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Summary: Sirius Black has a curse on him... or does he?

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Harry Potter > Multiple Pairings > RomanceechoFR181538,5383015553,07324 Jun 037 Aug 11No

Chapter 14: I Love the Night Life

Chapter Fourteen: I Love the Night Life

*~* Well a Scotsman Clad in Kilt Left a Bar on Evening Fair *~*

Faith was having a very nice conversation with the bartender at Three Broomsticks when she heard a noise outside that sounded like fighting. She didn’t even let the poor guy finish his sentence before she bolted for the door. Rosmerta watched with wide eyes.

Sirius was surprised when he felt someone lifting him off of Draco. He knew Moony couldn’t lift him physically. He was less surprised when he saw it was Faith. Draco scrambled to his feet and lunged at them, but Tonks grabbed the boy.

“Easy, Draco,” she said.

“What in the hell?” Faith asked.

The Scottish bartender and Rosmerta were standing in the doorway to Three Broomsticks. A door opened down the way and several windows lit up.

“Get inside, all of you,” Rosmerta said.

They were all ushered in. Sirius shoved out of Faith’s arms and spun on Draco, pointing a finger menacingly.

“Don’t you ever, EVER, say anything disparaging about him again. I’ll beat you to death.”

The bartender, in a kilt no less, gave a low whistle.

“Malfoy, your mouth is bleeding,” Ginny said.

Rosmerta handed her a clean cloth and Ginny went to dab at the wound. Draco batted her hand away. She punched him in the shoulder, grabbed his chin in her hand, and dabbed with the other. The look on Draco’s face was comical.

“You have got to keep yourself together, Sirius,” Remus snapped. “A shabby hobo who howls at the moon is not the worst thing I have ever been called.”

Tonks took a menacing step towards Draco then, but Remus put a hand on her shoulder to stop her.

“But I do appreciate the defense, as always.”

Rosmerta was looking between them quickly. “It can’t be.”

Sirius smirked at her and she gasped.

The door opened then and everyone drew their wands except Faith. She just picked up a barstool. The stocky body that entered had its redhead down and was talking.

“Rosmerta, can you put me up for the night? I had an opaleye that nipped off this way. I’ve got her contained, but it too late tonight to get the guys to come after her. The Gypsies will have already been drinking and drinking and dragon corralling do not mix.”

He looked up then and noticed everyone with their wands pointed.

“Charlie,” Ginny said excitedly.

She shoved the bloody cloth she been dabbing at Draco with into his hands and rushed to her brother. Remus stopped her. His wand was still pointed.

No one moved for a moment.

“When we were last drunk,” the Scottish bartender said to Charlie. “What song were we singin’ then?”

“The Scotsman,” Charlie said without pause.

“What’s m’sister’s middle name?”

“Bride. Blood hell, Brody, give it a rest. I’ve known you since we were firsties.”

Remus let Ginny go then. “You undertand we had to make sure, Charlie.”

He hugged his baby sister to him. “I do, Remus.”

Ginny moved back to Draco after that and started dabbing at his mouth again.

“Anyone want to tell me what’s going on here?” Charlie asked. “Like why my little sister is off school grounds and dabbing at the bleeding face of someone who looks suspiciously like Draco sodding Malfoy?”

“I’d agree,” Brody said.

“You two really need to make a better effort to attend the next Order meeting,” Tonks said.

Faith lowered her barstool a bit. “So we trust this one I’m guessing?”

“What were you going to do with that?” Charlie asked.

“Throw it at your head with impressive force.”

Sirius started snickering. That drew Charlie’s eyes to him.

“Bloody hell, you look like-“

“Sirius Black when he was younger? Yeah, I get that a lot. It’s probably because I am him. Like Dora said, maybe you ought to get to an Order meeting more often.”

Charlie blinked in surprise.

“Why don’t you sit down and I’ll fill you in,” Tonks said.

“I’ll make tea,” Rosmerta added.

Remus sighed. “I’ll take Sirius to see Kit because Merlin knows no one will get any sort of peace tonight until he sees her.”

Sirius grinned.

“What about my sister?” Charlie asked, glaring at Draco.

“Charlie,” Remus said in that soothing tone he was so good at. “I will make sure that Ginny and the students get back to the school.”

Charlie nodded. How could you not trust Remus?

*~* Number One Crush *~*

“Sorry I punched your face,” Sirius said to Draco as they walked towards the cottage.

Remus had to hide his grin.

“It was very Muggle of you,” Draco said. “Who was the bloke in the skirt then?”

“That was a kilt, Mr. Malfoy,” Remus said. “And his name is Brody MacDougal. He has a sister about your age in Ravenclaw, I believe.”

“Morag? The one they call Mac? That’s her brother? Luna says she’s crazy,” Ginny said.

“Loony Lovegood thinks someone is crazy?” Draco said. “Then she must be batshit.”

“Call her Loony again,” Ginny all but growled. “And I will be the next one to hit you.”

Remus coughed to cover a laugh. “Only MacDougal for centuries to be sorted into Ravenclaw.”

“Let me guess,” Draco said with a sneer. “All the rest of them were Gryffindors.”

“Very astute.”

“Something wrong with being in Gryffindor?” Ginny asked.

“Where do I begin?”

“Let me take this time to remind you that you are walking with three Gryffindors before you begin, Malfoy,” Ginny said.

Remus did laugh out loud then. Being with the ‘children’ was making him feel young again. Sirius turned to him as they entered the little three bedroom cottage on the edge of the village.

“So, Moony, I have a dilemma. Who am I to give my shovel speech to? You or Cousin Dora?”

Remus actually sputtered. “Wh-wh-what?!”

Ginny’s gasp stopped any further interrogation.

“I did not need to see this. Ever,” Draco said.

Kit rushed in from the area of the kitchen with a rather large butcher knife in her hands. Dawn was making this alarmed and embarrassed sound as she tried to put her clothes back on.

“Nevermind Moony. I’m going to kill him instead,” Sirius said in overly even tones before lunging at Connor.

Surprisingly Draco was the one that grabbed him. “You certainly do like to attack, don’t you?”

“He was screwing my sister!”

“Kitchen,” Remus snapped. “NOW.” Then he looked at Dawn and Connor. “Get dressed.”

*~* Tomorrow We’ll Rise so We Fight Today *~*

Everyone was sitting in the kitchen around the table in awkward silence. Kit had made tea.

“I must say I am disappointed,” Remus began.

“Me too,” Draco added. “She wasn’t making appreciative sex noises at all.”

Ginny elbowed him hard. “Shut up.”

Sirius was glaring at Connor.

“You two being out here with us was not an excuse for you to… to…

“Nakedly hook-up,” Draco added, trying to be helpful.

“Present him with the Gift of the Vagi,” Sirius snapped.

Kit couldn’t help it – she started laughing at that.

“Why weren’t you watching them?” Sirius snapped.

Her eyebrows shot up in surprise. “I know you did not just take that tone with me.”

“Don’t start getting mad at Kit,” Dawn snapped. “I made my own choice here.”

To punctuate that, she placed her hand over Connor’s on the table. Sirius made a growling sound and shoved his chair back. He rose and started pacing furiously.

“Do you not trust me?” Connor snapped.

“This is my sister, man. My sister. She’s one of the most important things in the world to me.”

“Me too,” Connor said quietly. “Should have met her a few years ago. Things might have not gone so south for me.”

Sirius stopped and looked at him.

“I messed up so badly that my true father had someone alter my place in the universe so I’d have a do-over. I went so beyond that he had to put me down like a rabid animal. I feel more grounded with all of you than I ever have. I would never do anything to jeopardize that. Please don’t think for a moment that I touch your sister lightly. Considering what happened the last time I had sex, this is like, a huge step for me.”

Sirius raised a brow.

“Long story short – demonic accelerated pregnancy, hellbeast baby intent on destroying the world.”

“What sort of people are you?” Draco asked with a frown.

*~* You’re My Lucky Star *~*

“Are you all right?” Kit asked.

She and Sirius were out on the back porch. It was a nice night out. And without city lights, the stars shone brightly.

“I suppose,” he said, sitting next to her on the little porch swing that was out there.

“Dawn’s not a little girl, you know.”

“I know,” Sirius said. “I just remember what Buffy went through when she got intimate with Angel. I don’t want my other sister going through all that too.”

“Connor isn’t Angel, Sirius. I think he really likes Dawn a lot.”

“Angel really liked my sister a lot too.” He put his arm around her and pulled her back into his chest, wrapping his other arm around her. “I really like you a lot.”


Sirius placed a kiss on her neck. “Do you miss California?”

“No,” she said without pause. “I like this adventure better than anything that could be going on there. I have a wizard boyfriend who looks kind of hot in his school uniform. Did I mention the sweater and the robes are kind of hot? Because they are.”

Sirius started chuckling. “Do you wish I wasn’t at the school helping Draco?”

“No,” Kit answered honestly. “Sure, I‘d rather have you with me, but I get it. I don’t exactly like it, but I do get it.”

“Harry doesn’t. He’s mad at me because I’m there protecting Draco and not him. As if Harry needs protecting. First off, he’s not a moron, and secondly, he’s Harry Potter. Harry’s no slouch at defending himself. Thirdly, he has Hermione and Ron with him, who are also not exactly slouches in a fight or sodding morons.”

“How would you feel if Harry were protecting Snape?”

“That would never happen,” Sirius said vehemently.

“But let’s say it did, how upset would you be?”

“You have made your point,” Sirius sadmitted grudgingly. “But I just wish he could try to see it.”

He did see it. He was completely unreasonable about Snape. He always had been. It used to infuriate him that Severus Snape got to teach at the school Harry attended.

“Well, why are you helping Draco then?” Kit asked. “You don’t even like him.”

“No,” Sirius said. “I don’t. He’s snobby and insulting and a git and a brat to boot. He reminds me of the little brother I lost to a pack of fanatics.”

Kit sighed. “Did you tell Harry he reminds you of Regelus?”


“I think you should,” Kit replied. “I think that might help Harry understand.”

“I know saving Draco doesn’t cancel out my not helping Reggie, but I have to wonder if it might help a little. I never liked my brother. He was a snotty little git, but I loved him. I wanted to kill him half the time, but that doesn’t mean I wanted him dead, you know?”

“I know,” Kit said softly. “You should tell this to Harry. I think maybe he’ll never be understanding about Draco, but at least he might calm down and be less angry.”

“Harry also doesn’t understand how our family works, the Blacks. I still feel that pull. We’re all completely fucked up. We pick on one another and get on each others’ nerves and fight, but if someone else tries to take one of us out, we’ll destroy them. And a lot of us are complete nutjobs.”

*~* Slytherin Slayer *~*

Blaise had awoken to find Draco not in their dorm. This was no shock. His friend wasn’t sleeping much these days. He supposed he wouldn’t be either if he had the tasks Draco had been set with recently. What Blaise had not expected was for Draco not to be down in the common room. What he also had not expected was to see Pansy and the new girl sneaking out. Though he was in pajamas, his robe and house slippers, Blaise followed them.

It was like patrolling with Faith in a way. Willow was trying to talk to Pansy, but the girl wasn’t having any. Neither had noticed they were being followed as they headed into the forbidden forest.

“I don’t see why I can’t do this with my wand,” Pansy complained yet again.

“Because what if you don’t have your wand,” Willow replied. “A slayer needs to know how to fight with and without a weapon.”

“I just think it’s pointless. I always have my wand.”

“But what if you don’t?”

Pansy sighed in frustration. She was about to retort when they were crashed into by something. Pansy started cursing pretty foul. As she got to her face she was face to face with a very ugly snarling thing with yellow eyes and bad teeth.

“Pansy! Your stake!”

She looked down in her hand in shock. The vampire grabbed her in her confusion. Pansy had no idea where this came from, but she headbutted him. Pansy shouted in pain after and rubbed her forehead.

Willow screamed as she was yanked off the ground.

When he heard them screaming, against his sense of self preservation, Blaise ran towards them. The sight that greeted him was not one Blaise would ever forget. Pansy was fighting vampires. Like a Muggle, with kicks and punches, and that Willow girl was floating above the ground with her hair flowing all around her in wind that was not there. Her red hair was no longer red; it was bright white.

“STRIGOI EXEME!” Blaise shouted at the nearest vampire.

It was blasted back.

Pansy staked one. Then whipped out her wand.


A second was lit on fire. Blaise followed her lead and started lighting them on fire. Once the group of attackers realized they would not be winning, the retreated.

“Well, Draco’s going to be sorry he missed the fires,” Pansy said dryly.

Willow stepped out of the air gingerly as her hair turned back to its red.

“What in the hell?” Blaise asked.

Then he jumped when Pansy threw a wooden stake in his direction. It whizzed past him and landed in the chest of a vampire that had come up behind him.

“Huh!” Pansy shouted, spinning in a circle. “There is a slayer at Hogwarts! Do not fuck with me!”

Willow’s eyebrows shot up.

“What?” Blaise said.

“We were killing vampires. I’m a vampire slayer apparently.”

“Is that why you’ve been acting so weird then?”

Willow walked up to them. “We should get back now that you’ve gotten the hunt out of your system for the night, Pansy.”

“What are you?” Blaise asked.

Willow looked at him. “Complicated. And if you say anything to anyone about what you just saw, I’ll eat your liver with some fava beans and a nice Chianti, you dig me?”

Blaise just blinked in shock.


AN: Must credit the MTV show awkward with the turn of phrase "gift of the vagi".

The End?

You have reached the end of "Brothermine" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 7 Aug 11.

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