seen. Which meant Drake was in the fucking hideout. So why the hell was he still alive. He frowned as a familiar voice called his name. He opened his eyes, slowly, hoping that this was just all one big nightmare. Because no way was his baby brother really here. “Fuck me,” he moaned. “Xander.”

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