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Summary: Sirius Black has a curse on him... or does he?

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Title: Brothermine
Author: echo
Part: prologue
Rating: 18 (mostly for violence and pottymouth)
Disclaimer: Not mine. Belonging to JK and Joss, they are.
Summery: There's a curse on Sirius, but is it really?
Spoilers: Thru season 7 for BtVS, season 4 for Angel, and Order of the Phoenix for HP.
Dedication: This is for Vicky, who felt as much misery as I did about things.



*~* the Noble and Most Violent House of Summers *~*

Buffy sat quietly in the house she had rented in Fondren, California. Well, THEY had rented. They being newly empowered slayers, watchers, witches, best friends, siblings, former principals, and everyone who'd survived. Twenty minutes outside of Sunnydale, or what was left of Sunnydale at any rate. Now it was all but empty. Boxes and things lined the rooms and hallways. This was their last day there. It had been their home for over three months now. Faith and Robin had gone on to check out a threat on the Hellmouth in Cleveland. Willow and Kennedy had taken the other slayers and Andrew to check the possibility of another Hellmouth in Texas. Buffy was hoping for a big no on that one.

Xander shuffled in, still in his pajamas of a t shirt and drawstring pants. Giles shuffled in behind him in his dignified-looking robe.

"Perhaps you should wake them?" Giles said. "The truck just pulled up outside. We should be leaving within the hour."

Buffy sighed and dragged herself to the end of the stairs and grabbed onto the banister... right after she put one strap of her cami top back on her shoulder.


She watched. Her still-awesome slayer hearing caught sounds from above. There was muffled grumbling. In a few short minutes her sister came stomping down the stairs with funny bed hair to go along with her long t shirt and fuzzy house slippers. Behind her came Sirius. Black hair stuck out at all angles, faded boxers, and a t shirt with holes in it that he was yanking over his eighteen year old head. Buffy smiled at them. Her little sister and little brother. Dawn glared at her. Sirius pecked her roughly on the temple... the way he had been doing since he'd gotten taller than her... which had been at about the age of fifteen for him.

"Morning, Dawnie. Morning Sear." Xander called. "Who wants pancakes?"

"Oh me." Dawn said.

"Good. You can make them then. I laid out all the stuff."

He and Sirius died with laughter. Dawn glared. Buffy was fighting her smile as she walked fully into the kitchen. She loved her little brother and sister. They definitely made life more interesting. Well, more chaotic anyhow.


*~* the Curse of Black *~*

"We have been contacted by a legal representative from the wizarding society in England." Lilah Morgan stated and she maneuvered her dead form around the board table at Wolfram and Hart.

Angel was watching her closely from the head of the table. Wesley. Lorne, and Gunn stood off to the side with their arms folded across their chests. Fred was sitting at Angel's right hand. Wolfram and Hart's 'best' filled the rest of the table... well all but the two chairs to Angel's immediate left. Those were for their arriving 'guests'.

"This representative will be arriving shortly with his associate. They want all the information we have on a former client named Calpurnia Black. She cursed her eldest son, and there's a wizard in the Black family who's discovered this, and he's trying to break said curse."

"Cursed?" Fred whispered.

"Yes. Cursed."

"I think Fred was wanting to know HOW, Lilah." Angel said.

"Well, we need to wait for..."

There was a loud pop, and two men in robes stood in the board room. Angel jumped to his feet as Fred shrieked in surprise.

"Easy." Lilah said. "Angel, this is just Albus Dumbledore and..." He voice died off as the looked at the man standing next to him.

"Lindsey McDonald." Angel hissed.

"No need for alarm, Mr. Angel." Dumbledore said in a soothing voice. "I assure you that Mr. McDonald is definitely on the side he is supposed to be on now."

Angel stared at the old wizard. He trusted him for some reason. Angel didn't know how or why he knew, but Albus Dumbledore was pure warrior for the light. He reached forward and took the man's hand.

"Good to meet you."

Dumbledore smiled. His eyes were twinkling.

"What are you doing with someone like him?" Lilah hissed at Lindsey. "He's way too good for the likes of you."

Dumbledore chuckled. "Mr. McDonald is now the legal representation for Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. He also had vested interest in the happenings of this case."


Angel offered Dumbledore the chair across from Fred. Then Lindsey, reluctantly, the chair next to Dumbledore. "Lilah, perhaps we could begin?"

"Right." Lilah snatched a hefty file and began rifting through it. "This man named... Sirius Black was killed some four or five months ago in a fight in the Ministry of Magic. He was an escaped prisoner from the wizard prison Azkaban, godfather to THE Harry Potter, but also accused of being the force behind the murders of young Potter's parents and several other people. Thirteen to be exact on a busy street. When her son Sirius refused to follow the rise of a certain dark wizard, who we are informed has returned and is rising again as we speak, Calpurnia Black cursed him to never know peace. It's a really complicated one. Our curse breakers have not been able to crack even a bit of it."

"So..." Dumbledore said. "Where is Sirius now?"

"Well... " Lilah said, looking a vast deal uncomfortable. "He was being tortured spiritually, so we got his soul out and, uh, placed him with a family."

"What?" Angel said in a low tone.

"We got the idea from the slayer's sister and from Con... er, um, another person. We couldn't find monks, but there was this group of nuns all willing to save a tortured soul."

"What did you do?" Angel hissed.

"We made him. Like they did Dawn Summers. We took parts of him, parts of some of the relatives he still has living - without their knowledge naturally as most of them don't look too fondly on the last of the Black line, and a bit of the slayer and made him."

"I am not following you." Angel said in a deadly tone. "I can't be. Because it sounds like you took a dead man, created him a new body with his blood, his family's blood, and correct me if I'm wrong, but Buffy's blood, and placed his soul in there?"

"You're not wrong."

Lindsey jumped to his feet. "He's alive?! Sirius is alive?!"

"Yes. But what's it to you?"

"He happens to be my cousin!"

"And Mr. McDonald is the one trying to lift the curse." Dumbledore added.

Lilah blinked. She looked down at the file. "Impossible. Calpurnia had no siblings, and the elder Mr. Black only had two... a brother and a sister.... Mogloticus and Distressa. Neither of them ever left England, and correct me if I'm wrong, McDonald, but you hail from Oklahoma, correct?"

"Sadly, Ms. Morgan, the elder Mr. Black had two sisters." Lindsey snapped. "Distressa and a much younger sister named Marion. Marion Black was a squib, so she was shipped off to very distant relatives in America... because hey, that's how the Blacks worked. They couldn't have a squib in the family. Just like you would have noticed the burning out of Andromeda Black Tonks and Sirius's own name for being 'muggle and mudblood lovers'. Being a squib, my mother wasn't even added to the family tree."

Fred raised her hand slowly.

"Yes, dear?" Dumbledore said kindly.

"What's a squib? Or a muzzle? Like for a dog? And muddy blood, wasn't it? What's all that mean? I don't understand."

Lindsey smiled at her. "It was squib, muggle, and mudblood, sweetheart. And-"

"We'll get to that in just a minute, Fred. " Angel said in a dangerous tone. He had bristled something awful at Lindsey drawling his voice out in the word 'sweetheart' for Fred. "After Lilah tells us where she put Sirius Black."

"I thought you would have picked up on it by now, Angel. He's with Buffy and hers."

Angel blinked. "You put some forty year old man with Buffy?"


"But you just said-"

"Sirius Summers is eighteen."


*~* the Whole Kit and Caboodle *~*

"Are you sure she said she'd be here?" Buffy asked.

"Yes." Dawn snapped as she surveyed the crowd in the city park. "Kit said she'd be here. She'll be here."

Sirius was looking too. He'd missed Kit when her family had moved away from Sunnyhell. Carlos too, but Dawn hadn't managed to find Carlos Trejo yet.

"There she is!" Dawn screeched. "Kit! Kit! Over here!"

Dawn took off running. Kit Holburn hadn't changed much since Sunnydale High. She still had long black hair and wore all black. Well, mostly black at any rate. Today she had on a black t shirt and dark gray cargo pants. Sirius watched as Dawn and Kit embraced. They'd all been friends since the unfortunate basement ghosts incident on the first day of school in the revamped Sunnydale high. No pun intended.

Sunnydale High, a school Sirius should have graduated from this year, but his elder sister blew it up again. He and Dawn both had had to finish their school year at Fondren High. Like most Sunnydale students had after Sunnydale had become that nice fat hole in the ground. Well, most people actually, like Kit's family, had left long before that. Dawn had been relentless about finding Kit, Carlos, and Cassie Newton's best friend Mike. Sirius felt a pang about Cassie. He had really liked her. Not that he liked any of the others he and Dawn had become entangled with this year any less, but he had liked Cassie a lot with her wild-like blonde hair and its pinkish-purple streaks. He missed Amanda too. He missed all the ones they'd fought with who had been students at good old, brand new, but now a crater, Sunnyhell High.

Sirius and Buffy finally reached where Dawn and Kit were still hugging.

"Hey Kit."

"Sirius!" Kit screeched as she threw herself at him.

He hugged her back. Kit smelled of clove cigarettes like she always did and perhaps the earth a little. Like how you can smell the dirt right before it rains. He never understood why he always noticed the smells on things, but he did.

"I have missed you guys so much!" Kit hugged him tighter.

Sirius buried himself in her hair and held back just as tightly... until Dawn started making gag noises and Buffy was clearing her throat very non-discreetly. Sirius pulled back from Kit blushing a little. Sometimes he really disliked having sisters.

That's when he noticed someone standing slightly behind Kit. He was just as tall as Sirius with longish brown hair and bright blue eyes. He was sort of lanky and had dark pink girlie lips. Sirius very nearly growled. Who was in the hell this guy?

"Kit, who's your friend?" Dawn asked, eyeing the guy like he was her favorite kind of candy.

Sirius and Buffy both elbowed Dawn. Could she be any more obvious?

"Oh Sorry, guys." Kit pulled the guy forward. "This is Connor. He's coming with us."

Buffy's eyebrows shot up. "With us? I'm sorry, what?"

She and Sirius both turned to look at Dawn.

"Well, er.... I sort of mentioned to Kit in my e-mail that... uh... we were going to help, um, save the world again, so... uh... she asked if she could help, and since we forever need help, I, um, thought it might be a good idea, you know? So I said sure she could come with. The more the merrier, right.... right?"

"No." Buffy said. "No. It'll be dangerous. You two are minors-"

Kit interrupted. "Buffy, I just turned eighteen last week, and Connor's already eighteen. We're legal."


"He knows what's up. He saved me from a pack of vampires about two months ago in the basement of the main branch of the UCLA library."

"There are vampires in the UCLA library?" Buffy asked.

"Not anymore, there aren't." Kit snorted and pointed at Connor. "I thought we were so dead meat and then all of the sudden he starts kicking and staking everybody's asses."

Buffy looked at Connor. "You knew about vampires?"

"Yeah, but I don't know how." Connor looked down.

"That's why I thought he should come. Maybe we could figure out how he just seems to know stuff. Because he does. He just KNOWS. It's like he's Neo when they plugged the Kung Fu into his head or some shit."

Connor blushed and shifted uncomfortably.

"All right then." Sirius said. "Shall we head out?"

Buffy looked at her brother.

"Come on, B. Let's help the hopeless here."

Connor blinked and his forehead screwed up... as if he was almost remembering something but not quite. Sirius held his hand out to the other boy.

"Sirius Summers."

Connor grinned. He liked this guy already. "Connor Montgomery."

With that handshake, Connor felt a peace he had not known since he graduated from high school. It had all felt very different when he had decided to move in with his Aunt Victoria to get ready for college at UCLA in the fall. Everything had just felt wrong, like he was not where he was supposed to be, not doing what he was supposed to do. It had gotten a little better when he'd run into Katherine 'Kit' Holburn and saved her from... vampires. He still didn't know how it was he knew exactly what to do. He and Kit had been outnumbered at least five to one.

After that, they'd started patrolling the campus together and staking vampires. Connor was surprisingly good at it. Then Kit had told him about her life in Sunnydale. The name of the town had prickled in his mind, but Connor could not recall why he knew it. When Kit had heard from her friend Dawn and said she was going with the Sunnydalians halfway across the world, Connor had been frightened. She was leaving him. Then Kit had asked him to come along. She was a real friend. For some odd reason Kit felt more like family to him than his family did. She had suggested that Dawn's elder sister Buffy might be able to figure out what was up with his nightmares and his just knowing stuff. She had also said that he'd get along great with Dawn's brother Sirius. Connor could tell Kit had a massive crush on the guy every time she spoke about him.

"Well..." Buffy said, as she took Connor's hand. "I'm Buffy Summers."

"Dawn Summers." The youngest said, blushing furiously.

Connor smiled at her. Dawn was sort of cute. Connor quit smiling when he noticed Sirius's menacing look. Protective of his baby sister. Connor got that. He would have been pissed too if someone was leering at one of his sisters the way he'd been at Dawn.

"Well..." Buffy said again. "I guess we had better get you guys your passports-"

"We have them." Both Kit and Connor said, before looking at one another and laughing.

"Connor and I got them last week.... on my birthday."

"You guys have stuff you need to get?"

Both teens held up backpacks.

"That's it?" Dawn said in horror.

Sirius elbowed her in the ribs lightly. "Not everybody can fill up five closets like you and Buff, Dawnie."

Dawn glared meanly at her brother.

"All right then." Buffy said, trying to be stern but her smile was bleeding through. "Merry old England, here we come."


end prologue
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