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Career Choices

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Summary: How and why did Chase decide to become a doctor? What were the other careers he considred before going in the medical profession? And why do they have something to do with the supernatural? Chase recounts his choices and experiences.

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Television > House, M.D. > GeneralshadowtricksterFR1344,904065,0779 Apr 079 Apr 07Yes



Timeline: House ~ way before House. Buffy ~ anytime before Season 7. There aren't may references to the different seasons except for the last ome.

Spoilers: House ~ No particular episode, just facts about Chase's life. Buffy ~ Season 7 Big Bad.

Disclaimer: I don't own anything related to House or Buffy.

Note for this Chappie: This doesn't have a crossover yet but the next chapter will have already. :D


In everyone's life, there comes a time when you wonder exactly what is you want to do.

For some people, it comes in the form of a mid-life crisis.

For others, just before they head to college.

For me, it happened a long time before that.

When I was younger, already I could feel the pressure from my relatives, from the different members of my family who had high-ranking jobs and places in society.

"Perhaps he wants to be a lawyer!"

"No, I believe he has the aptitude for becoming a businessman!"

"Oh hush Hector! You just want him to follow in your footsteps! If you ask me, he's going to become a doctor, just like his father!"

Finally, after much speculation, they decided to do what should have been fairly obvious in the start and asked me exactly what it was that I wanted.

"Well Robert darling, what do you want to be when you grow up?"

The only reply they ever got, no matter how many times they asked, was a polite shrug and a non-committal reply of "I don't know." or "I'm not sure yet."

Sometimes, I wished that somewhere out there in the world, there was a list of all the possible jobs one could have and just cross off the ones you didn't want one by one.

Even if I wouldn't exactly be choosing a profession, it would be a start.

For example, there was no way in hell I was going to become a janitor.

Or a garbage man.

And there was absolutely no chance I was going to take a desk job.

Which rules out working in a bank or accounting, I supposed.

Looking back, I'm not sure of why I was in such a hurry to map out the rest of my life.

Was it because I just really, really wanted to shut all my relatives up?

Or was it because subconsciously, I wanted to know how the rest of my life was gonna turn out?

Or maybe it was because I wanted to sooth my fear of the unknown, of not knowing what was going to happen to me.

Whatever my reason was, I can only remember two things.

The first was confusion.

The second was the thought "I just really, really wanna know."


I don't mean to offend any janitors, businessmen or secretaries out there, just so you know....Next chapter will be up later or tomorrow. Please review!
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