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Career Choices

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Summary: How and why did Chase decide to become a doctor? What were the other careers he considred before going in the medical profession? And why do they have something to do with the supernatural? Chase recounts his choices and experiences.

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Television > House, M.D. > GeneralshadowtricksterFR1344,904065,0779 Apr 079 Apr 07Yes

Decisions, Decisions

Last chapter! No spoilers here.


So then I was back at square one.

Sometimes I wished for a list of all the jobs in the world then cross out the ones I didn't want one by one.

It wouldn't exactly be picking, but at least it would be a start.

After fleeing the seminary (and after sending them a letter explaining my actions and how terribly sorry I was to have to tell them that maybe I just wasn't meant to follow in Christ's footsteps), I stayed at a flat of my friend's. He was in the States visiting some cousins of his and had allowed me to stay at his place and apartment-sit for him.

I was welcome as long as I didn't mess the place up or set fire on it.

I stayed there for a couple of months, not knowing what to do, not knowing where to go.

I really wished (and prayed) that I knew what I was going to do.

After a couple more weeks of self-pity and doubt and after a night of binge drinking, an idea struck me.

Why not become a doctor?

No, absolutely not was the thought that came after the idea. It's your hangover talking.

And because of the thought, I spent the whole afternoon thinking about it and listing the pros and cons of the profession.

At the end of the day, I came up with the following:

Save lives.
Help people.
Respect from family and hopefully they will shut up.

Will have to study for a long time.
May catch diseases, etc. from hospitals.
Dislike of hospitals.
Will have the same job as Dad.
Will have the same job as Dad.
Will have the same job as Dad.


I examined the cons again.

If becoming a doctor was something I really wanted, I would have to be willing to persevere and work hard to achieve that goal, which meant I had to be patient and study medicine for a long time.

After all, in life, there are rarely shortcuts.

As for the diseases and getting sick, I couldn't control that. I just had to make sure I stayed healthy and took care of myself.

As for the last 3 cons...

Then it hit me. It shouldn't have taken this long but it did.

The reason I never wanted to become a doctor, no mater how interesting medicine looked, was because I had this notion that if I became a doctor, I would somehow morph into my dad.

I would be as uncaring and inconsiderate as him.

Not only that, but I would also have to crawl back to him and ask him to pay my way for college. I would have to ask for forgiveness and understanding.

I would have to kiss his ass.

Not to mention that all the years I spent rebelling against him would be for nothing.

So the question really was, how much did I want to be a doctor?

Decisions, decisions.

There are days when you wish someone would make the decision for you, so maybe then things would be easier. But then you would then want to choose, after all it's your life, your right to choose what you want.

Then there are days when you wish you could make your own decisions, so that it would be your life and no one else's. But then choosing for yourself, with no other influences, no one else to help you can be difficult. Those days, you wish someone would just do it for you.

The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.

It took me another couple of weeks to figure it out.

I really did want to become a doctor. If you took my dad out of the equation, most definitely.

Since it was something I really wanted, I would just have to suck it up and go to Dad and ask.

But at least i've learned something out of the whole experience.

One, just because two people have the same profession doesn't mean they will morph into each other.

If I was going to become a bastard, becoming a doctor would have nothing to do with it.

Sometimes, I realized, in life, the answers don't come immediately.

Sometimes you have to wait. Sometimes you have to work hard.

Sometimes you have to think about it for a very long time.

Sometimes you have to fall to learn the answers.

What matters is that you stand up one more time than you fall.

Looks like I've made a decision.

No matter how hard I had to work, I knew it was going to pay off.

Doctor Robert Chase.

It sounded even better than 'Doctor Rowan Chase' and I wasn't even a fullfledged doctor yet.

Now the last problem I was gonna have was choosing a specialty.

But that was going to be another decision for another day.



Done! Please read and review. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed! :D

The End

You have reached the end of "Career Choices". This story is complete.

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